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Microsoft: Just what the world needs – a $25 Nokia dumbphone

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The Only Thing Missing is 'Parental Control'

In VietNam and Cambodia parents give children far more latitude to 'do their thing', as is used to be before Nannies took over governing Britain or the USA. When I was young, I and my brothers roamed all over the area centred on the BBC transmitter at Brookmans Park and was measured in miles.

We often left the house early in the day only to return late in the afternoon when our stomachs were calling.

So it is today in Indochina. My daughter is free to go wherever she wishes in Ban Ma Thuot, Central Highlands, VietNam, a city of 1-million souls, with her Mother and I completely free of worry.

The secret is the cell handset. She can call when she wishes as can we.

The problem with today's handsets is the ease of dialling long distance/international calls. Providing a short, owner-entered, authorised calling numbers would add enormously to the value of this Nokia product.

Remember, in a country where the minimum wage is USD$50 per month, even a $25 Nokia dumb-phone represents a sizeable hit on a families budget.

It's time for PGP to die, says ... no, not the NSA – a US crypto prof


Because Ford built the Edsel, the Concept of the Automobile should scrapped?

Quote: "Many PGP-enabled mail clients make it ridiculously easy to send confidential messages with encryption turned off".

This statement is the equivalent of saying the Ford Edsel was so bad (Unsafe at Any Speed - Nader), or any other clunker car design, that the concept of the car should be scrapped.

PGP, written and initially distributed by Phil Zimmerman, has proved it's worth over the years that so much so the GCHQ and NSA are still gnashing their teeth whenever Zimmerman's name is invoked. So many people in physically risky positions or employment have staked their lives on PGP.

PGP is NOT the problem, people who are strangers to Command Line entries ARE. LONG LIVE PGP!

World's only flyable WWII Lancaster bombers meet in Lincs


I was amazed at how SMALL these aircraft were

I read all the usual rah-rah British books on the feats achieved by the Lancasters and their crews.

Then, after moving to Canada, I passed by what is now ONTARIO PLACE on the :Lakeshore Boulevard where for many, many years a Lancaster was mounted atop a pedestal right next to the downtown direction traffic lanes.

Unfortunately it was removed and replaced by more politically acceptable objects.

London cops cuff 20-year-old man for unblocking blocked websites


Welcome to Britain, land of the free! NOT!

How many people will turn out to attend political meetings and demand answers from politicians for all the authoritarian legislation they pass?

NOW is the OPPORTUNITY. Go out and get commitments from these people, it's the only time they listen to you.

How can they arrest someone where there is no law? Conspiracy is two or more people, sometimes three depending on which country, soon it will be reduced to ONE - even thinking about it will be illegal. I'm glad I don't live in the UK!

Evidence during FOI disputes can be provided in SECRET


I thought ...

secret courts aka 'star chambers' had been done away with a few hundred years ago.

Wikipedia says:

"The Star Chamber was an English court of law that sat at the royal Palace of Westminster from the late 15th century until 1641. It was made up of Privy Councillors, as well as common-law judges and supplemented the activities of the common-law and equity courts in both civil and criminal matters. The court was set up to ensure the fair enforcement of laws against prominent people, those so powerful that ordinary courts would never convict them of their crimes.

Court sessions were held in secret, with no indictments, and no witnesses. Evidence was presented in writing. Over time it evolved into a political weapon, a symbol of the misuse and abuse of power by the English monarchy and courts.

Of course, with today's super-injunctions both in the UK and other countries, it looks like it's back to the future.

Plane grounded so cops can cuff semi-legless passenger

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Thompson ...

another word for Ryanair and poor service.

Pentagon hacker McKinnon can't visit sick dad for fear of extradition


I didn't know Scotland ...

was a signatory to the international agreement that bLIAR signed (remember Blunkett).

And I thought Scotland was presently part of the United Kingdom.

Apple ebook price-fix row: Stiffed readers inch closer to $450m windfall


Will iSheep Never Learn?

This is Apples business model exposed - 30% of everything - except their equipment profit which is around 50%.

AND they don't pay (much)(any) tax.

Twitter: Hey. Remember us? Hello, yes. Govts want to spy on us too!


And Twitter wonders why ...

I don't sign up!

Away with 'social' networking - or if you must, sign up using a VPN from a distant country and a different name. And include a comment you are a US citizen in the sign up.

Brits stung for up to £625 when they try to cancel broadband


Married or Sharing? Just tell them you are moving overseas.

In Ontario, Canada, the local gas outfit screws people for a monthly charge for a 'connection' during the hot summer months. This is a 'standing charge'.

So every March, when the weather warmed up, we would call the gas company and ask for a final account. The following Fall we would call and ask for a connection using my wife's name.

Being 'smart', the gas company never billed for those intervening months.

So do this with your tardy InterNet connection, using your wife's maiden name.

