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Why Apple's adaptive Touch Bar will flop

Tim 8

Quality of implementation isn't a factor?

"No one liked it when we did it, so no one will like your version either"

I'd never heard of lenovo's, so I had to find it on youtube. Functionally theirs look like keys that changed labels. I assume Apple's will have gesture-like actions. But I think it's a false to project your own failures on to all subsequent attempts.

Florida U boffins think they've defeated all ransomware

Tim 8

Re: This already exists

Here is The Reg's article on RansomeWhere: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/04/20/mac_ransomware_detection/

Tim 8

This already exists

RansomWhere?: https://objective-see.com/products/ransomwhere.html

I watched Excel meet 1-2-3, and beat it fair and square

Tim 8

Re: "The only issue..."

The problem is the other way: Excel corrupts data by autoformating something it believes is a date (DEC12, for example), when it is not a date. There are other examples of issues while pasting data as well.

remedies for that are nontrivial, as it isn't a setting you can turn off. The only fix is to preprocess your data before importing.

Apple confirms 128GB iPad. A hundred bucks for an extra 64GB

Tim 8

But doesn't Surface Pro come with Windows, and Windows 8 at that?

Mystery storage startup sheds cloak, reveals $22m package

Tim 8

Cleversafe meets Isilon

putting together the clues, it appears to be scale-out NAS built on erasure code protection, perhaps with a RESTful API on top.

A reasonable concept. It will all come down to quality of implementation and not being too scary as a startup. 20ish people doesn't leave too many to answer the phone 24x7. Small object performance will kill them, so they'll need some adaptive handling of that.

Wikipedia doesn't need your money - so why does it keep pestering you?

Tim 8

Re: *** STOP PRESS *** Business makes money.

> There is no such thing as a non profit making business, they are non-profit *distributing* businesses

I'm not quite sure I understand the distinction you're making there. There are lots of charities with paid staff, some even highly paid. I'm sure for many, it might even make sense to pay high salaries if it gets them effective staff.

However, as someone notes above, there are a vast number of small non-profit organizations, many of whom work on a entirely voluntary basis. Here's a pitch for one I'm somewhat involved in: A non-profit started by some moms to open a sensory-friendly gym for children with autism and sensory processing disorder: http://www.SenseAbilityGym.com/

Little organizations like that need less than the cost of the charity-funded BMW to operate for a full year, so it's discouraging to see the giant nonprofits hoover up as much philanthropy as possible, but especially when it is in far excess of their needs.

Nobody knows what to call Microsoft's ex-Metro UI

Tim 8

A touch interface for windows?

obviously it should be called Smudge.

Whitman said to be planning massive HP job cuts

Tim 8

Re: Maybe this is a good sign.

"...and taking my chair with me"

That's a funny point. I took a package from HP back in 1997 when the shut down the last of the Apollo Computer site, and since they were clearing out, they actually did let you buy your furniture. I have a $1000 fancy ergonomic chair at my home office desk today that HP sold me for $50.

It was a different time then. The package was your salary equivalent of 6 months pay plus another 2 weeks pay for every year of service in the company.

Apple's HTML5 bet against Android extermination

Tim 8

Re: " While Apple is crushing competitors in the relatively new tablet market,"

Android tablets more USABLE? (emphasis yours) My experience couldn't be more counter to that.

I think Apple is evil and anticompetitive, and even wrote my congresspersons to ask that they be investigate on antitrust grounds based on their in-app purchase and subscription restrictions and tariffs. But I've bought two iPad2s for family and have a Xoom myself, and the iPad is far and away dramatically more usable.

I'm a software engineer, but I don't want to tinker with a tablet. So any android advantage there is not relevant to me, just the vast majority of other users. And yes, android can run flash, but I uninstalled it because the device is better without it. The browser already crashes way too much, and adding flash into it just meant I got to deal with animated advertisements.

And so far, the quality of apps on iOS is much better. I'm disappointed at those on android so far, as just about every one so far is comically bad, IMO. I want a tablet to run apps (including a browser), not to run an OS. And so far, the iPad is way better. I'm hoping Android closes the gap and puts pressure on apple, because competition improves the breed. And I want a non-itunes option, because I think Apple's exploitation of their dominance in tablets is no better than MS doing the same based on Windows.

China shoots for 800 million web users by 2015

Tim 8

Firewall factor

They see half the internet at best, so divide by two.

Google shutters Realtime Search after Twitter deal expires

Tim 8

Thank (insert your diety's name here)!

