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Revealed: Malware that forces weak ATMs to spit out 'ALL THE CASH'


Re: Many, many, many moon phases ago I worked for a company ...


I know exactly what is inside - the model was an early one and the separation between the electronics and the cash cassettes very weak. We could, if you knew the technique, open the cash cassette area. We did have a complete mechanical sample in our premises.

The point I wanted to make is that many of these machines have the very same key combination after all these years. I don't know if my key was a 'master' or not - but I do know it opens the lock.

I never lifted the cover as there is likely an alarm under it.


Many, many, many moon phases ago I worked for a company ...

that landed a contract, or rather a subcontract, to fabricate metal boxes for ATMs that had a electrical distribution harness built in to them. It was really done as a favour to the bank in question, as the company also provided other electronic equipment for them.

As QC manager, I had certain functions that required me to unlock the finished enclosures using a serialised key that had been given to myself and a couple of others.

After bashing out many thousands of these 'boxes' the contract was completed and we carried on to other work.

But no one ever bothered to collect these keys! The other two that had them returned them to me and I simply left them in the stores department.

Long story short, I still have my key on my key ring even today. Sometimes, when I happen past one of this US banks ATM's, under lt's blue, green and white coloured logo, I discretely insert my key and see if I can just torn the lock.

The last time I tried this, late last year, it still worked! So, after the passing of 29 years this nameless bank with the blue-green-white logo still has never changed it's key combinations. Worse yet, this ATM was in Europe. Imagine the potential!

Brace yourself for a 12-inch Apple maxiPAD – probably... maybe... ish


Another 'dark week' or two for Android in The Guardian

For the week prior to and the week of the Banana cell handset from Cupertino, The Guardian banished all mention of Android from it's on-line pages and filled the space with rumours and tosh - many later proved untrue - of what features the 'technical' editor considers the finest piece of electronics in the world might have.

Normal, less biased, publishing will follow on the week following 2014 October 16.

Countless Belkin routers go TITSUP in massive mystery meltdown

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Ah, another insecure piece of US-sold hardware!

Should have bought TP-Link or Huawei network switches and routers - they are certified NSA and GCHQ unfriendly.

Why US Feds and g-men kick up a stink about a growing smartphone encryption trend


When Edward Snowden, World Hero, first released his archives and revealed NSA ...

spying activities, the NSA said IT WAS ONLY COLLECTING METADATA.

And that they weren't actually LISTENING IN.

So why the complaining? All the Cell OS writers have done is to shut of access to content - data - whilst the spooks, FBI, DEA, Mounties, Plod, etc. continue to have full access to metadata. Could it be they were lieing?

Bit what Apple and Google add, the Mod Men can remove.

Blighty: Welcome your new, faceless MI6 chief – Alex Younger


The DA-Notice or Defence Advisory Notice is an official request to news editors not to publish ...

items on specified subjects for reasons of national security. Note the word 'request'.

Stripping away the thin veneer of 'security' seems to be to be the raison d'etre of El Reg.

Given how the UK Government and it's agencies have abused public trust, they don't deserve any consideration from the Press.

This guy, like scum on a pan of stew, has floated to the top whilst the magic goes under the surface. He doesn't do much apart from costing the UK taxpayers a fortune from dark-windowed, chauffeur driven cars, private jets, home security - just to stroke his ego.

If Younger dropped dead tomorrow, do you think much would be affected operationally?

El Reg, go tell the DA Notice Committee to forget it. Subservience doesn't suit you.

Apple, Google mobe encryption good news... for TERRORISTS – EU top cop


MESH has the answer

MESH network radios are secure and effectively untraceable. Western military are switching to MESH in a big way. And MESH is designed to work around damaged/incapacitated Nodes.

Until this year my employer was bashing them out for the military of countries politically adverse to the USA for around USD$40 a copy, Now the Chinese have them in sale for USD$30 each!

There is an App for using an Android cell handset as a terminal node for interfacing a MESH network to the InterNet.

I think GCHQ and NSA have their work cut out for years to come as more and more systems of all types go dark.

Apple blacklists tech journo following explicit BENDY iPhone vid


Apples petty actions highlight why no iThingy review can be trusted

Apple has shot itself in the foot again.

Highlighting this simply points out that all the 'technical' editors, such as the guy with two Christian names at the Guardian, are so biassed towards Apple and simply overlook all the obvious deficiencies.