Or sue them in Small Claims Court for poor service.

Microsoft's Euro cloud darkens: US FEDS can dig into foreign servers


If the US Government wants to nose around any HSBC account - no sweat - they are all on US Servers

If you do a Traceroute on your HSBC InterNet banking account you will discover the traffic flows across US Government-friendly AT&T cables and thence to the HSBC facilities. Of course, we all know that a simple Letter will let the FBI share your secrets - no judge needed.

So of you want to limit US access to your privates SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BANK and NOT the WORLD'S 'LOCAL' BANK.

Senate introduces USA FREEDOM Act to curb NSA spying excesses


And the Edward J Snowden effect continues ...

and the NSA said it was a small, passing matter!

Wrong again, CLAPPER!

British Lords: Euro 'right to be forgotten' ruling 'unreasonable and unworkable'


It's a pity the House of Lords didn't apply their thought process as thoroughly on ...

pants on fire DRIP legislation - that permits the government to pry even further into our private parts.

iWallet: No BONKING PLEASE, we're Apple


The unbeatable, totally private way of payment ...


Living in a cash (mainly) society is great ... no tax people tracking your income. Even large government enterprises such as electrical generating systems (grid) pay cash to their vendors ... usually structured (split) payments.

Thirteen Astonishing True Facts You Never Knew About SCREWS


When I worked for a Canadian company ...

we had to ship some products to military stores wrapped up in waterproof covers and sealed in wooden crates which were built to an unnecessarily high specification.

By way of venting our frustration in complying with the crating requirements we used square-socketed Robertson screws (Picture 9, centre top row) that frustrated the hell out of the recipients.

Moral of the story: Specify EVERYTHING!

Canada's boffins need A WHOLE YEAR to recover from China hack attack


National Research Council and the Communications Security Establishment are as good as ...

the one and the same - both have interest in communications and encryption. A company I worked for used to supply the NRC and it was predominantly comms related equipment.

I wonder of they are still monitoring those HF zip transmitters?

Google Maps community competition falls foul of Indian regulations


Given there are a plethora of 50-centimetre definiton pix available ...

from all parts of the international political spectrum why don't they complain to their friends in Russia? The Indians seem to be getting as dumb as the Greeks used to be over mapping. It won't work, on fact it is likely to increase the scrutiny of India.

Google doesn't show all the pop-up missiles (hidden in box-like roof ornaments) on the White House roof, at the request of the USA government, but the Russians do. Google goes fuzzy over Area 51 whereas Russia has high definition pix.

Indian resources would be better spent eliminating rape, and men's attitudes towards it, developing it's sad infrastructure and feeding the starving millions instead of wasting money on phallic symbols such as nuclear bombs and space shots.

But the USA and the UK have to be 'nice' to India as it houses massive cable tapping facilities.


Crime? What crime?


What crime is it to fly around the world taking snapshots? Or perhaps, in your mind, there is some International Agreement that prevents this, that no one else knows of?

Maybe they should have used Mapquest to knock off the Jewish House?

Israel's Iron Dome missile tech stolen by Chinese hackers


Oh Goody, Chinese Knock-offs On Their Way

Obviously Israel has as much technical prowess as the USA in defending the 'crown jewels'. NOT!

Now the Chinese can improve the product AND manufacture countermeasures then sell them to all the countries on the US 'banned' list like Iran, Iraq, North Korea, etc.

Instead of murdering Palestinians perhaps Israel should do some homework. The US will likely give them millions/billions more handouts to do the work.

Apple stops caring about Samsung kit everyone else stopped caring about years ago


Sanity ...

from Apple. At last?

Suing people can rebound against the Plaintiffs.

Need a US visa, passport? Prepare for misery: Database crash strands thousands


The US of A - world's technology leader ... ONLY on their minds.

I have a friend whose passport is filled and he needs extra pages to be able to exit this country in order to get home to his child who had an accident. But the US Consulate just gave him a number and told him to check their web site.

Lawyer reviewing terror laws and special powers: Definition of 'terrorism' is too broad


EVER NOTICE ... how often anti-terriorism laws are used against non-terrorists than the real thing?

The problems seem to be centred around what a 'terrorist' actually is. Too many governments are accepting a definition of a 'terrorist' as laid down by the USA.

Same for 'support' to a terrorist organisation. Until recently donating money to worthy causes such as health, housing or education related charities was fine until the damn USA decided, alone, that charitable help was also 'assisting' terrorists.

The unfortunate Malaysian air 'incident' over the Ukraine wasn't 'terrorism' as many news outlets suggested, it is a civil war (if wars are ever civil), a war for independence. They aren't 'terrorists' they are Freedom Fighters.

Attacking poorly managed computer systems, such as the US military, isn't 'terrorism' it's either the Chinese updating their information or amateurs testing their computer prowess against a country that claims to be a world 'technology leader' - at least in their own eyes.

