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Twitter row goes to court, beak says man must cough £17,500

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Re: I still don't get the point of Twitter

Facebook is an even faster way to ruin your career/life/bank balance, specially if you were stupid enough to buy shares.

Changing the Z to S in the principles name far better describes shareholders.

Own a drone: Fine. But fly a drone with a cam: Year in the clink

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Concentrate on the camera

If the concern is about pictures, simply designate camera characteristics.

The GoPro camera shown above has very poor response to dimly lit scenes I teach young men and women English in my apartment and, for my own security, when no one else is in the apartment, I run GoPro's to record training sessions in case any accusations might be made.

I have found the ambient has to be quite high, so any aerial Peeping Toms would likely be disappointed.

Even running at a high frame rate GoPros exhibit quite a bit of blurring, not to mention the lenses fogging up from the heat of the camera.

Of course, surrounding your property with lightweight fish nylon netting would likely win you a few cameras and aircraft.

Google to open flagship retail stores by end of 2013

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Shouldn't be hard to design ...

since Apple filed a patent for their shops.

Google can surreptitiously see the weaknesses and change the layouts and then they are ahead.

They could even pick over the 'genius' shop hand training manual - except they should use a name people can relate to.

There's a new rail station being built in NYC - great place for a Google store to bug the hell out of Apple.

BlackBerry Q10: This quirky QWERTY will keep loyalists perky

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Re: RIM security is good BUT it needs/uses servers? Silent Circle!

Silent Circle uses encryption/decryption performed at either end.

You can now even send 60-Mbyte encrypted files, should be long enough for even the most verbose correspondent,

The file is held encrypted until the recipient opens it, at which time the key is deleted.

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RIM security is good BUT it needs/uses servers

RIM security has always been good, ask Obama, BUT it's weakness is it's use of servers which can be used to obtain / access decrypted messages. And, of course, Plod, RCMP, FBI, et al, are able, and do, access this information. With distributed, corporate, servers, corporations might satisfy their needs for access.

These days Silent Circle provides a good solution - the 'encryption', in effect, is in your hand. Whilst I am not in the habit of building UIDs or remote triggering devices, my communications are mine, and simply none of the business of any government or civil servant.

An added feature with Silent Circle is the new ability to send files of up to 60Mb fully encrypted which should satisfy most users.

Notwithstanding this limitation, BB has always offered a quality product and let's hope they return to their former glory. Unfortunately, I will not be a user as I am happy with my Samsung Note 2.

Singaporean men in naked web cam extortion scam

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Can you blame the men? Check out a Singaporan wife - enough to make a freezer look hot

I was based in LEE Kwan-Yews dictatorship, Singapore, for several years and was well integrated in to the Chinese community knowing many people on a family basis.

Ignoring the fact that Singaporean males are somewhat childish around the subject of sex, having met many of the islands 'matrons' I can well understand why they might fall for this trick.

If the women loosened up more, there might be fewer 'spare tyres/tires' in circulation. The mainland Chinese are much more liberated - although there are still a fair number 'spare tyres/tires' around.

I wonder why the Singy police never intervened, given that residential computers are restricted by a fire wall and subject to active monitoring.

Obama says patent trolls 'extort money', pledges reform

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"label patent trolls as leeches who extort money" - so there goes a good chunk of Apples income

Older readers, with a good memory, will likely recall all the 'adopting' (plagiarisation) Apple has done over the decades starting with both the corporate logo and name, followed by purloining Xerox designs, Japanese connectors, Creative of Singapore, etc.

Not all the problems are of Apples doing, many stem from the poor law that implements and governs the USPO activities. What stupidity awarded a patent for corners and curves? And pixel formations in icons/avatars?

In areas of fast development, where inventions have short Best Before times, they should patentable duration of five years.

I remember visiting George Barnes Boot Factory, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, and there were all these ancient machines for boot and shoe manufacturing. I asked why not more modern machinery and was told they had to rent the machines from an American company dating back to the 1800's.

They couldn't improve the designs as every which way was covered by patents.

No wonder the Chinese don't pay too much attention to patents. Can't really blame them.

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Re: Grammar

Americans don't speak English, they speak American and drop the 'T's and truncate the ends of words.

Obama seemed to be a fine example of US 'English'.