No one is perfect ... except on the tech pages of the Guardian. All for the cost of a crappy iPhone.

IRONY ALERT: Former MI6 chief warns of 'mass snooping' - by PAEDOS


“But we are a law-based state operating very tightly within a legal framework and a ...

cultural environment and that is where your protection must lie.”

Another version of Trust Us.

Along with these law-based restrictions is the total absence of morals by GCHQ such as copying Yahoo selfies, etc.

The UK has, effectively, no independent oversight, either - just retired stiffs like Rifkind who approved most applications he was asked for.

US Attorney Gen latest to roast Apple, Google mobe encryption


Come on and cry, cry, cry me a river, cry me a river (Arthur Hamilton)

Now that Edward Snowden's revelations are finally bearing fruit, the world's biggest Peeping Tom is learning the price of what it did. You cannot trust any government.

Of course, GCHQ is even worse with minimal oversight and it's morals worse than a lawyer.

There is always CALEA but with all the encryption becoming available the Feds are fighting a losing battle, which is good.

US stakes out 'net battleground ahead of ITU meeting


Since when has the USA ever bothered about International Agreements?

You name it and the States gets a waiver or simply ignores the agreements, as does the UK although less frequently

Apple: SO sorry for the iOS 8.0.1 UPDATE BUNGLE HORROR


Now we know why Apple was ...

going to use Sapphire glass ... to keep the damn thing flat!

Apple used cheap alumin(i)um - they have high strength/tensile alloys but they cost.

But Apple could fix it easily - just make the speaker squeal VERY LOUDLY when someone is squeezing their iThingy too hard.

The Guardian has a pictorial guide on the way Apple should be worn. See: < www.theguardian.com/technology/gallery/2014/sep/24/iphone-6-plus-bending-in-pictures >. It is specifically written for iSheep who also have problems plugging connectors in the right way.

'Speargun' program is fantasy, says cable operator


A year and a half ago, who knew ...

what GCHQ or the NSA were up to? That's why Edward Snowden's revelations have so shocked the world.

Southern Cross might be exercising poetic licence to it's limits.

There are cable systems in the USA where, at the landing station, certain staff are 'indoctrinated' and perform duties for the NSA. Remember that picture of a small room in a AT&T facility that the leaker exposed?

Only a couple of staff were permitted to enter that room, yet more company staff indoctrinated and acting on behalf of the NSA

Massachusetts shoots down car dealers' Tesla-busting sueball


America - Home of Free Enterprise?

How things have changed.

At one time enterprise, unfettered, brought us so many good things - remember what Hewlett Packard made - all those great pieces of test equipment. The crazy innovators at Wavetek of California, gobbled up by that staid outfit Wandel and Goltermann of Germany.

Since then the lawyers have taken over and companies have put their wagons in a circle and slowly real innovation is fading.

Luckily, today's generation is recapturing the spirit and hopefully they will get rid of the lawyers and the daring be set free to experiment once again.

Look at Volkswagen, they deliver straight to the customer with great success. Tesla could be the same. Why do we dealerships these days? Click away on a web site, put your dream whatever together, computers in the manufacturers test it for feasibility and then, another click, the order is entered and the JIT system looks after the rest with a delivery date almost cast in concrete.

Tesla vehicles have far less 'mechanics' and, as a certain New York Times reporter discovered, it's on-board computer, chatting away with the factory, can alert the owner or Tesla to potential problems.

Likely a 'repair' could be made by a shipping/freight company delivering parts one day and calling back if there are parts to return.

Slough isn't fit for humans now, says Amazon. We're going to Shoreditch


Bracknell ... Isn't that where ....

Microsoft and/or Bracknell are?

Bracknell was so bad even the Met Office moved.


SLOUGH - if despond - easily the worst place in Buckinghamshire ... or anywhere?

Back in the day when I used to fly-in via Heathrow, the bus I took used to terminate at Slough Bus Station where I had to catch a bus that went in to the bowels of Buckinghamshire.

I have never experienced such a depressing place as Slough Bus Station - even makes High Wycombe Bus Station look good. Slough is easily on a par with the worst parts of Kolkata (of Black Hole fame).

Why would anyone, even Amazon, settle in Slough in the first place?

SanDisk's record-busting 512GB SD CARD will fit perfectly in your empty wallet


A SD chip made for David Miranda

David Miranda likely wouldn't have spent 9 hours as Her Majesty's government in Heathrow had he used one of these.