What utter crap that was anyway. I fiddled with blocking filters and noscript to get rid of it. It was pretty arrogant (surprise!) that there was no option to turn it off. (which would break anyway if you wisely flush your google cookie regularly.)

ASA smackdown for Yahoo! Thelma & Louise

Tim 8

The Nanny state will not be ignored!

You will comply!

Skype plugs Android privacy flaw

Tim 8

Justin Case?

His parents had a lame sense of humor.

At least he didn't let it force him into a career selling insurance...

Firefox needs heavy hitter Linux power

Tim 8

memory usage?

If low memory usage is most important, the lynx browser wins. Firefox really does seem abysmal at that, inflating to near 1GB with a days usage. (one or two windows, less than 30 tabs)

Opera seems much better, though not as parsimonious as lynx. But it's worth it for the added features.

Obama gets personal V-22 Osprey tiltrotor

Tim 8

accident prone beginning..

There have been a number of aircraft with tragic periods during their development that later went on to have long periods of reliable service. The V22's complexity no doubt contributed, but it seems they may have a handle on that now.

Apple store kneecaps rival browser

Tim 8

one bad apple...

This isn't strictly a US issue, but I encourage those in the US to contact their congressmen to request an antitrust review of Apple's practices. I did, and even got a phone call from my Senator's office.

MICROS~1 was (deservedly) taken to the mat for less egregious behavior, and I think it is high time that the same happen to Apple. Clearly the people that run that company see themselves as disciples of a deity and above the law.

FSF to Google: Free Gmail's JavaScript now!

Tim 8

"You may be running nonfree programs on your computer every day without realizing it –"

OH the humanity!

Eesh. Just be honest and call it a religion.

Microsoft cofounder Allen unloads on Gates

Tim 8

Not the worst person in the world, but a self aggrandizing prick

So he cheats to amass a giant fortune, then gives it away through his foundation named after himself.

I'm not impressed with giving away money you didn't fairly earn.

Steve Jobs screws my wife (out of $944)

Tim 8

Word processor?

Just get whatever text editor suits you and write in LaTeX, processing it off of the iPad.

The learning curve can be steep for anything fancy, but for all-text documents it's dead simple, and you use your brain cells on _content_ rather than formatting and layout.

Femtocell experts create even tinier porta-base station

Tim 8

Why not just use UMA?

Femtocells just act as WiFi - Cell (3G) gateways. But smartphones already can communicate over WiFi. All that is needed is for the carriers to support it. I had it in my T-Mobile Blackberry, and it was the single most important feature in my mind. I had perfect reception at my house and anyplace I had a reliable WiFi connection.

Having to use Skype or other separate app is too clunky. I want my phone to ring when I get called, and to be able to just click and dial out from my directory.

I'm still baffled why no other carriers support UMA, at least here in the US. It would solve many if not most complaints of weak or no signal.

Opera 11 goes beta with extensions, stacked tabs

Tim 8

never mind features, bring back stability

I've used Opera almost exclusively since version 4 or 5, about 10 years or more. I even paid for it at the time, since the alternative was banner ads in a toolbar.

But I haven't used it for 4 months or so, or whenever it was they pushed out the 10.5 update. That release blew up the memory footprint enormously, and the browser routinely starting locking up or crashing. I went back and tried the 10.5x releases and saw no improvement.

If 11 brings back speed and stability, and not just pointless options I don't want, I'll go right back. I really dislike firefox, but at least it will stay up for more than a day without crashing.

Opera pushes out 10.6 preview

Tim 8

Opera 10.5 has been terrible

I've used Opera for about 10 years, but for the past few months I've been using (and hating) Firefox. Opera 10.5x has been extremely unstable on Windows. It locks up, memory consumption grows to 500-800 MB, etc.

I'm hoping 10.6 fixes all that, because I really hate Firefox.

UK judges reject Lucas' appeal in Star Wars helmet case

Tim 8

The UK courts are without flaws?

The US court bashing might be easier to take (though misguided) if the UK wasn't burdening the world with their libel laws.


or, more generally:


'Amateur' IBM brings down Air New Zealand

Tim 8

Outsourcing isn't always a cost savings move

Regarding criticism of outsourcing system management to IBM, I doubt that it was done to save money. When is IBM _ever_ cheaper than doing it yourself? Perhaps they felt the best way to get proper mainframe expertise was to hire the company that built it. It isn't like they hired the Geek Squad from Best Buy.

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