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Toyota Prius fourth-generation e-car

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I actually bought one

I had a 15 year old Audi 80 diesel which gave me 50-60mpg which I had intended to replace next year. However

- my old Mum found the seat uncomfortable

- several bits(not of the byte sort) were a bit dodgy and my MOT was going to be expensive

- dear Gordo had made diesel more expensive than petrol

- some idiot had arranged to refund me £2000 for a load of crap

I chose the Prius because

- my old Mum found the seat comfortable

- I wanted a reasonable size saloon

- I wanted a good mileage

- the vehicle tax is zero

My experience has been

- the best was 76mpg on a 10 mile journey over an inadequate A class road with about 3 miles in a 30mph area

- 66mpg on a 220 mile journey over motorway and A class road split about 50/50 and going as fast as was safe for the road including some 30mph areas in towns

- never less than 60mpg for any journey although it does dip below this with a lot of uphill during journeys but then the downhill kicks in

- EV mode is not required because it defaults to electric power if you trundle around slowly anyway

- ECO mode is good if cruising at a steady 25 -35mph but needs to be disengaged if doing a lot of acceleration even at slow speed in traffic

- acceleration in no-mode is more than adequate but engage PWR mode and it rams your back thru the seat back. You can engage/disengage by pressing a button as you go along so you get the extra oomph for overtaking and cut it once you are cruising again

- the central console makes it impossible to enter via the passenger side if some idiot blocks the drivers door

- rear visibilty is poor and even forward visibilty for parking nose in is more an estimate than a visual judgement.

- the interior plastic is definitely a rather cheap let down but who cares its a car not a girlfriend

- I intend to keep the vehicle for about 15+ years and being "green" played no part in my decision although the fuel consumption and zero vehicle tax is a benefit of greeness.

Overall I am pleased with it and although it has some quirks like the foot handbrake and no ignition key (just a starter button like when I learned to drive) you soon get used to it.


Spotify scores over £1m a month from subs

A nonny mouse cow herd

Why Pay?

I like Spotify - the adverts are less intrusive than a DJ on an advert free BBC radio service and I get to choose the music I want to hear. The search service turns up music that I would not otherwise have known about and as they get to know you they feed well targeted suggestions to you. I have no need to download a recording, it just takes up disk space and I can listen anytime I want over the Internet.



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