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iPhone 5 has 'laser keyboard, holographic images'


Someone, somehwere will be broken hearted ...

when they turn on their little iPhone 5 and find their laser keyboard and holographic projector don't work, will take it back for 'repairs'..

That's the problem with promising the world and not delivering.

Still, there is always Samsung's Galaxy Beam with a built-in projector. That actually works. Maybe a keyboard later?

Huawei, ZTE clash with US over national security


US using security to fight imports

Consider: "And under Chinese law, ZTE and Huawei would likely be required to cooperate with any request by the Chinese government to use their systems or access for malicious purposes.”

along with

"And under US law, manufacturers would likely be required to cooperate with any request by the US Government to use their systems or access for malicious purposes.”

Tit for Tat. Obviously the US government is double-dealing as usual.

The US government requires back doors in all manner of equipment. Only Phil Zimmerman has guts enough to tell them to stuff it.

Cambridge boffins: Chip and PIN cards CAN be cloned – here's how


You mean to say the HSBC lied to it's customers?

'We've never claimed chip-and-PIN is 100 per cent secure is not the line of patter that a suit at my HSBC branch said

And now we have the (drum-roll) SecureKey which is garbage, doesn't work and has people changing accounts. You can't even read the squinty characters if you wear glasses and they even catch fire (doubles as a one time cigarette lighter).

Australian tabloid decides to fight trolls ... with trolls


It's simple. just ignore whatever

Some parents think the governments should ban / censor material / web sites they don't care for., just avoid them.

Someone calls you a name, the only way a name caller gets a rise is if you react. So don't react.

I moderate some and administer others, for a total of 41, chat rooms. I ignore all the barbs, threats, etc. and even the most dedicated give up after a while.

They should doing this with Twitter. We don't need any more nanny rules.

Apple: Thanks for the iPhone 5s, China, now get to the BACK of the queue


" ... register online the day before with their residence ID"

All this will do is to create an intermediate market where HongKong residents by the latest CrApple and sell it on to CN residents.

What of Foreigners in HongKong, they can't buy them either?

And people think Apple is smart?

Apple Lightning adaptors reveal limitations


Lightning Micro USB adaptor costs £15 ; 30-pin adaptor is £25 and the cabled version £30

Don't worry, there is undoubtedly a Chinese toolmaker busy carving up a block of metal so they can bash out imitations.

Nothing beats a connector that meets acceptable international standards.

Foxconn to investigate iPhone 5 factory woes


So much for Apple's promises to ...

ensure humane working conditions.

Too many complaints for there not to be a valid reason for them.

Pirate Bay co-founder named in probe into Logica, tax office hacks


Re: Why didn't he do an Assange?

You obviously don't know Cambodia. International law doesn't mean too much when the US government is 'advising' the Cambodian government and given Biden's close relationship with the MPAA and RIAA. Cambodia is dependent on international charity.

Besides, Cambodian visas have to be renewed and, if refused, where could he go to - Thailand or VietNam?

Not ideal solutions. Of course he could have crossed into Thailand illegally, but his options would be just as bleak,

Day-long outage 'not a hack,' claims GoDaddy


Obviously ...

BigDaddy is not too big to fail.

Obviously they didn't think their PR line out too carefully.

Anonymous doxes Cambodia after Pirate Bay arrest


Cambodian IT Security? The US DEA & Australian Police have full access, unofficially

Whilst Cambodia is a great country, it is hardly a centre for technical excellence. Gets InterNet feeds through VietNam, who also donated a couple of TV transmitters.

Even cable TV is rough - on subscribers - with few experienced technicians to cover the whole country.

Not really a challenge for our friends at Anonymous.

Google whips away card, leaves just clouds in your Wallet


The new scheme works by storing credit card details, from any card, in Google's cloud.

So how does Google Cloud work with the HSBC SecureKey?

Not even the HSBC can get it working reliably, for more than a short duration. The HSBC SecureKey is really good at helping you save - I haven't been able to access my InterNet banking for FORTY DAYS now.

iPad no flight risk says Federal Aviation Authority


It so ....

Apple can crow Powered by Apple.

It's enough to make you fly a different carrier.


That's a nice win for American and for punters, who can hope it translates into lower fares.

Fat chance.

AA was the lead airline in slashing Travel Agent commissions, as well stiffing passengers with baggage charges. Ryanair looks honourable next to them. Let's hope American fails.

