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iPad Mini vs Nexus 7: inch makes all the difference, says Apple CEO


I always heard it wasn't the ...

length but the technique.

Guess Cooks extra 2..45 centimetres isn't worth much.

TSA fails again with adjustable boarding passes


Re: The way IATA will want to fix this...

IATA has nothing to do with standards.

You mean, presumably, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a United Nations agency.

IATA is simply a price fixing club that represents rich airlines.

No GPS in the iPad Mini Wi-Fi: People are right to criticise


The device "guesses" where it is by sniffing for nearby WiFi base stations

I guess this perfectly matches Apple's Crappy Map App and relies on the theory two guesses DO make a right.

APPLE: SCREW YOU, BRITS, everyone else says Samsung copied us


"overall design of extreme simplicity".

Isn't this just a long winded way of saying PLAIN?

I wonder if Apple likes eating Humble Pie, UK style?

Sky staffer plundered database to benefit naughty false firms


Using 'Murdoch' business morals against a Murdoch company

Poetic justice.

China's Goophone unveils US$99 Android iPad Mini clone


Apple products won't sell well in China ...

unless they reduce their profit margins.

Here in VietNam there are some Android 'smartphones' which have resistive displays, games, audio playback and SD storage a.. for under USD$40. Good value for money, although they do look cheap. They are popular with school children.

Boeing zaps PCs using CHAMP missile microwave attacks


Time to use 100% foil-backed dry wall and chicken wiire + ferrites

I saw a specification for a high powered pulsed UHF transmitter test 'warehouse'. The main features were that the foil backed dry wall / gypsum panels had to be bonded and areas around the joints and corners covered with 'chicken wire' of certain dimensions. All services, which included water pipes, were also bonded and passed through ferrites.

If these protections can contain a signal, they can equally protect from such signals, IMO.

With respect to American military tests, many in the past have been questioned, especially when the senior officer n charge of projects was, later, hired by the contractor. Boeing has had lots of projects prove unsuccessful after detailed Congressional investigation.

The question what were the attacked buildings constructed from - woos, brick or concrete?

Hell, Boeing couldn't even build a 'high tech' fence designed to stop illegal immigrants from Mexico.

Judge GIVES APPLE THE FINGER in multitouch iDevice patent case


Poor old Apple. more prior art discounted

Perhaps the courts would save one hell of a lot of time if they had the USPO to go back and go through Apple Tosh with a fine tooth comb.

Some of them are plainly prior art, like some of the travel reservation screens. Apple is a very late comer to travel, so check Sabre's Planet Sabre UI (discontinued) to see where Apple's 'inspiration' came from..

Speech systems lawsuit sours Apple's day


Are theu entitled to royalties ...

if the dumb Siri doesn't work properly?

Google's approach is much more functional, and faster, when two of these devices are held side by side and a simultaneous inquiry made.

FTC issues guidelines on facial recognition technology


Which part of 'facial technology' ....

when used in toilets can differentiate between the left and right posterior 'cheeks'?

US patent office prepares to kill off Apple's bounce-back patent

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Why the pregnant silence from ...

the Cupertinians?

You would have thought the PR department would have been working overtime.

Possibly Judge Koh had a premonition, or a tip, that things might change and she protected proceedings by adjourning until December. Guess Samsung has deservedly been given two big Christmas presents - the delayed trial proceedings allowing them to score the Christmas market and this patent determination.

New trial anyone?


Re: @Phil This should never have been a problem

Criminal and civil law are hardly comparable, the standard of evidence in the former is far, far higher.

iPad Mini: Why is Apple SO SCARED of the Kindle?


Tim Cook can't run a company second-guessing specifications Apple's dead leader might prefer

I thought Cook went down to the bone-yard and held a weekly seance?

As for the education market, it has little spare budget, so cheaper, smaller is only part of the equation. Apples jail environment with a 30% gate fee is simply to restrictive and to expensive for the education app developers and schools to pay,

Which s another reason not to buy this Apple product.

Prosecutor seeks sports-bodies guidance on troll-hunting rulebook


Jurisdiction is paramount

Plod, apart from looking for an easy conviction, has to look out for jurisdiction.

What if the unhappy poster is domiciled elsewhere other than the UK or Europe? Ditto for the server.

And if the Troll is using a VPN, what then?

Plod is simply looking to make numbers look good and really it is as meaningless as the comments. Look at that blowing up the lousy airport - total waste of court time.

Naughty Siri breaks law by listing Chinese escorts


Why ask Siri?

Most women;s hairdresser staffs have extra curricular work.