The 'waterproof' feature would have allowed safe passage in, or through, any body orifice.

Freedom: 1; Border Plod: 0

Found inside ISIS terror chap's laptop: CELINE DION tunes


Celine Dion ...

that scrawny Quebec female who supports separation is enough to drive anyone to terrorism.

Terrible 'singer'.

Smart meters in UK homes will only save folks a lousy £26 a year


Yet another invasion of privacy for GCHQ and Plod to peep into your life

A 'smartmeter' benefits, in the main, power utilities as they can lay off thousands of meter readers.

Since these damn things can take readings every minute, Plod could determine every time you take an overnight 'tinkle', get up and boil the kettle and anything else that sucks power.

Worst of all, there is no permanent record of consumption - unless the supplier chooses the mechanical meter option - with the use consumption being held in memory. Of course, memory is unreliable and do you really trust a utility company to tell you the truth in case of device failure?

Think about 'estimated' bills and how inaccurate they are. NOT!

Had one in a rental property I own in Ontario, Canada, but with a little Faraday engineering the power company surrendered and returned to a good old mechanical meter. Some meters transmit/forward up to 10,000 bursts a minute if located near a system terminal.

Still, the meter MESH system can be hacked and used for unofficial transmission purposes.

BBC Trust candidate defends licence fee, says evaders are CRIMINALS


Fairhead also defended criminal penalties for non-payers - and over 70 sent to jail.

My late Mother lost much of her sight and aged 90 she was long without a TV set when a Thug from the TV licence gang banged on her door.

He stated she was stealing TV signals and she should pay or go to court. Extremely upset and overwrought, being alone, she shut the door in this guys face.

Sure enough, it proceeds to court. The only evidence in her defence was a video showing every corner of her house. No TV!

Case dismissed.

Heavy VPN users are probably pirates, says BBC


Heavy VPN users are probably pirates says BBC

Well, I plead Guilty, on behalf of my employer to being a heavy VPN user. Very heavy, at least two or three running concurrently.

Why? Because we transmit material to our customers overseas. It minimises 'oversight' from our authoritarian government. And others.

But we do run a BitTorrent terminal - hooked to the regular InterNet.

BONEHEAD FANBOIS encamp outside Apple Stores


BONEHEAD FANBOIS encamp outside Apple Stores

There's another type of iPhan?

Doubts cast over FBI 'leaky CAPTCHA' Silk Road rapture


More fairy stories from the official US Liars

Remember a secretive U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration unit that funnels information from intelligence intercepts, wiretaps, informants and a massive database of telephone records to authorities across the nation to help them launch criminal investigations of Americans?

And the documents that showed that law enforcement agents have been directed to conceal how such investigations truly begin - not only from defence lawyers but also sometimes from prosecutors and judges?

The documents showed that federal agents are trained to "recreate" the investigative trail to effectively cover up where the information originated, a practice that some experts say violates a defendant's Constitutional right to a fair trial. If defendants don't know how an investigation began, they cannot know to ask to review potential sources of exculpatory evidence - information that could reveal entrapment, mistakes or biased witnesses.

Sounds just like the modus operandi used by the FBI is this case.

Warrantless phone snooping HAPPENS ALL THE TIME in Blighty


Remember, RIPA was yet another bLIAR / Blunket law

Every time I hear of the latest intrusions in to the lives of ordinary Brits, I thank the day I got Canadian citizenship, not that Canada is perfect.

But it does have a Bill of Rights and a Constitution which is way more than what England has. And there is more transparency in some of the oversight of these privacy-intruding institutions.

Britain, at least what's left of it, will never get a Constitution because of the entrenched 'them and us' attitude of politicians. Even the women who joined the Tories last election are quitting because nothing has changed.

The judiciary is so inbred you need not expect much help from them. What has to happen is a groundswell from the citizens to topple all these entrenched interests so the elected people actually represent the interests of the citizens.

And good luck with that.

We give Panasonic's new 5-inch Toughpad phablets a kicking


Water / splash proofing is so handy in so many countries

where rain 'showers' really are like standing under a shower.

It's amusing to watch iSheep using their favourite iThingy wrapped up in a sandwich bag to help them survive a little bit if water.

Sony has models with similar features at a lower price.

