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Deputy PM: Rip up Snoop Charter, 'go back to the drawing board'


MAY, the token female minister and totally useless at it

Beats me how May is still a minister. She has been the author of so many failures. The police were alienated over labour cuts; she surrenders her responsibilities tp that collection of old has-beens called CPO.

She screwed up the UKBA, who have completely lost control of illegal immigrants.

Now, her nutty privacy elimination program has hit a large rock. She doesn't know what she is asking for but simply parroting the demands of GCHQ who, in turn, want to become a US NSA. Totally facile.

With millions of CCTV cameras littering the countryside and she still can't predict or interdict terrorist attacks, although she can look at them in glorious HD format - after the fact.

Even worse, this technology from the hapless BAE costing even more than the Americans 'gold plated' version.

GhostShell hackers release 1.6 million NASA, FBI, ESA accounts


US Government: The worlds biggest data sieve

The US keeps on flaunting it's technical prowess. If this is true how come so much of their data leaks?

Little wonder China saves so much on military R & D; The Congress should forget about Chinese backdoors and get the 'experts' to stick their fingers in the leaking dykes of US IT.

Apple's iOS 6 maps STILL muddle Mildura


Re: Ah, Google-Nokia's maps will soon put Google Streetview

If the idiot Canadian doesn't bankrupt them first.

When Stephen Elop took the reins of Nokia , the company was flying high, contrary to what Americans may think. Guess he is a MS trojan designed to make Nokia fail. Then MS can flog a few cell [hones.

Bye Bye Moto: Google pulls plug on Motorola Korea


Google: Bringing the jobs home to the USA?

This should be good news for Obama.

Separating development from production actually robs R & D of knowledge and techniques learned of in production. This is a weakness of Apple as illustrated by their V5 scratched back plates.

All smart manufacturers encourage their development people to mingle with the production lines, observing how they do things. At Ford Canada they actually segregated the 'laziest' workers in to a pre-production facility and video-taped their work.

From the observed short-cuts by these 'lazy' workers manufacturing adapted their lines to incorporate these time saving strategies.

Saudi Aramco: Foreign hackers tried to cork our gas output


'Tis a lesson you should heed,

'Tis a lesson you should heed, Try, try again. If at first you do n't succeed, Try, try again.

[1840 T. H. Palmer Teacher's Manual 223] - Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs: (Home > Library > Religion & Spirituality > Proverbs)

One day may be the Hackers will be successful.

Parliament to unleash barrage of criticism on Snoopers' Charter


The Home Office still banned him from explaining his case to Parliament.

This dumb c*w who is supposed to be the Home Secretary has more lives than a litter of cats.

If the intelligence guy saw fit to shoot off in a public forum, the failure to produce him to Parliament is simply May and Cameron giving the V-sign to the nation.

The chances are it will be yet another screw-up in a long series of governmental screw-ups. These systems will only catch idiots, professional terrorists use leading edge technology, And they think a fail rate of 16.7% is acceptable.

The Americans have already invested in technology so the UK should set up a sharing arrangement. If the US have problems with this concept, the UK should simply tell them to take all their satellite junk out of Menwith Hill, Yorkshire. That would get the UK respect.

The Americans call this playing hardball. It's what they do all the time.

Meanwhile, there is Silent Circle, TOR and PGP.

This is out of hand now: Apple attempts to trademark the LEAF


That's not a leaf, it's a ...

facsimile of a certain biological feature of female homo sapiens.

Apple doesn't need anything more than a pile of nuts ... which totally encapsulates their corporate mentality.

'UK DNA database by stealth' proposed in £100m NHS project


Already they are databasing insurance provided services

In Boston there is a computer complex that records all the drugs and services provided to North American patients. I say North American because many people in Canada have drug (medicine) paid for by insurance plans. As the system is in the States, the Canadian laws against using the SIN (Social Insurance Number) as an identifier are ignored.

Anyone applying for insurance has their information checked against this medical 'credit bureau' and if judged a financial risk, coverage is denied or deductibles raised so high that insurance is almost worthless.

So our medical records (i.e.doctor and hospital) are confidential? Not really, as insurers simply ask for a release and then they have access to our every intimacy.

There is not much more private than DNA, which is why police want access and why insurers want access. Better stand up NOW and tell that prized idiot Cameron to forget it. Any provisions against divulging your DNA profile are useless as all it takes is a judge a and a policeman lying his teeth off. Not too uncommon these days.