I stay in a teacher's apartment on school grounds when in NanNing and I have to run a gauntlet of five hairstylist shops and everyone of them solicits business from men passing by.

A but embarrassing for the female teacher but she is used to it.

Facebook won't pull unmarked police plates page


In Newfoundland, Canada, many government owned cars have ...

'G' plates. Regular car owners get a 'A' registration plate and trucks and pickup's get a 'C' lettered plate.

Dumb, simple.

There are a few cop cars that don't comply.

The other way, to spot which are the cop cars, if you know radio antennae sizing, is by their slightly longer antennae lengths. The RCMP don't always play fair, they have concealed antennae under the rear window shelf in the trunk (boot).

Anonymous cell: Shove off, credit-hoggers, WE took down HSBC

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Re: @JaitcH

Only YOU used LIBOR, HSBC was 'allegedly' involved in the European version.

Doesn't make them any more honest ... even a US Congressman described them as a 'criminal enterprise'. Who's going to argue with that?

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between the competing Anonymous groups to see which is the best.

Need a reason?

- Mexican laundry operation

- European laundry operation

- Diddling the Eurobor rate

and, finally, for introducing the SecureKey.

State of Minnesota bans free online education


El Reg does it again!

Here's the new statement from Larry Pogemiller, director of the Minnesota Office of Higher Education:

Obviously, our office encourages lifelong learning and wants Minnesotans to take advantage of educational materials available on the Internet, particularly if they’re free. No Minnesotan should hesitate to take advantage of free, online offerings from Coursera.

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If the servers are outside Minnesota ...

it likely becomes inter-State commerce and that falls in to Obamarama's bailiwick - under federal law.

Sad commentary on 'free' enterprise, especially onsidering the governor is a Democrat.

US accused of hypocrisy over cyber warfare


US accused of hypocrisy? Really?

The US is the biggest hypocrite in the world.

It mounts InterNet attacks yet claims it is being attacked; it attacks other countries and enters their territories without permission - exactly what terrorists do. It decries dictatorships and loss of democracy and yet it copies them with respect to US citizens.

It even objects to countries locking people up without trial and yet it has hundreds of it's own.

Hopefully someone will call the loan notes and then they will be trouble.

HSBC websites fell in DDoS attack last night, bank admits


Re: I don't need no bloody DDoS, I've got a SecureKey which ...


Why should a Customer have to adapt to a supplier?


Re: I don't need no bloody DDoS, I've got a SecureKey which ...

I know what HSBC can do, mine was jumping from my home country to HongKong where our satellite service terminates/originates.. Of course their servers can handle more than one connection from customers but the fact is their so called 'security' doesn't, or at least didn't, allow changing IP connections which has annoyed many of their customers which isn't exactly 'service'.

They should accept that they, HSBC, have to adapt to customers not vice versa.

Merilee's quote was truncated.

Various HSBC sites have been hacked over the years, not DDoS, 2012 February; 2011 August; 2009 September.for example. No intelligent computer user would say they are impervious to any attack - ask the US government.


I don't need no bloody DDoS, I've got a SecureKey which ...

has denied me access to my HSBC accounts for TEN WEEKS.

And to Merrelee D (Quality Assurance). in HSBC Vancouver who said: "Just for your information, our internet banking site has never been hacked or breached. Merrilee " Say again, Merrilee, I can't hear you!

Of course, HSBC boasts of all it's high tech chappies who cut your connection if your IP changes during banking. Unfortunately they haven't heard that Win 7 can handle more than one InterNet connection as can our server.

Sacked British RIM staffers to get minimum legal payout


We note that poutine is a Montreal specialty consisting of chips and gravy.

Your note s WRONG!

You forgot the cheese curds - makes a big difference.. And it's a rural Quebec dish.


At least Canadian severance is ...

one week per year of service and 4% of the last years salary for vacation.

Dirty deal for Brits, especially from a Canadian company.

Apple ordered to open its books on iPhone, iPad profits


This Judge is all over the place

She screws both parties by limiting the evidence; she knocks Samsung's exhibits because they are too late.

Then she shafts Apple by delaying the Apple injunction to block Samsung sales until December - likely reducing iThingie sales.

Now she wants Apple to drop their pants and tell all their Fanbois just how much money they make?

Painful medicine.

Newsweek succumbs to ad slippage, will kill print pub


Tina Brown is losing it

Tina Brown, the editor, was supposed to rescue it but it has continued it's downward trajectory ever since.

Maybe she is too busy on her other projects like the Daily Beast.

ZTE execs halve pay until profits return


Setting an example for Fred the Shred and other Bankers everywhere

That the bankers would follow these examples.

