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Apple stuns Wall Street with 95% earnings surge

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The Mac UI is actually pretty crap

I use it almost every day, not by choice. And it seems designed to slow you down. And some of the design decisions are just ridiculous. Really, what justification can there be for forcing me to only resize a window from the bottom right other than trying to make things more inefficient. Why can't I close my macbook lid and have it keep running? I guess it's not meant for any work that takes more than a few seconds to run. Why does clicking the little red x sometimes close the application while other times it just minimizes it, there's a minimize button I could have used if that's what I wanted.

Every day a new annoyance, I can only surmise that people either don't use them for any real work, are too dumb or too brainwashed to see all the multitude of problems with the Mac UI.

Death by 30% cut: Apple app tax must change

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Apples was certainly not the first mobile app store

They have been around for about 10 years selling billions of Java apps, just about every carrier in the world has one. There are more Java applications sold for mobile than any other platform, it just doesn't make the press as it's all spread across dozens of app stores.

Apple's app store policies: What will they provoke?

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No this is much worse

They want to collect 30% on content bought from OTHER sources because they force you to use their payment method. If this were paypal or a credit card company trying to impose such insane fees there would be a huge uproar. But because it's Apple the idiots just say it's ok.

Canada? The computer vendor says no

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Does anyone actually NEED a tablet?

There are far more capable devices to be had for the same or less money. I don't know how many times I've seen someone pull out an iPad in a cafe, followed by a stand, followed by a keyboard. Just get laptop for gods sake!!

Tablets have some uses, but for almost anything of any importance you're better off with a netbook or laptop.

PSP 2 'as powerful as PS3'

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There are a lot more kids than there are hardcore gamers

So the 3DS will do ok. The real problem for the 3DS is the cost, many parents are not going to spend that kind of money on a handheld for small kids. They just get lost and broken too easily.

Apple plotting point-of-sale putsch?

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It's not only Japan that has been doing this for years

It's been available in many countries for quite a while now.


Visa does it as well.

Apple rolls out two new MacBook Air models

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just get the sony X series

Thinner, lighter, longer batter life, larger drive and has 3G built in. Only downside is that it's slower and costs more.

Sony PlayStation Move

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Costs the same as a Wiimote

Only works much better. If you want to talk of rip offs buy a Wii. They released a half assed implementation and then added on the motion plus to try and fix it's short comings.

I have both and the Wii rarely get's used. Even the kids prefer to use one of the PS3s

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Actually Sony has the patents

The patents relating to this tech (and some related to Kinect) were filed by Sony as far back as 10 years ago. In the patent you can even see the diagrams that show what looks pretty much like the move controller. This was years before the launch of the Wii. As for Nintendo I don't know if they even have any patents related to the Wii motion control since they licenced the tech from other companies.

Fanboi's lament – falling out of love with the iPad

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The ipad, and iphone, are for consumers of media

They are ok for viewing stuff on the internet, they suck at actually producing anything. But that's an issue with all touch-only interfaces. But the design of the ipad makes it even worse. It's impractical to use for typing for any length of time one handed and awkward to use for two handed typing.

I won't be buying one. I have a netbook for when I need something small and light weight, and it does a lot more than the ipad. If I need more power I have a few laptops, including a mac book pro, but the netbook is surprisingly zippy, even running things like open office, netbeans and eclipse. I've got it dual booting winXp and Linux and it's plenty fast in either OS.

Java bug exposes users to serious code-execution risk

Dan 92

there must be a lot of "no ones"

there are 10's of millions of jre downloads every month, so clearly Java is used. If you surf the web you are using Java, maybe not on the desktop but on the back end it is in wide spread use. But I do also run into java on the web all the time, I have the console open so I see when it's running.

NASA moon-bomb probe strikes rich seam of fruitcake

Dan 92


Get your facts straight and maybe you wouldn't be freaked out by such an event. They are not creating a 5 mile crater, the energy needed to do that would be enormous. They are crashing the spent stage into an existing crater. That will create something like a 20 meter crater within a crater. This occurs naturally all the time, the moon is constantly hit by various objects going at much higher velocity than this piddly thing that NASA is crashing into the moon.

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