Inside Microsoft's Surface Pro: A fiendishly difficult journey

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MS copying Apple construction techniques, only more so

Many Apple products are glued together that save screwing in strange screws AND it is even more successful at keeping out would-be DIY artists out of the goodies.

Time the EU passed legislation requiring all electronic assemblies be serviceable. That would end the era of glue.

The official iPhone actually runs Android - in Brazil

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Brazilian electronics maker Gradiente applied for the trademark "iPhone" in 2000

So who says Apple doesn't plagiarise repeatedly?

Apples logo and name were 'borrowed' from competitors when it could only afford half-page adverts in the BYTE magazine.

Now a COUNTRY has proved that Apple missed the mark by several years.

They should have done a Walmart - paid off officials in South America.

Pop's Chubby Checker condemns use of Palm to check pocket-chubby

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Chubby Checker - a notable figure in pop history

Chubby Checker, still young at 71, is right.

How would HP like to having it's name associated with various sexual attributes? Maybe someone should run a competition!

iOS 6.x hack allows personal data export, free calls

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Just another undocumented feature that Apples engineering missed

So where's the problem? Apple products aren't thoroughly tested, when a new version is issued the back-shop boys are busy working on the next version,

Pity Apple doesn't test them during production, rather than in the field.

IDC: Android, iOS now own 91.1% of global smartphone sales

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Re: Lies, damn lies, statistics ... a lot people do not know what OS runs their mobile phone

Do people have to really care or know? Just like a car engine, you turn it on and drive, you don't have to know it's inner workings.

Likewise, people don't give a hoot about OS other than how many Apps there are; and the fact that iOS6.1.1 sucks batteries fast. And Android is freedom where as iOS is jail.

Google whips out pocket cannon, fires VoIP patent sueball at BT

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Re: It hasn't been called British Telecom since 1991

Post Office Telephones, with their little Post Office Morris series Z bashed out by Morris. The colour dated from their original wartime colours. If a technician was caught with Post Office tools in his house, he was liable to be charged with theft.

The labs were, long ago, a centre of technical excellence even the code-breaking Colossus computer, used at Bletchley Park during WW2, was built at the Post Office Research Station in Dollis Hill by a team led by the late Tommy Flowers.

ERNIE (Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment) was built there for the government's Premium Bond lottery, Dollis Hill conceived Viewdata and the Prestel service (launched 1979) and Dollis Hill even has a war time cabinet bunker under it!

Sadly, it no longer enjoys it's former status.

USA sinks Atlantic cable plan over Huawei worries

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What the US will do to help American business

Obviously, some American companies have been dropping brown, or red, envelopes of money in Congressional pockets so they get the business.

Maybe China should jerk the financial reins and remind the US whose money they are running on for without the Chinese the US Federal Treasury would be broke. Can you blame the Bundesbank for pulling their gold out of the USA?

Rivals to Brussels: Google labelling its own stuff won't help us

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If you don't like Google, don't bloody use it ... and it's free, even

The EU should tell Bing and company to take a running jump. All they are doing is wasting EU taxpayer money.

I have no problem with Google promoting Google, just as MS promotes that useless shadow of an 'equivalent' Bing or Yahoo or whatever. Google should start taking longer to respond to MS take down notices - another 'service' that Google provides at zero cost to MS.

The one big thing that annoys me with Google is their stealing my positional data from my Note 2. But I've fixed that by using a TP-Link Portable 3G Wireless N Router (that's not associated with me) and disabling the GPS output. I don't have a SIM in my Note 2 - I live in the land of free WiFi.

The other thing is the way Plod can get data out of Google, but that can be minimised, too.

No one is forcing Google on complainers, and they don't even charge for most services. Even dedicated Phanbois like Google maps.

Turkey prepares to hand $5bn to US biz for intelligent electricity

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'Smart' networks ... just more data for the ...

NSA grist mill. They love data, no matter what it is.

The US uses it's diplomats for sales ... pity the EU doesn't.

UK doesn't have the SKILLS to save itself from cyber threats

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UK doesn't have enough skilled workers to protect it against online attacks. Nor does the USA!

The self-proclaimed 'world centre of technology', the USA, is exactly in the same position.

If this were true, rank amateurs such as McKinnon wouldn't be be able to wander around the US data-banks looking for Site 51.