Of course, (Sir) Fred Goodwin needed extra money to keep the bed warmer happy.

How is Susan Bor, still Senior VP of Talent Acquisition at SAP?

Air China passenger arrested for in-flight phone abuse


Minor charge and minor penalty

Chin, VietNam and some other countries have 'administrative' punishment and court punishment. They are the equivalent of a summary or minor charge OR a felony or serious charge.

He has the right to appeal the administrative punishment to a court.

In VietNam drug users are subject to 'administrative' punishment which an include confinement for months in former 're-education' camps where they are lectured on the evil of drugs.

Of course, in the US he would get to visit a court and most likely banged up for months, if not years.

Huawei, ZTE probe showed no evidence of spying


The US Government protecting CISCO

The US signed the WTO agreement and whenever it found it was incestuously screwing itself, it use Congressional inquiry after Congressional inquiry to delay things.

Canada has fine wood, grown n a cold climate, which makes for the finest products. So the US wood choppers bitch about losing their market to "unfair" competition from Canadian sources who get "Canadian government" subsidies.

The woodlands (forests) are Crown land and a timber company rents/leases a tract and pays the government an amount based upon wood chopped down.

So the American government imposes a temporary penalty tax Even though the US couldn't prove subsidies, repeated the process..

Eventually, after repeated findings of no subsidy, and repeated applications of 'temporary' tax a bilateral side agreement was signed. Now the Canadian government applies the very same tax before export and the Americans are happy.

Even with Canadian wood costing more, the US still bought the wood because it is simply better.

VietNam sells about USD$6,000,000 of our 'tiger' shrimp to the US annually. The sold far less food to VietNam because their food was substandard and they had foot and mouth, etc. The Vietnamese also had problems with ammonia being used during food processing, cows being fed on chicken remains, etc.

In fact the VN government ended up banning 'American beef'. To get the ban lifted the US government started imposing all sorts of restrictions, etc. They also told VN to use GM products (Franken food). Out comes the old bilateral agreement and the WTO gets bypassed again. (If you like US beef don't go reading < http://motherjones.com/ >!

Huawei and ZTE are simply going through the same process so the US can help CISCO. Paying off your Congressman makes for bigger profits.

Map law could see China confiscate mobes at Customs


Two children? How about ONE child and all extras USD$40,000 each?

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Re: Bleh.

Obviously you have never been to China.

EFF warns of ACTA redux


Where the hells Ottotwa?

We're used to less educated Americans getting it wrong, there's no excuse for the British.

Study finds file sharers buy more music


Try It and Buy It

My wife likes Andre Rieu style music, and we always download his latest concert recording to give it a quick listen and to see how many if the pieces are same-same.

If a new recording has 40-50% new material, she will buy the DVD/CD.

The reason we buy is because our home entertainment system (stereo) seems tp highlight the limitations of MP3 format music. If we didn't have the opportunity to 'scan' a performance, we wouldn't even buy a copy.

With pop music it seems that there are one or two good tracks and the rest garbage. I understand why some people might find downloading preferable.

Leaked AT&T files show planned anti-piracy measures


The futilty of it all

When did Napster start? June of 1999? PirateBay, et al, still as busy as ever.

Just upgraded the InterNet feed to my SaiGon condominium to a new 35 Megabit fibre optic feed. Fifty dollars installation fee and thirty-seven dollars a month unlimited. They even tossed in IP TV, free. Had to buy a couple of humongous hard dives to handle the loads.

Just like having a pipeline to the Hollywood film vaults! Up yours, Weinstein!

NURSES' natural DESIRES to be SATISFIED, by technology


NHS and Technology ... Never Works

You would have thought by now the government would accept that the NHS and technology don't work.

Protestors target Google over that video


If visitors or immigrants can't accept the culture and habits of a country ...

they should go home, or at least to another country.

Funny how they exercise the British right to complain - which many can't do in Muslim countries - about another British right.

Many Brits will even let them draw pictures of JC or even tear up the Bible, as long as they clean up the mess. So what's so special about Mo?

NZ government network leaking data like a sieve


They must be using the ultra reliable ...

Cisco equipment ... made in China, just like Huawei and ZTE.

Successful launch readies Galileo satellites for test

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Re: Sub-metre accuracy

You can get sub-metre accuracy using GPS, a reference receiver and a regular GPS receiver.

These additional systems will allow accuracy-cross checking at less cost - no reference receivers.

Garmin will have no excuse to show our main north-south VN highway as being 15 kilometres out to sea.

And UK trains should be operate even more reliably and increase their on-time accuracy.