Governments cannot be trusted and manic course to strip citizens of all and any privacy has t be fought now, not after the b*stards have nothing left to exploit.

How come, I ask, does Cameron find the money to fund these hair brained schemes yet none to make the NHS do it's prime duty - helping heal people, expeditiously?

Australian Police say don't use Apple's iOS 6 Maps


Why doesn't Apple simply 'Man Up'?

Apple has done what is allegedly the hardest thing to do, to say Sorry. CEO Tim Cook did the moral and legally correct thing.

Now that he has done that, Apple should go the next step, withdraw Crappy Mappy App and, temporarily, re-instate Google Maps.

We are looking at more than simple corporate profits here, we are talking peoples lives. Newspapers are replete with examples of how people religiously follow their GPS devices and end up stranded / jammed in to some isolated spot with no means of help. Whether it is dumb or smart, people put their faith in technology?

Even the historical suppliers of GPS, Garmin, screw up big time. Their mapping of VietNam and Cambodia are, at worst case, up to 15 kilometres wrong in places. And I am talking dedicated devices, not some car-mounted things.

Mapquest and other Third Party mappers all have serious errors.

I recently acquired a Samsung product that has Google Maps on it and whilst it has limited GPS functions compared a dedicated GPS receiver - I have three different types - Google is amazingly accurate and complete. In fact is has roads marked that are still in the throes of completion. (It still, like all electronic maps as well as a few paper maps has two old streets missing in Hue, VietNam).

So, Apple, go the extra step, swallow your pride, revert to Google and save a life.

US drops ‘net regulation bombshell, threatens WCIT exit


US Strategy of Negotiation: Our Way or the Highway

The US obviously hasn't recognised that it is a fading star, it is in it's Big Bang era - just before becomes a hole.

Of course, this has happened at a speed greater than the collapse / disappearance of the British 'Empire'. Plus the US exists solely on borrowing - if the Chinese ever ca;l;ed their loans in the US would default.

Perhaps it is time to kill the veto of the UN so everyone is treated as equal.

Report: Apple, Google, Microsoft join forces to buy Kodak patents


This is BAD news for ...

lawyers, litigants actually talking to each other?

Perhaps there will be another 'accidental' meeting again, as there was between Jobs and Schmidt, and whole bunch of other stupidity will be sorted out.

With Apple shares off 25% from it's peak, both sides would benefit on the stock markets. I read that Wall Street is a little concerned about innovation and if TV is to be the next arena, given the raging sales of Android products against those of Apple, and the obvious tie in between smartphones and whatever happens in the TV area, the faster someone actually gets to market, the faster they will make money.

Arbitrators side with Foxconn in brain-damaged worker case


Simple, boycott Foxconn and let their customers, your suppliers, know

I am aching my employer to add a line to supply contracts:

The Vendor certifies that the products supplied contain zero content from any entity owned by Foxconn.

If you buy App;e products, tell Apple what you think.

Foxconn - pore scum.

Apple, Samsung patent judge: 'I feel like I'm in Groundhog Day here'


So Samsung wins the ...

Christmas sales season.

And with the profits accumulated, they are making hay. And all the models complained of by Apple are in a past catalogue.

Could it be the Courts are getting tired of all these patent claims and will simply give them short shrift as some judges have done already?

Perhaps 'cool' evaluations, as awarded in the UK, will keep Apple happy?

Data gobbling app lands Delta Air Lines in the dock on privacy charge


Good for California!

Too often Big (US) Business gets away with murder. The only thing they understand is money.

Besides, California needs the fine money - it's broke.

Tim Cook: Apple to manufacture Macs in US in 2013


"Over time there are skills that are associated with manufacturing that have left the US"

Apple really solved this challenge.

Now they are glueing iThingies together. This means they are generally unserviceable and defective units are only fit for the garbage dump.

A really, really 'Green' solution.

I wonder if Apple, in their competitor product strip downs, ever have wondered why others batteries are removable and that they actually use screws?

One thing Apple is now facing - America actually has Labour Laws which means no 7 day work weeks and unpaid overtime such as the Foxconn plants operate under in China.

Will Westerners soon be getting their IT direct from Asian players?


It's not 'palstic; ...

it's polymer - that notes are made from now..

As for the IT part of the story - do you really think the US Congress would allow it to happen with their 'back door' paranoia?