AA also has the oldest fleet in the US and a high percentage of cabin staff look as if they came with the aircraft, too.

Give me an airline that cares, every time, like Eva or Cathay.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 12 voice recognition software review

Thumb Up

Dragon Dictating is so GOOD, I actually go and buy it

Living next to the big DVD consolidator called China, I usually pick up a few DVDs each time I visit NanNing, GuangXi Province.

However, there is one software package I always buy in original sealed packaging is the Nuance Dragon Dictating, mind you I get it at trade prices.

Recommended - as is their Android App.

UK's loyalty set for £1.2bn Huawei reward


Both Australia and the US have raised concerns at the highest level about potential security risks

Most likely the Australian and US governments are concerned they can't install back doors in Huawei equipment without revealing what strategies they use for keeping tabs on users.

They spend trillions of dollars on all this security and still the Pants on Fire guy nearly succeeds, as did Richard Read except for the fact he didn't take his shoes off and the explosive material got damp and didn't ignite.

Another thing, security 'experts' say the hardest 'terrorist' to catch is the lone operator. So just what the hell is NSA listening to - single operators who talk in their sleep?

Ambitious Alibaba wants to take on Android

Thumb Down

The Key Missing Factor is Trust and Quality

Notwithstanding Alibaba's outstanding success with it's product sourcing search engine, Chinese products cannot be trusted, either for quality or integrity.

I'm not concerned about Chinese backdoors in networking equipment - the US NSA already has plenty of backdoors in US equipment (which is made in China) and software but rather their software integrity and whether can be trusted to behave like an international enterprise should.

China has two quality standards: home and export. Some of the products destined for the home market are pure garbage. Yet, often from the very same 'garbage' factories emanate some world class products. A walk around any of the electronic malls you find in all major cities you can see both extremes.

The Chinese playing field is not level, even for it's own manufacturers, and you never know which large Chinese corporation is bending the rules on government instruction or as a result of bribes.

No, even though Alibaba uses an international OS, I rather stick with the devils I know than stick my neck in China's wok.

Broadband minister's fibre cabinet gripe snub sparks revolt


Broadband Wiring Can be Simpler than Cable TV

North America puts it channel selection in equipment within a house whilst many European systems put the channel switching systems outside on the street.

Fibre optic cable is simply the conduit through which signals flow and the controlling equipment is within the 'exchange' or switch building.

This means very infrequent access is required to broadband fibre cable and therefore simple 'holes in the ground' are quite adequate.

A perfectly acceptable underground chamber can be seen at: < http://www.areco.co.uk/images/access-boxes.jpg >.

Health minister warns ISPs: Block suicide websites or face regulation


Blocking Web Sites Futile and Cameron's Nanny State

You would have thought by now even Tory cabinet members would realise blocking web sites is futile.

All a potential self-terminator need do is to e-mail friends overseas and they could either send e-mails of contents or even burn a DVD.

Why is it that European governments think their citizens so immature? Children look for pornography, preachers look for pornography, it doesn't just 'pop' up - it requires searching.for. My employer has a search group who work on client contracts and all they do is search for material. That's six women for 40 hours a week and they rarely accidentally happen across porn. In fact the web site producers might be disappointed for whenever their are a burst of giggles I know they are laughing at some of the featured antics.

In fact one of the best porn lists was published by the Australian government. It was their block list for ISPs.

If someone decides to kill themselves with gas, or to take a toaster into the bathtub, or to asphyxiate themselves in a car you don't see governments banning the supply if gas, or electricity or petrol.

Parents are responsible for their own children and if they want to block InterNet or long-distance calls, etc. they can damn well do it themselves without restricting the whole of the citizenry. Why should the greater public be penalised because some incompetents can't program their computer software or TV channel blocking.

Ten digital radios to suit all budgets


Art Nouveau Reincarnated

What a ghastly looking lot of radios.

FM worked fine for decades, AM for much, much longer. What do we need all this for? Just so people can have more spectrum for cell handsets?

Airbus predicts catapult takeoffs and formation flying by 2050


Wet Creams ...

So impracticable they'll unlikely work.

Remember we were all going to be flying in our personal planes, or zipping between planets with sky windows served by voluptuous female cabin staff by now? Hell, they even had to junk the Concord.

And what did we get?

Security Theatre staged by the TSA. Some progress .. shoes off, belt off, let us have a little feel.

