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Microsoft unveils Windows 8 'release preview' for June

Ed Uncle

Maybe I am missing something with WINDOWS 8.

With all previous versions of WINDOWS, I could have lots and lots of WINDOWS on screen at once, it helped me get stuff done. In metroland, I can have a maximum of two WINDOWS open simultaneously, one taking 80% of the screen and the other 20% and no, I can't change that split. If I want any more WINDOWS, I have to go back to the the old interface.

Also, don't make me gesture with my mouse, its stupid, and dont make me buy a touchscreen monitor just so I can smear my greasy fingers all over it.

Someone should round up the metro-monkeys currently running M$ and get them back in their mobile / tablet box.

Windows without windows.... Twats.


Punters lose backups in cloud storage biz spat

Ed Uncle
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Frying pan and fire...

Livedrive's email made me laugh ( http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3242724 ), they are at least as dodgy as Backify.

Cheap use of a resellers client base to scare punters in to buying their own service instead, while actually punting their data out the window in the very same email.

'Dear Customer,

You backup provider was evil, but we are nice and we were the real provider all along.

We just deleted all of your data, please check out our trial accounts!'



Mac Lion blindly accepts any LDAP password

Ed Uncle
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It's an Apple product

Oh no it isnt.. the clue is in the 'Open'..

Seems it's specifically NOT apple's version thats screwing up too...


Synology DS411slim Nas box

Ed Uncle
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Compared to the Proliant microserver - 4+1 Sata bays, near-silent, raid 0+1+JBOD, 1GB ram, 250GB hd included and dual core amd cpu and ati graphics, easily runs windows, *nix or freenas. £150 after £100 cash back from ebuyer.

A little bigger of course, but WAY better value.


Hacker springs latest iPhone OS from Jobsian jail

Ed Uncle

Easy Tiger....

Not compatible with Ipod Touch 3rd Gen 8GB models starting with part number 'MCxxxx'. /cry



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