Court ruling means Kim Dotcom can sue NZ spooks


U.S.A. exposed for what it is ... a lawless country

The U.S. AG Holder has discovered that not all countries have signed on to his "laws be damned" routine that is SOP for that country these days.

And the NZ government, and in particular the judiciary, are to be congratulated on not capitulating to the illegal, heavy handed techniques of the FBI, etc.

Canadians are ong accustomed to the USA treating our country as theirs, we have even had Americans come over the border and arrest and detain people, without the benefit of Canadian court support, and inveigle them back to the USA.

Fortunately, the then Canadian government had the kidnapped party returned to Canada. Wouldn't happen these days with a Conservative government led by a wimp who makes toilet paper look like a tower of strength.

Mind you, if Dot.Com does get his free trip to the US he needn't expect anything less than their citizen Manning got.

UK.gov: 'Foreign cyber reconnaissance' underway in UK


Funny how all this 'news' pops up when ...

the government is trying to work some quickies on Parliament. Old tactic, doesn't work any more.

This should be read in conjunction with May's 1.6-billion waste of money for GCHQ toys.

Chinese student fails job interview because of iPhone


Remember when it was the fashion to leave a gap between your tie knot and collar?

About 1986 it was the 'in fashion' to have ties done this way. At least for younger set.

In walks your Mister Smartypants, dressed at age 20 in a very expensive suit, with the air of "when do I start"? There was that equally fashionable and expensive tie staring me in the face bugging me throughout the interview.

I chose a female engineer, who had a permanent 'bad hair day', who had met Mr. Smartpants in the waiting room. Smartypants inquired of the results, even though letters had been sent, and I remarked the position had been filled by a woman who had a .Masters degree

His response was that, in his opinion, I had a made a 'mistake' as she had no sense of dress style and her hair was a mess! I replied I was hiring an engineer, not a fashion statement. She subsequently left and joined Nortel becoming a senior engineer.

Forget fluorescents, plastic lighting strips coming out next year


Michele Bachmann felt so outraged ... that she introduced the Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act

And you wonder why the US is in such a mess with kooks like Bachmann in office?

Assange: Google, Facebook run 'side projects' for US spooks


It doesn't harm to give neophytes a head up now and again ...

Judging by the great unwashed using Facebook and hanging the entrails of their lives on public washing lines for all to see little wonder a large segment has no concern about privacy.

Spooks will only find airheads using social web sites. For years drug dealers have been using Lonely Planet, a BBC Worldwide company, but seemingly they have more reliable communications now.

Bin Laden and Company are well versed in secure communications, along with IUDs, etc. They were tapping into the plain video feeds for the longest time using a handy dandy Russian software offering available for a few pounds.

THIS is the why Cameron and May are so short-sighted/dumb because the people they have an interest in are way ahead of the game with PGP and now Silent Circle. RIM was always handy for passing cryptic messages but what with a server in the UK, UK badboys should be using alternate means.

And 1,600,000,000 for a pile of electronics that is far more expensive than that networked system used by the FBI. No government can prevent surreptitious communications, they can only make a little more difficult. They have lost the battle before they have started..

But at least with the millions of CCTV cameras and number plate readers blighting the countryside, at least the spooks will have something to watch during working hours, even it is just re-runs of how the badboys did an end run around Plod and GCHQ.

Meanwhile, social programs including the NHS are denuded of funding, the elderly have to make lifestyle decisions between having light, having heat or eating cat or dog food. Take the 'Great' of Great Britain.

If you don't want freedom fighters expressing their annoyance with bLIAR sticking his nose in to Arab disputes, just ignore the stupidities. Bin Laden won, the US is broke, financially and morally, and they are still a bunch of nervous Nellies waiting for the next surprise.

Ericsson asks for unlikely ITC import ban on raft of Samsung stuff


Reduce the effectivity of Paents to ...

fifteen months at which time they should be expired.

Electronics moves too fast for a patent to be worth that much anyway.

Sex offender wins case against Facebook vigilantism


Most people wouldn't like their dirty laundry hung out to dry

In the States you can check on almost any offence a person is convicted of. In fact the authorities make a point in notifying individuals of offenders in their area.

Making judgements / proclamations about cases when a person was not present in court is a futile endeavour. I have sat on juries and heard the prosecution and started thinking 'toss the key' yet when the defence presented their evidence a lot of the police / Crown suppositions evaporated.

Some professions are always in and out of courts, including police, medical professionals, etc. There have been cases where such practitioners were accused of crimes and harassed or driven out of their homes because the ignorant mass thought they were criminals when in fact they were expert witnesses.