Finally, a USEFUL smart device: Intel boffins cook up gyro-magneto-'puter bike helmet


In some countries use of headphones is illegal; on motorcycles and bicycles

and some, like Cambodia, ban the use of headlights during daylight hours.

Two-wheeled travellers know the safety value of being able to hear the sounds of other road users apart from horns.

Go on, corporate drone, log in... We'd recognise your VEINS anywhere – Barclays


Re: vein

Depends on the 'appendages' size ... and length ... unless the scanner is adjustable.

What could possibly go wrong? Banks could provide ID assurance for Gov.UK – report


Banks have long been the holders and 'guardians' of personal information ...

of 'their millions of customers such as name, address, phone numbers, financial history, etc.' Furthermore banks aren't immune to on-line attacks - as HSBC, and others, know.

I haven't been in any of my home bank branches for years, in one case over 20 years. And none know my telephone number.

If their security is so good, how come they don't know I'm married or in which country I actually reside in. Not only that, my wife has a copy of my bank card and can use it on one part of the world whilst I can use the original in another 10-12 time zones apart a few minutes later.

Obviously they don't know aircraft don't travel at the speed of light.

Data entry REAR-END SNAFU: Weighty ballsup leads to plane take-off flap


Wouldn't happen in the States ...

so many kids look like mini-Michelin men from all the McBarfs and other super-sized and saturated fat products they eat.

Don't buy that phone! It ATTRACTS CRIMINALS, UK.gov will tell people


Never heard of OnStar?

That can perform several remote functions including tracking a vehicle and even slowing it down and bringing it to a stop.

I guess ACPO wants their own custom version.

Car rental companies and Repo(ssession) men also have remote stop features although they tend to use cell systems.

Govt waves stick at pirate-friendly Google search


Who uses Google for alternate media resources?

There are so many dedicated media search engines for locating 'discounted' that are far better than Google, etc.

So why waste Google's talents for pointless political pursuits?

Apple 'fesses up: Rejected from the App Store, dev? THIS is why


Apple and our customers place a high value on simple ... interfaces.

Simple things for simple minds.

Not even CRIMINALS want your tablets, Blighty - but if that's an iPhone you're waving...


It would help if companies built in...

security such as a hole where the hand strap could be looped.

Even the damn Samsung Note 3 didn't have provision for a loop. And they have all sorts of real estate.

What I did was to X-ray my Note 3, figure out a location where I could safely drill a hole and NOW I HAVE SECURITY!

Apple, FBI: YES we're, er, looking into the NAKED CELEBRITY PICS. Aren't you?



Apple says it is infallible. Mmmm ...

At least Android users can encrypt their stuff.

Europol picks Brit to lead new international cybercrime taskforce


Just how much more success than the ...

US version will it have ... which is running near zero?


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Ho, Hum - Just more of the daily Apple Tosh we have to put up with

This is Apple PR's way of keeping the name in the public eye.

What's an upgrade in an iThingy is a standard offering in the competition.

Raspberry Pi B+: PHWOAR, get a load of those pins


"Board layout issues", kind of tame expression for what they did

Our company was going to try these out for an education product line we developed for low income families.

The problems were the paucity of mounting holes and the fact that one connector was offset to the 0.1 inch matrix.

Now we have switched to a TI product. What a pity.

China building SUPERSONIC SUBMARINE that travels in a BUBBLE


Big Market for this Technology in South America.

This would really get the drugs market hopping. And the US DEA!

Ex US cybersecurity czar guilty in child sex abuse website case


Reminds me of Scott Ritter and the FBI SOP

Ritter was a UN weapons inspector in Iraq from 1991 to 1998, and later a critic of US foreign policy. Prior to the U.S. invasion of Iraq in March 2003, Ritter stated that Iraq possessed no significant weapons of mass destruction (WMD) capabilities.

This upset the Bush regime.

In 2001, Ritter was detained and arrested on charges of soliciting minors for sex on the InterNet that were both dismissed. The FBI worked it's 'magic' and Ritter was arrested on similar charges in 2010 that led to a conviction and sentence of one and a half to five and a half years.

It's amazing what Photoshop and other software can be used for.

The police are WRONG: Watching YouTube videos is NOT illegal


Re: So sugar and match heads or sugar and chicken droppings are illegal, too, Plod?

Quote: "neither the matchstick bomb nor the napalm recipes worked."

My match recipes work, we use it in military robot demonstrations. You must have got a decoy copy that was put out to stop people 'trying it at home'.