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Why? ... accuracy of unencrypted GPS so troops could use ... civilian receivers more effectively

Bill Clinton signed the order relaxing of SA to boost the civilian applications / uses of GPS. The military prefers it's overly complex versions, custom made at great cost, and the US military uses a supplementary GPS navigation system.

The encryption is for use in time of conflict, what's the point n assisting an enemy?

There are now, or soon will be, Chinese, European, Russian and US systems. And freedom of choice.

Fukushima operator feared shutdown if risks revealed


How many more Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power plants exist around the world?

When you consider just how many of these nuclear devices are situated near potential problem areas and / or high population centres it seems many are positioned to cause severe problems.

The States has 67 civilian owned reactors and the military has a whole bunch more, Russia has 42 working units, Korea has around 19 working units; India has 18, Canada has 16 with being repaired, China 14, UK has 7, etc.

The Japanese disaster came at a propitious time for VietNam, as it is plans to build a total of 13 new nuclear plants (the first unit was in 1960 built with US help in Da Lat). At least it can re-examine it's plans to see if they need up grading in view of Fukushima

Russia and Japan are signed for construction in VietNam, with Korea expected to join later. The Chinese are building a 'large' complex at Fangchenggang, near the Chinese-Vietnamese border, which will feed in to VietNam..

The question facing all users: What to do with the waste?

Swiss photographer sues Apple for pilfering her eyeball


IP Theft = Apples SOP

Hope they have to pay big time or, possibly, claim they had permission ... after a little Photoshopping on the authorisation.

Apple pays up for stealing design from Swiss Railways


Apple stealing IP? Again? Slow learners

This is just the latest in a long line of purloining by Apple and MS. It's about time victims starting kneeing these thieves where it hurts most.

Good for Swiss Railways.

As for the term "Gnomes of Zurich". I think you should be using the term "Gnomes of Singapore" as more and more Europeans avoid Switzerland as their Piggy Bank now that the US, and a few other countries, have disclosure agreements with the country.

Singapore is more independent than Switzerland and has a political dictatorship (LEE Kwan Yew is still pulling a few levers of power) and given it's key position in transportation is more unlikely to bend to the wishes of the USA.

An indication of it's affiliations is that it keeps it time synchronised with that of BeiJing which can mess with Traveller's minds.

Microsoft sues Google directly in German Maps-on-Moto lawsuit


So, if MS wins, make THE Map App a free downloadable

I think what really lies behind this is market share or, at least, MS lack of share.

Balmer is having a rough of late, what with a pay cut, etc. And his latest idea of an iOS rentable computer might not be the greatest idea, techies like freedom.

I won't authorise the purchase of any equipment, of any type, that ties me to a single source supplier.

Apple to drop chip-baking partnership with Samsung?


It always pays ...

to have alternate suppliers / sources around.

Ask the military, it's how they avoid getting their testicles squeezed at quotation time.

Jimmy Wales: It was Wikipedia that ended the evil of SOPA


Jimmy Wales, getting it regualrly must be affecting his brain

The guy's full of effluent. It was a multisite team effort.

Back to bed, Wales.

Take away bad drivers' mobile phones, they still crash their cars


Living in VietNam I get too see some of the worst, most incompetent drivers anywhere. Lanes, lights and signs mean nothing, just roadside bling.

Where else do drivers take a 'glide path' profile to a turn, winging through opposing traffic. You don't check turn indicators, you check tire direction. When turning right, the VN driver frequently overtakes the vehicle in front and then take a sharp turn across the other vehicles bows.

Taxis are of the opinion that a signal gives them right of way, regardless of the fact another vehicle is within an intersection.

The ultimate indicator of a cultures ability to drive is whether there are any professional race drivers from that culture. The are very few drivers of either hinese or Vietnamese origin.

'Mapsgate' fails to dislocate iPhone 5 demand


Why the surprise?

Fanbois bought the Antennagate version of the handset knowing that it was defective.

They are so desperate to fondle the latest offering, with the unique tactile feedback of scratched aluminium. Most manufacturers finish their product to a smooth finish which, I guess, can be boring to some. Could be they are also into S & M or self-abuse. Or ribbed condoms.

Crappy Map App is a nothing, it's the feel that makes their days.

Samsung shoots Galaxy S III with shrink ray, unveils 4in Mini

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I think prefer the 0.8 inch extra, and my Canadian tailor

The additional goodies found in the SIII (Org) far out way the perceived benefits.

Still, this demonstrates that the Android stable of handsets far outweighs the Cuperino competition, in size, function and even ruggedness.

In fact, it seems that Samsung is stuffing almost everything into it's products whereas Apple users have to pay 30% tithings to by more apps just to make their favourite squeeze functional.

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