Take the Sevile matter: Glad was arrested and released, but has convictions in competent courts of law (and that doesn't include VietNam); Sevile has never been deemed by a competent authority to have been proven beyond reasonable doubt to be a child molester, neither has the late MP Smith.

For all his alleged evil, Sevile's charities did good but that seems to be conveniently overlooked in this crowd-driven uproar. Mind you the police offering opinions doesn't add much to the discussion, as they are not charged with issuing opinions. Likewise the former policeman, now a self-proclaimed expert on child abuse, is, through his endless verbal diarrhoea, simply promoting his business.

Once a person has been convicted, and completed whatever sentence was awarded, they should be allowed to continue their lives without interference from do-gooders and busybodies. The job of the police is to take appropriate precautions.

Remember Profumo? He paid for his mistake and then followed it with a life of service to the community and was, I seem to remember, before his death, restored to good standing by the Queen.

If the rabble want to publish the paedophile convictions, then let everyone's criminal record be made available on-line so we can see who the thieves, shop-lifters and drunk drivers are.

Moody's slashes HP's credit rating


Step 1. Fire Whitman

Couldn't make it as a politician and hasn't made it as HP guiding light.

What HP needs is a Scott Forstall to kick some butt!

iPod daddy: Ousted iOS chief Scott Forstall 'got what he deserved'


Every successful company has a ...

corporate a*eshole, an attack dog, who gets the job done.

Scott Forstall's problem was he never completed the job and, hence, the Crappy Mappy app.

They could use him over at HP where the blonde would-be politician is serially screwing up and driving the once great company down the toilet. The real problem is the Board of Directors - they should never have abandoned Hurd as he has dual motives now: succeed at Oracle and give HP the biggest 'fingers' sign as he leaves them in the dust.

ZTE make benefit glorious world's tiniest 4G dongle


MF823 sports a second gen Qualcomm LTE chip

Does this mean the US Congress who, in their ignorance, claimed ZTE had back doors is NOW in the clear, or are they dreaming up another non-trade excuse to block Chinese imports?

What killed Motorola? Not Google! It was Moto's dire software


"... leaving the profitable equipment biz Motorola Solutions to live on ..."

This part of Motorola is doing very nicely, thank you, with Tetra/PS25 systems spreading throughout the Far East.

A Chinese outfit now has Tetra compatible cell-style handsets and two-way radio style units that are not only way smaller than Moto handhelds but also way, way cheaper.

Still, over-priced Tetra trunking systems will the cash flowing for the short-term.

New Tosh drive can wipe out 4TB 'near instantaneously'


And after the Plod / Border Agency type have retreated ...

can the data be recovered?

And if sold in the US will there be a back door marked NSA?

Apple manufacturers: ARRGH, pesky iThings are impossible to make


The impossible we can do ...

but miracles take a little longer.

An old Army saying.

Ten weird Chinese mobile phones


Joking aside ...

when you consider the pure technical aspects of these products, it should make people sit up and think.

Apple couldn't make it's products in the West and, even if fully automated, couldn't do it for the price. And British readers shouldn't laugh, Britain doesn't even make cell handsets. Period.

These products represent viable products to the masses of Chinese, and Africans, who can't afford iThingies and highlight why Apple might not do so well in China. The Babiken is available in VietNam and is an affordable buy for school children. (The standby terminology used in their website means that incoming calls on any SIM will be detected,) With 16GB of SD memory priced at an honest $16.00 these things are set to sell.

The only area the Chinese fall down on is finish, but given they have the talents to make Apple and Samsung products, this area could be effectively addressed as if need be.

VPN ban makes for nervy times behind Great Firewall


What's the problem with a Sat Data Terminal?

There are a plethora of satellite data terminals, portable and fixed. which can be hand carried in to China - you can claim they are engineering samples to get quotations for production - using all manner of carriers.

The only precautions you need to take: Make sure any dish antennae are small and split into pizza slices (even the dumbest China Customs guys can spot a uncollapsed dish; and make sure the antenna is mounted discretely on a balcony or window ledge.

Broadband speeds are easily achievable.

Bradley Manning to speak in public for first time in two years


Manning - the poster boy for dumb Marines

Who else, other than a Marine 'mind' would subject someone to the punishment Manning suffered whilst the world's spotlight was shining on him?