And implementing Mad May's 'UK government in your pants' strategy is no answer, technology is fast overtaking government capabilities. And I hardly think students reared on Raspberry Pi processors will provide the immediate answer, it takes experienced hackers to fight experienced hackers.

Apple CEO Cook: 'Bizarre' shareholder lawsuit a 'silly sideshow'

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Apple from amending its charter ... issuance of preferred stock without the approval of shareholders

Cook is no Jobs, who had dictatorship down to a fine art.

What Cook does share is his wanting to treat Apple shareholders as he does it's product purchasers as an necessary pain in the a*se. Cook is not a money man - he is a supply line specialist.

He should accept he is the servant of the board of directors who derive their power from the shareholders.

Canada cans net surveillance law

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"after community opposition to the proposed law’s surveillance measures". Only in Canada!

The sheep who reside in the USA and the UK, who let their respective governments do almost every thing they want to, wouldn't garner this much attention from their respective politicians.

It all dates back to the late Pierre Trudeau, who had the audacity to stick his middle digit up to the USA, and refused to adopt the preferred US 'guide lines' unlike governments in the UK.

Must have been his French heritage, France has a similar attitude. One is called 'independence' and the other 'subservience'.

Unlike other governments who cross-link all their data-banks so all and sundry, regardless of their need, Canada's data-banks are deliberately decoupled - no nosy civil servants trawling through your life. Occasionally these controls can be a pain, as an inquirer has to travel from one department to another to collect data for the first.

A small price to pay for privacy.

Home Depot pulls out of newly-named RIM, gets in bed with Apple

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What Home Depot does to Blackberry can also be done to them

Th US building supply monolith Home Depot is American and just as much as Americans are pro-everything American (even if made in China) so too are Canadians.

So screw you Home Depot, you can close a few more Canadian outlets, we have some well-priced Canadian alternatives.

Capita bosses defend £30m migrant-poking IT deal with Border Agency

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The company (Capita) is paid according to the number of people told to leave.

Wow, this is a BIG opening for fraud - just bonus so trackers, have then claim 'hits' and Capita make yet another fortune from the British taxpayer.

Ever notice just how small the government's contract telephone list. White collar - Capita; Red collar - G4S. If these companies can locate end contractors who will do the job so cheaply why can't the government go for bids?

Another point, what assurances do people have that these ultimate contractors can be trusted with hot data that could be sold on? It is no secret that tax preparer make additional income by selling 100% accurate data to credit agencies. Likewise with insured medical services and medications.

The government seems oblivious to the fact that data is worth BIG MONEY.

Spotted: Android 4.2.2 update for Google Nexus devices

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Thanks for the heads-up, Register

My employer was about to order some more Samsung Note 2's, so we will condition the purchase order with the new OS revision information.

Tesla vs Media again as Model S craps out on journo - on the highway

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Yet another vehicle with Plod Assist built-in

Whilst I have no objection to loaner demo's or rental cars having built in software, I do object to this damn stuff being present in a vehicle I actually possess title to.

A vehicle I owned back in Canada had seat-belt/crash bag electronics incorporated in it and the then Sergeant Cam Woolley, (retired since a new chief decided he was the only mouthpiece) of the Ontario Provincial Police, became aware of exculpatory evidence contained in these chips and he started reading these chips with his little goody box intended originally for mechanics.

Then some police forces started using them as proof of speeding, in other words, writing your own tickets.

I carefully excised my unit and placed it elsewhere in my SUV, leaving the original connector dangling and the device hooked up discretely with my wiring.

Presently there are masses of vehicles driving around with 'hidden' electronics, all busy recording your every vehicle activity - some even calling home via cell networks.

The public doesn't need any more Big Brother stuff, but it's good to see a NYT reporter caught out parsing his story - he should have known better.

If you intend to do crime, make sure you use an old banger or visit your friendly mechanic, first.

Linux Foundation ships UEFI Secure Boot workaround

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MS mimicking Apple: It might be your property, but we hold the key

When is the right of ownership going to recognised and accepted by these damn American companies?

The EU bureaucracy might appear to be under employed but they do have a hight success rate of kicking US commercial butts. Even the near God-like MS and Apple have bowed to their demands, before, albeit reluctantly.