So let's straighten out exactly what is a simple crime and what is 'terrorism'.

Report: American tech firms charge Britons a thumping nationality tax


Whatever the suckers will pay ....

Most US companies discount when they hit Developing countries or China be it software or hardware - in fact it seems that 'piracy' or copying is even more profitable as some companies will actually swap out your 'hot' software for a copy of the real product for either nothing or a very small fee.

The EU seems to be very gullible when it comes to comparing US pricing, mind you the fact that VAT is included makes calculations a little harder. Tax should always be shown separately so help consumers compare prices. Apple has always been a prime example of ripping people off, then selling extended warranties even in countries where the mandated warranty is two years.

Europe: Apple could NOT care less about kids' in-app cash sprees

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But Apple DOES care, it cares VERY MUCH ...

about collecting all that 30% tithing (commission) that these unwary parents pay.

Will the next US-EU trade pact prevent Brussels acting against US tech giants?


ISDS: A favourite claose of the US Government. It screwed Canada.

There was a fuel additive manufacturer in the US whose product was later deemed injurious to human health.

The US banned it.

Then Canada followed suit ... and got sued by the company. And collected it millions from Canada.

So this is one US clause to avoid.

UK.gov's data grab and stab law imminent as Drip drips through House of Lords

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The House of Lords, a place of considered reflection. NOT!

Passing a bill in a single day makes a mockery of the whole process ... and we don't even have the opportunity of voting them out.

A bunch of free-loading leeches.

iSense something, a presence not felt since... Apple sketches fanboi-finding infrared sensors


It is high time patents had a 'pit up or shut' clause

Apple, and others, should have 3 or 5 years to pit their Tosh into operation OR lose their patent.

This would disarm Patent Trolls and companies who file to block competitors for petty reasons.

Cops nab suspect using CREEPY facial recog system

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And they call the British free?

Canadians appreciate more each day their rights granted them under The Canadian Constitution, thanks to the late Pierre Trudeau.

Many of the things Plod has a 'right' to in the UK requires the signature of a judge in Canada.

I wonder what liability attaches should the Plod arrest the wrong guy as a result of a lookalike snap? Or do the cops get a free pass jail move?

Say goodbye to landfill Android: Top 10 cheap 'n' cheerful smartphones

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We have Thirtyfive Dollar Androids here ...

in Indochina ... imported from China.

For people earning $150 month it's just right for their pocket books and even their children's school backpacks.

Since it's an unofficial fork of Android you don't have all that traffic back to California slowing things down, Very basic camera, capacitive low res screen - just the thing if you hard up!

Own a Cisco modem or wireless gateway? It might be owned by someone else, too


CISCO ... the 'gold' ...

standard adopted by the USA, Australia and New Zealand and possibly Blihgjty.

The Chinese and Russians thank you.

P.S. Who uses 'wireless' for secure applications?

Sit back down, Julian Assange™, you're not going anywhere just yet


That £6,000,000 would have been better ...

on helping the needy, or Seniors.

The Tory government has no sense of priorities.

Phone charging log helps to convict murderer


Should have used an Android - their batteries are removable!

This guy made a mistake, he used an iPhone with it's unmovable battery.

Another reason to use Android!

ISPs 'blindsided' by UK.gov's 'emergency' data retention and investigation powers law


Have you noticed that the word de jour is ...

terrorism and yet all these 'terrorism' laws are used for purposes other than terrorism?

Glenn Greenwald's hot squeeze was held for 9 hours at Heathrow, en route from Germany to Brazil under 'terrorism' laws and yet no one, even Britain, has claimed he was a terrorist.

This means this whole ramming through Parliament is on, or for, false purposes. And politicians wonder why they are despised?

Apple: No, China. iPhone is NOT public enemy number 1


Re: .. whereas Google simply lies to them.

A lot of the data Apple, and Google, collects is completely superfluous to the operation of the handsets. If they didn't collect the NSA, et al, couldn't demand it.

I'm with the Chinese, my data is MINE and not for others to sell.

NEW Raspberry Pi B+, NOW with - count them - FOUR USB ports


Finally, Four, Yes Four, Count Them ...

mounting holes.

Hope the PCB is laid out without any off-set holes.

FBI: We found US MILITARY AIRCRAFT INTEL during raid on alleged Chinese hacker


Another indictment of the futility of all the money wasted by Alexander, Clapper and the NSA

The success is not in the FB framing someone but in the Chinese demonstrating that all the trillions of dollars wasted by Alexander, Clapper and the NSA has achieved little.

The Chinese are also losers - stealing the overpriced F35 info, all of which have been grounded following a fire at Farnborough.

Murdoch calls for ISPs to be liable for users' activities


He should fix his satellite services first

I can stroll down to several satellite stores in SaiGon./Hi Chi Minh City and pick up a code key that allows me to see any of the Murdoch garbage channels.