Thumb Down

Re: traitor

Only a real COWARD would say that, hiding behind an appropriate name.

I guess it's OK for the military to shoot up innocent civilians including two Reuters people?

Chevrolets to get 'Eyes Free' mode for driving with Apple Siri


Siri will also blank out any requests that it regards as too complicated

Puts paid to any valid uses, I guess, given it's record of "Sorry, I am unable to connect right now".

Hotel blames burglaries on hacked Onity card locks


The simplest solution to this risk for 'guests' is to ...

carry their own tube of fast-drying epoxy so you can seal up your own locks after checking in.

When I use hotel rooms I only unpack what I need and keep my baggage bundled up behind Pac Safe which is secure enough to beat the TSA thieves employed by US Homeland Security.

Pac-Safe now has a range of sizes including ones that secure lap-tops and even smartphones, which can be tethered to a large immovable object in the room.

Exec responsible for Apple iOS map fiasco walks the plank


What did Apple get for it's money?

Apple bought Siri, and it was fairly near release state, even though it had a few lumps in it, is passed muster.

In the map fiasco, Apple bought a number of companies and since then they have been incubating their Crappy Mappy app for years and it is still junk, according to iPhans.

What due diligence did Apple do when they bought these corporate entities?

It also has to make you wonder what Quality Assurance Apple employs when it has had a series of problems from Antennagate through the Crappy Mappy app. Does no one in senior management even check out the latest product? It wouldn't take much. How many 'enhancements' were there, including the failed Version 5.

Even if they only put their home address in, it would reveal a lot!

And what's with these ancient black and white satellite images? I bought sat pix of my home and business in DakLak Province, VietNam and said I wanted latest copies. The sat company gave me an ETA of the month they would be taking the pictures.

I did the place up, made sure all the vehicles were parked nicely. There were several passes - some were from extreme angles but the best shot was just when the liquid propane man decided to top our fuel tank, something he does once a year!

Really, IMO, the release of Crappy Mappy app lies right at the top of the executive chain and it wouldn't have taken much effort to test things. Of course, Apple painted itself in to a corner by comments about Google, which only highlights it's immaturity.

One in 10 Brit smartphone owners 'can't afford' to pay for apps


They should buy a Samsung S3 ...

as it's brimming with Apps, so the SD socket is a necessity. Great deal.

Only Apps I bought / acquired were specialised ones for specific equipment.

Facebook tries to stop its staff using iPhones in 'dogfood' push


"IDC numbers show how Android devices will comprehensively dominate the market by 2016"

Fanboys, and that sad excuse for a tech (copy) 'writer' Charles Arthur, will be holding wakes, crying in their beer and tearing their hair out.

Only three more years? Millions of people standing around with aged fondleslabs. Just how humiliating can that be?

Kim Dotcom claims entrapment by US authorities


US 'Justice' at work ... Let's Do a Deal.

For once what passes for US 'justice is being challenged by some one who has slightly deeper than your average 'perp'.

And he won't keep quiet which is no doubt upsetting the 'Justice' Departments usual SOP..

Good for DotCom.

Google, Apple, eBay shouldn't pay taxes - people should pay taxes


Following the 'Duck Theory' ...

of looks like, squawks like, must be; a company who maintains an off ice in a country is domiciled and should be fully liable to tax..

International companies often sell through the in-country office but "drop ship" equipment directly to the customer directly from a company's branch in another country.

The UK should designate all such pseudo sales as taxable - both from a Duty and Corporate tax viewpoint.

I, as a technician, have been 'imported' in to countries for installations where most of the labour/contractors were local.so the locals billed me (my branch) as a 'foreign' customer and the company customer was billed by us less all sorts of taxes.

I know I'm good, but not good enough to erect a 200 foot guyed mast single-handed!

Sandy Island does exist - on a 1908 chart


China will be down there soon ...

claiming 'ownership' as it has done over parts of the East China Sea, even the parts in many other countries Economic Zones.

If there is oil, the US will be down there to keep the peace.

Bolton biz kingpin tables '7 figure' offer for Comet website


"Deloitte are understood to have set a deadline of 14 November for offers from interested parties."

Is this an old news piece, a typo or Deloitte's a little confused? (14 November}

Just bought an Apple product? Need support NOW? Drop an F-BOMB


HSBC uses call centres n Mumbai so ...

I learnt a few choice Hindi and Marathi phrases which work as well as an Fbomb.

They must have some number recognition software on their system as after a few clicks I end up in a UK call centre.