Perhaps the EU should mandate the MS walled garden feature must have a switch in the BIOS so the owners can decide their modus operandi. Not all PC users are Apple-subservient types.

iOS 6.1 KNACKERED our mobile phone networks, claim Vodafone, Three

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Better dig up Jobs: trying out test firmware from Apple as it investigates the issue

Before his DoD, Jobs used to wander forth and do his "Apple defective" spiel and most of his suckers would swallow the platitudes.

By an Austrian cellco saying: "trying out test firmware from Apple as it investigates the issue" it is obvious Apple is trying a new tactic - plausible deniability".

Doesn't work, guys, you aren't like the emperor with his suit of invisible clothes.

Australian Parliament issues summons to Apple, Microsoft, Adobe

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Australians pay more for hardware and software than those overseas

Don't know why they are complaining ... Europeans don't.

Dead Steve Jobs 'made Tim Cook sue Samsung' from beyond the grave

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the pair of firms would be better off burying the blunt hatchet

Better if the USPO cleaned up it's action and stopped patenting wet dreams that will never come true.

More proof that Jobs was using a publicly owned company contrary to the shareholders interests. Now Cook should hope no one starts a Class Action.

11-YEAR-OLD code wizard hacks Greedy RuneScape geeks

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" ... very young individuals writing malware, including an 11-year-old from Canada"

I guess this is the audience that Raspberry Pi seeks to encourage with their project.

These youngsters should be encouraged to pursue their interests, although not password cracking, and the Canadian authorities should go light on this chap (he has not reached an age of criminal responsibility which is 12 in Canada) so that, hopefully, will keep him from getting a lengthy stretch of incarceration in a US jail, (the present Harper Tory government prostrates itself in front of the US government), or driven to suicide by an over zealous US prosecutor.

Psst, wanna block nuisance calls? BT'll do it... for a price

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DO NOT CALL lists Do Work - especially with a large FINE!

Canada and the USA has been plagued with these nuisance calls for years,

Now both countries have DO NOT CALL lists in operation which MUST, by law, be honoured. Those foolhardy enough to ignore the Lists can be fined and/or have their telephone service ordered withdrawn.

These are called SIT (Special Information Tones) signal: Vacant Circuit (out of service or non-existent phone number). The can be sampled at: < http://www.artofhacking.com/files/sounds/live/aoh_sit-vc.htm >.

I made one using a pair of dual 555 ic's and it plays twice when I go off-hook (pick up the handset), then the handset is connected to the line.

It is very easy to make (for techies) see: < http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/switches/ps2246/products_configuration_guide_chapter09186a00800ea889.html >

Name Description:

NC1 - No circuit found

First Tone Frequency - Duration

(Hz) (ms)

985.2 380

Second Tone Frequency - Duration

(Hz) (ms)

1428.5 380

Third Tone Frequency - Duration

(Hz) (ms)

1776.7 380

Since most of these machines are of US manufacture, they often drop the calls (and record the fact the number is "out of service"!

3 Brits banged up for £300k VAT scam

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With over £10 billion being stolen from UK finances each year

Gee, for a minute I thought they had caught up with ticket-cheat Osborne for not paying for his rail rides.

Some countries make everyone, including companies, pay VAT first, then they can seek a refund after they can prove goods were sold on. Seems to work well. The governments always get the cash first then payout after satisfying themselves all was well.

UK web snoop charter: Just how much extra info do spooks need?

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the intelligence and security Agencies are able, to some extent, to work around the problem

Guess what, MM (Mad May) has just had her dream eclipsed. This technologically brainless MP is about to discover as from late this week or early next week Silent Circle is offering the ability to transmit up to 60-megabyte files, encrypted at point of transmission to point of reception with no intermediate decrypting.

This means she is SOOL in using her eavesdropping toy and she can't even order backdoors be installed, unless she sends a Chippy around to each and every smartphone loaded with Silent Circle.

You can pack a lot of Bin Laden videos, or EID construction manuals in a 60-meg file. Same with kiddie-porn or any other material Plod might want to get their hands on. Drug dealers would welcome it - all completely out of reach of the DEA.

That MP's are questioning MM's is very good, they know the game ministers play to pad budgets.

How is 'continuity of custody' going to be proved or if the data has not been tampered with if it is held by telephone companies, internet service providers and others for data storage?

Or, once again, are the protections supposedly offered those accused of offences in Britain going to be compromised yet again such as 4 years or your password, give us the story now or loss credibility, etc.