So sugar and match heads or sugar and chicken droppings are illegal, too, Plod?

Agencies of the US government have published recipes for devices that use these materials. In fact they can be downloaded this very day.

So is it Plod's position that downloading these recipes is illegal? How about from Cryptome or the table magazine Inspire?

No wonder people think they are a joke.

Galileo can't do the fandango: Two Euro GPS nav sats sent into WRONG ORBIT


Could they be GCHQ ElInt satellites disguised as Galileo?

Perhaps these are actually GCHQ electronic intelligence gathering satellites, busy doing what GCHQ does?

Do they have permission to occupy these slots in the firmament? Wonder what the ITU is going to have them do?

Or was it yet another case of mixing Metric up with Imperial measurements?

Chinese hackers spied on investigators of Flight MH370 - report


Surprise! So Malaysia is a somebody ... with things to hide

They should feel honoured, joining the ranks of the UK and the USA along with many other 'advanced' nations.

Malaysia is a major cable tapping station for the GCHQ, too, along with Singapore.

Top money men face up to 2 YEARS in slammer for neglecting to spot crim-cash activity


If this is the case, why didn't HM Revenue & Customs fix ...


Or was it because HSBC keeps all it's world clients account info on computers on the USA and HMRC couldn't see the proof?

And it's headquartered in the UK?

Rupert Murdoch says Google is worse than the NSA


Just Murdoch's ...

senility showing again, last time he ditched Wendi.

Seven Apple Store staff cuffed in alleged $500k stolen iPhone scam bust


Is this strategy part of ...

Apples training courses on improving sales techniques taught at Apple University?

Almost in line with Job's 'morals' in his teens and twenties when he sold Blue Boxes to steal from telephone companies.

Cisco prepares to take $700m hit to make 6,000 layoffs


Payback time for lying to Congress and using Obama to lie about the competition?

I don't really feel to sorry about these people, they worked for an American company that used American business rules.

CISCO made a statement to Congress that was filled with lies, then they had Obama go around the world persuading gullible governments such as Australia, Canada and the UK that the competition was building back-doors in their products (unproven).

How can ANY American manufacturer after what we all learned about NSA cooperation from Edward Snowden?

Snowden leaks show that terrorists are JUST LIKE US


Most everything cell depends on IMEI

I travel both regionally and internationally frequently and Border Plod/ICE people having taken on an obscene interest in cell handset usage.

At first I simply travelled without a SIM, which defeats many of the simpler customs inspections techniques. Later, I was advised, they don't need a SIM as they can use the IMEI (serial number) with an on-line connected computer.

The GSM Association is the issuing authority for IMEI numbers and now governments access it's database for IMEI information.

Since I acquired a smartphone I have used an App that can change/re-install IMEI numbers, which I do weekly. Or before international travel. NOTE that it is essential you use a cell handset with a modified IMEI in the COUNTRY THAT ISSUED THE SIM as ROAMING CALLS are checked against that Cellco's database. I never use a SIM in my smartphone - only buffered WiFi.

Now that Border Plod/ICE men are getting smarter an 'inappropriate' IMEI number (using a Samsung IMEI number on a Motorola handset) will be kicked out, raising their hackles a notch or two.

On my Android device I refuse to use 'included' software opting for Third Party software that is less, or even non-responsive, to these intrusions. This means by keeping all my data on an SD card, removed and secreted on my person during travel, there is precious little to interest them. My ever trusty 'diversionary' but ancient Mitsubishi Trium handset, lacking even GSM ability, is usually sufficient to distract the inquisitors. A film or two also helps quell interest.

Snowden on NSA's MonsterMind TERROR: It may trigger cyberwar


The Snowden Effect Continues ... some '15 minutes in the spotlight'!

Her Majesty the Queen had her 'Annus horribilis' now the GCHQ and NSA are in to their 'Decas horribilis'.

Couldn't happen to more appropriate people.

Cisco revenue dip means 6,000 staff to be de-assimilated


So Supersalesman Obama fired blanks?

In 2011 Obama travelled on an international tour preaching the Buy American-Buy Security-Buy CISCO networking products, BUT before Edward Snowden released his library of documents.

Slavishly, Australia declared Chinese products banned from governmental networks, as did sheep-led UK.

Now that Snowden has outed the truth it is amusing to watch how the US manufacturers who sponsored Obama's thought process (a presentation of lies made to Congress) are failing.

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