Did you know that most Indian call centres are run /owned by a California company?

APPLE reveals complete updated blueprints of SPACESHIP JOBS


Who really ...

gives a damn?

Jobs last ego trip and he's not even here to see it. Like his house and boat.

FCC plans to make Twitter, mobile networks disaster proof


I was in Toronto, Canada when the power went down 6-7 years ago for 3 days or so. Few people had made preparations such as laying in candles, canned food, et.c. Fortunately the processed water supply is gravity fed from reservoirs located in the higher land north of the city.

Countries where the public electricity supply can be 'intermittent' are far better prepared. Even residences have small gasoline-powered generators, and cans of gas/petrol to refill the tanks. High-rises all have auto-switching generators, as do hotels and even restaurants.

The cellco networks are protected with small, auto-start, propane powered generators to charge the batteries, In the northern climbs, where the are some hills/mountains up to 3000 metres high, protection ensures continuous power for days on end.

Most all of the computers in my office are laptops, chosen mainly because of their 'power-fail' protection offered by batteries. All our LANs and WiFi units are similarly protected. Our lighting is by LED which are again low voltage.

In the States cellco's operated by telco's such as A T & T have no excuse as the telephone switching centres typically employ 'battery' technicians who spend all their time providing TLC to banks and banks of batteries to ensure their long life. The real reason the batteries are there is to ensure reliable communications.

Cellco's, from what I have observed, tend to be on the cheap side, maybe a bank of rechargeable batteries to provide a few hours power bridging, certainly nothing to ensure continuous operation for several days. The FCC is in a position to modify cell licences to ensure there are minimal power fail working conditions.

Given the profits cellco's make, it is not as if they can't afford the tax-deductible outlay, it's just they don't plan properly.

Now, in Canada, office space rental advertisements often trumpet that they have 'uninterruptable' power!

Apple DID buy social video network - check out this BONKERS lawsuit


Bill Nguyen .. sounds like imported Human Resources techniques

I've heard of similar being used over here in VietNam, except the gun-toter is replaced by a couple of thugs carrying nasty looking chunks of wood.

Solves all manner of labour problems, as well as complaining customers and tardy payers.

Guess Bill has adopted the ways of his new country very well. I wonder if Apple has a 'get out' clause.

Fanbois: The Next Generation. YOUR CHILDREN belong to Apple now


My names Scrooge ... our Christmas comes on 2013 Feb 09 ans it's called Tet

Christmas Day never seems the same when the weather is in the 80's, so we put the Christmas vacation over until Tet, it runs until February 12, and often stores have a bit of a New Years discount.

So we get to save a little. The iPhone knock off from China, it uses the iOS6-JB, seems to be the hot item this year and it's displays Vietnamese with the correct diacritical marks. comes in a rainbow of colours, too. Guess someone has made off with the molds to squeeze the plastic for V4S - or someone's been working an unofficial night shift.

Texan schoolgirl expelled for refusing to wear RFID tag


Injuntion Issued Restraining School - Hearing Next Week

A district court judge for Bexar County, Texas, has granted The Rutherford Institute’s request for a temporary restraining order to prevent Northside Independent School District from removing a San Antonio high school student from John Jay High School’s Science and Engineering Academy because she objected to wearing a name badge signifying participation in the school district’s new “Student Locator Project.”

Source: < www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/on_the_front_lines/victory_court_grants_rutherford_institute_request_to_stop_texas_school_from >


Don't let ACPO know, they wll be next - RFID readers all over the UK next on their WANT list

There is just too much being forced on to students. I am Herandez' side, technology looking for a problem.

The RDIF system can be easily defeated by simply leaving the tag behind secreted somewhere, or covering it with alumin(i)um foil. For more permanent cures, placing the RFID-equipped device in a microwave, together with a mug of cold water, and giving it 15 second bursts of 100% power. Works well on UK Passports and larger denomination US dollar bills, too.

GAP clothing are sold with several RFID chips in each garment.

ACPO would have a field day with this stuff, with Plod carrying portable readers around so they can scan people and bring up their information and criminal records eliminating the familiar expression: "What's all this then?". Besides Plod now have a handbook for guidance such as the Warwickshire Police handbook Policing Our Communities.

Licensing snafu leaves Windows 8 open to PIRATES


Thank you, again El Reg

I've just gven a copy of the article to my local alternative software sourcing shop.

They said Thank You, too.

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