Given the sorry state of financial affairs, the UK can not afford to indulge this hapless female's wet dreams - she should resign.

Socket to 'em: It's the HomeGrid vs HomePlug powerline prizefight

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Never count on the presence of an earth/ground line

Many countries don't have grounds/earths but they DO have ground trip breakers in lieu of.

With the advent of plastic water pipes, creating a chasm between the street water main (which are also increasingly plastic) many grounds are dependent on ground spikes driven into the ground and saturated with copper sulphate, etc.

There is an assumption of continuing moisture to maintain the conductivity - again this might be lost when the area surrounding a ground pole is covered with concrete!

In North America, as well as large chunk of Japan, two phase + ground (120-120/240) is used and although the 240V phase-phase is used for cookers/stoves and laundry driers, as well as central air-con systems, phase-neutral (120V) is used for regular outlets and connected to achieve balanced loads.

Ontario, Canada, had a 'gold' kitchen system whereby a double outlet would share the neutral line but each half of the double outlet would be connected to different phases,

This means that both HomeGrid and HomePlug would need to have sufficient power to reach the the other phase - via a street transformer - or some cross-connection between phases would be needed to enhance transmissions.

Australia's top court says Google's iffy ads do not mislead

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Ad Blockers

My favourite ad is white space - much easier on the eyes than having yet another FB ad flashing in your face.

Amazon patents digital resale market

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Not a problem ...

my record / media store is The PirateBay.

Good to see Apple fight this one from Amazon.

US Department of Energy: Which bright spark just hacked us?

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The USA Government: Standard of Technical Excellence?

I don't think so.

And they are persecuting MANNING? Think someone else needs to be in the dock for incompetence.

US diplomat: If EU allows 'right to be forgotten' ... it might spark TRADE WAR

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We have a right to privacy in our Constitution, but ...

Obamarama and the US Congress already think the hallowed Constitution is just a piece of a*sewipe as the governments, Republican and Democrat alike, happily ignore, or twist, the meaning of this piece of paper.

'Due process of law' - yet they simply kill even their own citizens without trial; 'writ of habeas corpus', released from imprisonment after such arrest - go tell that to Guantanamo residents; 'secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures' - Patriot Act.

Call their bluff, why should an entity with fewer people dictate to one with more people?

Japan hides anti-piracy warning on P2P networks

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To the 'Honourable' Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications


UK minister: 'There must be a limit to what the gov knows about its people'

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'There must be a limit to what the gov knows about its people'

So how does this pontificating minister reconcile his stated aims with the Crazy Crone MAY and her desire to stick GCHQ's nose into to very form of communication in the UK? Silent Circle and other technologies have essentially rendered The Crones plan mute - anyone can have total privacy and she better believe that any Arab ne'er do wells will surely employ the technology.

Then that bunch of reprobates hiding behind the acronym ACPO. They are the ones who set policy rather than the series of lazy minsters who really don't give a damn. Cameron promised to destroy the national ID database which, allegedly, he has done but in it's place ACPO has initiated the ANR (Automatic Number Recognition) so they can record the movements of number plates associated with the innocent and the criminal alike. I read the number is 20-million a day at the moment and destined to ramp up much higher.

The public is slowly becoming aware just how deep Mad May is in their pants. Most of the UK population is totally innocent of security breaches yet she will have access to almost all conversations without even the nod of a judge.

If the UK is such a stand up country, how come it permits the USA to have military bass on it's territories and even Menwith Hills Satellite Spy Station? The USA doesn't allow anyone to have standalone military bases on it's territory.

The question is: Why is the UK electorate so accepting of all this crap? It is time to grab each and every MP and demand that this nonsense ceases, now.

BlackBerry: Aaah, Microsoft, we meet again.. for another deathmatch

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Most tech mags and reviews are West based

You should remember that Blackberry and Nokia are big in well defined overseas non-Western markets, predominantly Indochina and Africa. Our needs are different. I don't include HSBC-CA in this advanced group as I was informed I would need MS Internet Explorer to use my account - they don't do Firefox, Opera, Chrome or anything.

Whilst handset bonking might be growing in popularity in the West, we are only just getting plastic with embedded chips. A HSBC subsidiary has foisted it's crapware 'SecureKey' on to it's subsidiary and they have all sorts of 'issues'. How do you educate an agrarian population out in the sticks?