Ex-pat IT pros have oversized packages


VietNam ... More Expensive than most Home Countries

International 'industrial' schools here in VietNam are nothing less than a rip off.

Many schools have fees either nearing or at the USD$20,000 mark PLUS you get to pay horrendous additional amounts for Registration, Evaluation, Admission, etc.

Several are Cognita owned ... you know Cognita, the UK industrial school company financed by a UK vulture capitalist.

These industrial schools join for profit associations who proclaim how their fee paying members are 'accredited'.

Apartments, for Foreigner management types who want to maintain their home country lifestyle, can look forward to a monthly bill of around USD$2,500 plus all the essential services.

Many wives of these Foreign imported experts find things so tough they have to find part-time employment to make ends meet.

The VN government policy is to allow 'experts' in, but then pick their brains so Vietnamese acquire the skills. Then the Foreigners can go home.

Judge: Apple not liable for dropped, broken iPhone screens


Another bent judge ...

bought by and sold to Apple.

My glasses are shatter-proof, why not Apple's glass?

Phone hack cops nick journo over data taken from pinched mobes


When, I wonder, are they going to ...

start arresting all the crooked Plod who were on the take, whether leaking the Queen's schedules or simply dishing out the dirt?

Some of us don't forget just how much the reputation of Scotland Yard has been diminished.

Reporters are not paid to be honest, Plod is.

New broadband minister snubs 'ugly' fibre cabinet gripes


Ever heard of a hole? And things that go bump in the night

The obvious thing to do is to have buried terminal boxes - as they used to do with other telecoms. Out of side and out of mind.

With broadband there should be no need for frequent visits to 'pedestals' as these eyesores are referred to in the trade.

A neighbour of mine, who owns a small construction company, had one of these things 'grow' in his lawn, and Bell would erect their 'tent' and work away for days. (There was a telephone switch building in the area).

Telco's, electricity and water utilities always get 'easements' on subdivisions before the houses are built so they are free to run what they want, where they want - and Bell Telephone wouldn't place it anywhere else.

There were a few bumps in the night where a 'mysterious' vehicle would run into the box and push it over. Out would come the Bell boys and rebuild the mess.

Eventually my friend visited with his lawyer who, as lawyers are wont, crawled over the documents pertaining to ownership. He discovered that there were 'legal impediments' that made the box illegal.

The neighbour then had his back hoe operator dig a sizable trench around the box, as well as nicely disassembling the box, then the dirt was removed from around the cabling until there was a nice hole. He then filled the whole thing up with concrete and replaced some soil and turf.

The Bell boys were confused, their trace equipment revealed where the box should have been. Long story short, Bell dug a hole in the road and re-terminated the cables in it.

Still there, 36 years later at the corner of Ernest Avenue and Edmonton Drive near Victoria Park and Finch Avenues, in toronto!

Apple weighs in on AntiSec's alleged FBI hack


Apple, FBI and the US Government - all damn liars

Personally I don't accept any are telling the whole truth.

Apple usually doesn't respond, the FBI answered/responded way, way too quickly for them and the US government ...

Who has the more believable track record? AntiSec, or the rest. Apple could have been under legal restrictions imposed by the FBI warrant not to disclose the disclosure, apart from the fact they employ a whole department well practiced in the art of saying nothing, often in a verbose manner.

US manufacturers sleep with the government, only Zimmermann of PGP fame had the guts to stand up to the US government harassment and give them the finger.

Android spat loser Oracle ordered to toss Google some change


No Sweat, the American Taxpayer Covers it Through Corporate Expense Deductions

Even if a Larry, in this case, neither would really hurt as they are rich, even filthy rich.

The bit that really hurts is that Larry the Mouth and Oracle lost. The lost prestige and the argument. Egg all over his face.

And Google no doubt learned something for it's USD3-million, clean up the comments in your code ... not that they are alone.

Apple land-grabs iThingy feature management patent


The world’s change-rooms and fitness clubs might get that little bit more private,

Once more the puritanical Apple is out to save it's users sensibilities.

The trouble is that what's banned in California, isn't necessarily banned elsewhere. In 1991 toplessness as an indecent act was challenged by Gwen Jacob in Guelph, Ontario, who removed her shirt, and bra, and was charged with indecency.. She prevailed citing as men can do, so can women.

So Apples new feature would be 22 years out of date in the bigger country north of the USA.