It's almost enough to make me go out and buy a TV, just the thought of shafting the old fart.

Read the proposed US ASTEROIDS Act to green-light mining IN SPAAAACE


I wonder how many manhours and expense ....

go into devising all these acronyms used by the US Congress?

Of course, the most infamous one is the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act, obviously intended to stir the loins of all loyal Americans (whilst their government shafts them wholesale).

German government orders local CIA station chief to pack his bags


Just German face-saving theatrics

If GERMANY really meant business it would stop the NSA building it's huge new 'Data Storage Facility' (US materials only by security cleared US citizens only) and to tell the NSA to remove some of their radomes.

Until they do that, mutterings from Germany are meaningless.

Bezos house 'on FIRE': Amazon in-app kiddy megabuck charge storm


AMAZON whose raison d'etre is ...

deceptive consumer practices.

Why the surprise?

Get ready for LAYOFFS: Nadella's coma-inducing memo, with subtitles


Nadella pledged to make ... Skype essential parts of daily life.

The ONLY thing MS has done for SKYPE is to make open backdoors for NSA/FBI/DEA.

I stopped using it as soon as MS acquired it.

China trawls top-secret US personnel lists – report


Congratulations to the Chinese for ...

demonstrating just how useless the organization led by Clapper and Alexander is.

After spending trillions of dollars, including money wasted on Alexanders 'Starship' command centre, they have achieved luttle by way of protecting the US secrets.

So much for being a 'leader' of technology. Huess the Chinese hold that honour now.

FTC: T-Mobile USA took '$100s of millions' in bogus txt charges



If you read the book FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS NOT, written by an ex-telco man, you will have your eyes opened.

It's out of print but there is an on-line copy in the Library of Congress.

EFF sues NSA over snoops 'hoarding' zero-day security bugs

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Re: The EFF is a joke

You sound like a NSA/GCHQ Troll.

Microsoft thumbs nose at NSA, hardens crypto for Outlook, OneDrive


What USA-based computer system is safe when the PATRIOT Act is in force?

With the lawful ability to get any data from any US computer, who needs to tap cables?

Analyst: Chinese buyers shunning IBM, EMC, Oracle and Cisco


Indian Government sleeping with NSA and GCHQ

There is an extremely large cable intercept station, belonging to NSA and GCHQ, in India.

So don't go thinking India is independent!


Can you blame them? Obama went around the world badmouthing the Chinese, first.

Remember when Obama went around the world trying to persuade countries to avoid Chinese products, in the pre-Snowden days?

Well, time has proved him to be a liar, or a patsy. Didn't stop Australia or England banning Chinese network products from certain applications.

So this action by China is fully justified, and a poke in the eye for the NSA and GCHQ.

Mind you, a lot of CISCO equipment have had their software updated since it was bought, so some of the problems are the fault of the user.

New NSA boss plays down impact of Snowden leaks


Two Mike Rogers and reducing Edward Snowden's Profile.

NOW we have two Mike Rogers - the new NSA boss - and the old one who practices sneering in his mirror every day, the Congressman who is on an oversight committee and repeats his mantra of "Snowden is a traitor".

As if anyone is actually listening.

Obviously psychologists and their ilk have been consulted which accounts for the Navy man being so cool. Hardly matches Alexander's and Clapper's rhetoric.Perhaps they simply want to help Snowden sink below the parapet and lose his press following.

Whatever happens, this won't occur - Snowden has done everyone a big favour.

I was watching Enemy of the State, made in 1998, an American spy-thriller. If viewers had doubts about technology back then, now - 16 years later - we know what the NSA does.

HP in 'serious' settlement talks over Autonomy legal bust-up


Meg Whitman ...

a serial disaster for whomever she works for.

California voters must be happy she never made it elected office - imagine the catastrophe!

Samsung admits its Chinese supply chain still has labour-rights and safety problems


You, in the West, reckon you have problems ...

You should try living IN China or next to China.

At least they treat their own consumers just as badly as anyone else.

Here in VietNam, the Spratly Islands war aside, imports from China are regarded, rightly, with great suspicion.

Baby formula with dangerous additives; cheap jewellery which causes severe rashes and skin lesions; poor quality products (the fault of the importers, too); recycled plastics with poisonous residues from previous uses; 'brass' fittings made of mystery metal; extension cords with steel/iron conductors coated with copper-like plating instead of pure copper - a small problem until you have a fire where the whole extension cord/wire catches fire simultaneously.

If you see products marked 'Made in VietNam' at least your concious should rest easy. We have mandated over time and maximum hours per week, maximum work days per week, government enforced safety standards, even mandated annual vacations - something not even the USA has! We have a government health plan and even a pension plan.

So just because countries near China get tarred with the same brush - it's not neccesarily true.

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