Battery life is of prime interest as if you are toiling away in the back 100 (acres/hectares) you want something that has a long life. Ditto Africa where payments/transfers are a major business business/ daily life need.

Th abysmal showing by Apple simply underlines that one fits all doesn't work. China needs multiple SIMs, one handset I picked up there has the capacity for FOUR hot SIMs.

We're not making this up: Apple trademarks the SHOP

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This is very, very, generous of Apple as by providing ...

plans all the knock off stores in countries that don't recognise / accept stupid patents can happily copy the Apple concept so they can have a knock off store selling knock off products.

Way to go Apple.

India's most trusted brand Nokia hit with £1.5bn tax bill

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Transfer Pricing: easy to prove

Where a company such as McBarf or Starbucks charges a certain rate for 'services' to an Franchisee in one country, it follows that the worth of those services has been established.

All the offended country has to do is to get it's hands on a price list and the case is made. These days governments are sleeping together when it comes to taxes as is the case with Korea and VietNam and Japan and VietNam - big bills have been rendered. And paid.

It might not be fraud but it sure is against tax regulations.

Many companies are paying far less than their PAYE employees AND the Tory party is giving industry all manner of breaks on top of these grants.

Can anyone suggest a reason why the UK Frackers get a non-refundable grant, especially given energy prices in the UK these days?

Google begs for secrecy as it files Glass design with FCC

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Apple doesn't ...

copy it simply patents prior art.

Sorry to hear they lost triple damages and a ban on importations. Not.

NHS IT bods 'walk out' in pay row with crashed UK tech giant 2e2

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Subcontracting government work is ...

unreliable and expensive.

How much will this mess cost the taxpayer?

Customer service rep fired for writing game that mocks callers

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Tories have no sense of humour, especially Harper 'Progressive' Conservatives

The Canadian government is, unfortunately, presently in the hands of the 'Progressive' Conservatives who don't do humour.

Gail Shea, an ugly fat frump < http://www.vip.it/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/gail-shea_torta.jpg > used to be Fisheries minister which, by her appearance, suited her fine.

We await to see if David Gallant appeals this knee-jerk decision.

As Skyhawk said on the CBC.CA site "When a lowly call centre employee of a government department gets the attention of the Minister, you know they're doing something right!"

Greedy Apple told it can't triple Samsung's $1bn patent payout

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Poor, poor Apple ...

not a promising start for their new year.

All that bad PR for Apple and all that free PR for Samsung. Proves bullying doesn't pay.

What's that spinning noise coming from Job's coffin?

PayPal plugs SQL injection hole, tosses $3k to bug-hunter

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PayPal is ...

a joke and hardly a bank. What bank screws it's customers like PP did Wikileaks?

WTO ruling emboldens pirates of the Caribbean

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The USA is dithering on its response to that claim.

Joe Biden is potentially running for president and this means he needs money.

He is already in the pocket of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), so undoubtedly there will be conditional agreements for support being discussed.

As for cutting communications inks to Antigua and Barbuda, the US will likely run into the ITU who don't really agree to that sort of thing. Cuba's connections for years were routed through a sea cable to Miami where most everyone could get connected to Cuba.

Smart Canadians set up 'Call Cuba' businesses whereby American could call into Canada and get connected to Cuba, beating the stupid ban.

Cuba is also linked to South American networks through cables and can always fall back on satellite links.

Up yours, USA.

The Death of Voice: Mobile phone calls now 50 per cent shorter

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Haven't made a voice call in years

With the rip-off voice charges Canadian cellco's sock you with, it's hardly surprising.

I've now turned my voice call ringer and vibrator off so I can choose to answer SMS/text in my own time at my convenience. My cellco 'managed cell system', in VietNam, sends me a SMS message every time a voice call is not answered,

I haven't even bothered to stick a SIM in my new Samsung Note 2 as there are so many free WiFi Hotspots in VietNam it makes cell service redundant.

Google donates 15,000 Raspberry Pis to UK schools

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Google Doing Good Things

Google often lives up to it's unofficial motto of "Don't Be Evil".

Apart from grooming a new bunch of Google supporters, it generates good will.

Could be good for a tax write-off, if they paid tax.

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