This is the biggest reason why I prefer Android over Apple, the freedom to do what I wish, with what I own.

Android dev smacked with £50k fine over premium rate SMS scam


Russia, a trusted source ...

like China.;

'Google's crap for business' - CIOs give ad giant dose of reality


Many companies ...

use Google for sourcing services and products.

Since the UK is no longer a manufacturing country, thanks to Maggie's 'service' economy, , it's not surprising.

Old men who use computers less likely to get dementia


Does that mean ...

that dirty old men who search on the InterNet for pornography, are protecting their health?

FBI says Apple ID heist claim is TOTALLY FALSE


Why would ANYONE believe ANYTHING either the FBI or a GOVERNMENT SAYS?

In the US there is a felony (serious) law that makes lying to Federal officials an offence.

What they REALLY need is felony legislation that makes it illegal for Federal employees to lie to the public. That would shut them up.

You'll be on a list 3 hrs after you start downloading from pirates - study


Do Bittorrent Users Care?

Downloading is legal in several countries.

I have one computer permanently downloading - been running for over six years.

Previously, I had a computer in a storage locker in Toronto doing the same thing ... Plod never showed up.

Flash firm boss smacks back at SEC's insider trading charges


Pity the SEC doesn't chase the ...

real Wall Street crooks down instead of going after minnows.

Look what they've missed - the boss who stole $200,000,000 in PFG, Idaho .

That's after the former Goldman Sach's guy who ran MF Global lost $40,000,000,000.

I think the SEC needs to reorder it's priorities. AND STOP ACCEPTING SWEETHEART SETTLEMENTS!

Hands on with LG's 21:9 monitors


A new "I want" toy ...

for The City and Wall Street traders.

Imagine four of these stacked 2x2 on your desk!

A load of Tosh: External hard drives the new 'personal clouds'


No doubt ...

as reliable as Amazon cloud, or the Apple cloud.

Ho ho ho! Apple's Samsung ban bid pushed back to Christmas


No fat filings ...

Most courts have Rules and in these Rules are specifications for paperwork submitted to the court.

They also prefer printed material to handwritten submissions. Some even welcome CD/DVD filings.

I was sued by Sabre, the airline reservation people, and after some printer tweaking, fiddling with wont sizes and styles, and line spacing as well as carefully narrowing the margins, I found I could get almost a full page of single line spaced text into a court acceptable "double spaced" specification.

Fortunately, many courts do not stipulate fonts and the narrow versions really work wonders.

P.S. I won the case brought by Sabre.

Targeted firm smacks back, chucks patent sueball at Overland


Could all this heat mean a really major revamp for the US patent system?

The oddities that comprise the US patent legislation is causing so much business interruptions that it is conceivable that it will, eventually, lead to a major reform.

Given that the US acknowledges that the EU has developed workable legislation in many areas, they might well adopt major features of it.

China is another sore point in the patent business, and given that many (most?) American products are made there, even internal Chinese patent squabbles could lead to production level interruptions, irrespective of where the products are eventually sold.

Imagine, CrApple without their Chinese made products because Foxconn was sued by a Chinese competitor. That would really awaken the Congress.

Number-plate spycams riddled with flaws, top cop admits

Thumb Down

In North America mobiles are used for parking and stolen car infractions

Every night, in major North American cities, city/police vehicles drive up and down streets scanning parked vehicle number plates.

The scanned number plates are converted in to plain text and checked against main frame databases for infractions and theft. They also conveniently, for the police, issue parking infraction notices.

Additionally, the numbers are checked against licence and insurer databases to ensure they are current with formalities.

At least on cold nights in Toronto, the operators are usually too lazy/cold to get out and manually scan plates that cannot be read.

SHOCK: Poll shows Americans think TSA is highly effective


A meaningless survey unless ...

(1) We get to see the questions;

(2) Who paid for the survey.

Americans may be naive but never that naive. Pure bloody theatre.

Apple, Samsung whip out mobe sales in patent trial showdown


This trial is a farce ...

a biased judge limiting evidence that can be used against Apple.

I guess the lawyers will be making an appealable case so more mature judges can have a go at it.

AntiLeaks group claim responsibility for WikiLeaks attacks


Who really cares how allegedly secret documents are leaked ...

as long as the garbage is exposed to the world to show the US for what it is.

Ex-Goldman Sachs coder cuffed on fresh 'source theft' charges


On the day after this second revenge charge was made public ...

the evil empire of Goldman Sachs was advised by the Justice Department they were facing no more charges.

This high-speed trading is nuts. The feeds from the trading servers to the high-speed traders computers are physically adjusted to ensure the data arrives at each traders computer precisely at the same time.

There is a detailed report in Wired.com .Com - US version..

HSBC brands EVERY Apple iPhone 'an insecure PC'


Trusteer: Rapport Software is ....

now based in the US of A, in the northwest, I think.

The mob at HSBC banking said I had to install it. I said it doesn't say that in InterNet banking terms and conditions.

He hung up.


And the Euribor Interest Rate Fiddling Bank

You have to give them credit, where credit is due, these b*stards have put aside NINE-BILLION POUNDS to clean up their laundry business and they haven't even started looking at Euribor.

This is the world's largest criminal entity with branches all over the world''Now you can add blackmail, My Secure(sic)Key hasn't arrived so the said OK, you're OK until September.

Imagine my surprise, and extreme annoyance when, last Friday I couldn't access my account. The InterNet Banking mob said no money until you use Secure(sic)Key - and I'm in the Far East.

Jobless yoofs! Get on your bike, er, mobe, and look for work


Alternate uses abound

With this App on the unemployed cell handsets, it means that applicant's lives can be monitored.

(1) What time does a user's cell stop moving at night and in the morning; (2) How may times a user actually uses the App; (3) Time planner - allowing users to plan out their job search activities - and for Big Brother to monitor their performance; (4) Check on transportation modes (slow-walking; faster-bicycle;, fast, non fixed route-car; public transport, etc; (5) Plod could track their potential customers; (6) Check on cell usage costs and inquire wheee the funds are coming from.

Great tool especially for social serves and benefits providers..

Storing punters' till receipts? UK.gov wants you to hand it over


TALKING ABOUT information in "an intelligible form" ...

have you noticed how the receipts from those wretched thermal primers always manage to fade jusy before you need them for tax preparation time.

I think the government should mandate a 18-moth life for all receipts.

OFT probes Expedia and pals over hotel room price-fixing


"Rate Parity" - what a joke!

Expedia owns TripAdvisor.

If you go to TripAdvisor you will find links to hotel sites scattered throughout their pages.

What TripAdvisor doesn't tell you is that most of these sister web sites have an incestuous relationship through their cookies.

You get one quote from Tripadvisor it offers to let you compare prices and the prices are all within a dollar or so of each other. Delete the cookies as you switch from one site to another and then you see some action!

Another way these outfits can rip you is by pricing individuals, i.e. per person, when the rooms are sold in the country as rooms. This means they can really increase their take.

Hotels.com and Hostels.com have another wrinkle. They accept your reservation and charge you a deposit. These 'deposits' are actually their commission for the booking activity - in other words the hotel or hostel sees squat of this money.

They simply send an e-mail off and say Mr. Smith is arriving on so and so date for three nights. The weakness is that the web site relies on the hotels to advise them if a room is available for the whole block of days. Unfortunately they often don't.

Another problem arises is when a customer arrives at the hotel and the front desk, live and in person with only one room available. The question is: does the hotel sell the room and get full price or pass on the live customer and hold for a maybe? Often the choice is for the live customer which means that if the Hotel.com reservation turns up there is no room available.

So Hotels.com complains to the hotel and they say: E-mail, what e-mail?

You would need a genealogy program to detail all the inter-relationships between travel companies, it is simply unbelievable.

And never use someone like Expedia for flights, they get a bonus for selling the left-over seats.

I'm not in travel as a business, but do yourselves a favour - use your local travel agent, at least you can scream at them when things go wrong.

ROBOTS battle bunker-buster bank blast blaggers


Does anyone have the ...

fuel to flour ratio's of this lark?

Lords call for the end of TV transmissions


ill this mean that Free-To-Air ...

become Free-To-Cable?

The theory is good but there will be numerous problems in reaching remote communities.

Then there's the Designed by Committee factor which make it a non-starter.

Skype hits back at angry wiretap reports: Rat finks? Not us


It' not Skype I don't trust, it's Balmer and his gang of Federal btown-nosers

MS has always been open door to Plod from all countries. They even wrote tools to hack their software,

As far as I am concerned all written material carried by Skype gets encrypted.

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