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YouTube's pedo problem is so bad, it just switched off comments on millions of vids of small kids to stem the tide of vileness

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Oy Vey

So they are saying... rather than surgically remove this skin blemish the tip of your nose, we are just going to fire this bazooka at it. That should clear it up.

'Occult' text from Buffy The Vampire Slayer ep actually just story about new bus lane in Dublin

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Re: pro-Buffy flame war.

"Once more. With Feeeling.

Best episode ever :)"

I still listen to the Soundtrack. :)

The ink's not dry on California'a new net neutrality law and the US govt is already suing

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Re: Why companies can regulate interstate commerce, and States cannot?

bombastic bob wrote: "If you want to talk about 'corporations' running things, I suggest starting with the Demo[n,c][R,r}at "'

TROLL, There's a troll in the comm... oh wait, this isn't Harry Potter... Carry on.

Do not adjust your set, er, browser: This is our new page-one design

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Nice job

While I normally use an RSS reader for El Reg (have for years), there are times that I do visit the main site. I have to say that I actually do like the new layout. I find it is cleaner looking, and doesn't look as cluttered. It's also easier on the eyes to scroll through.

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Tardis Reference

Ah, you've went and changed the front page around. I don't like it.

ICANN't get no respect: Europe throws Whois privacy plan in the trash

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Slippery slope

"If they store data of Europeans it applies regardless of where they are based"

What if a pay grumble website is in a country with relaxed laws that says someone only needs to be 15 to view the content. Yet, in the EU, the law is that one has to be 18 to view such content. Does that website have to restrict people under 18 from seeing the content as it violated European law, even though it is legal in the country is is based? Can the EU fine that website for allowing under 18 yo's to get a subscription and view the content of the site, even though it is not based in the EU and is following the local laws?

US Supreme Court blocks internet's escape from state sales taxes

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How will this affect companies that are headquartered outside of the US? All Amazon orders will now be processed by Amazon Canada. They can then say, "Sorry, we are not an American company so are not obligated to collect State taxes."

Oracle demands dev tear down iOS app that has 'JavaScript' in its name

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Self Promotion

I prefer to use Coffeesscript myself.

How sure is the author of the article that Guo actually did receive a cease and desist letter, and it is not just him saying this so as to get free promotion for his app?

Sorry spooks: Princeton boffins reckon they can hide DNS queries

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Do you connect to the ODNS Stub server with your request, which then encrypts it and sends it on.

Great, so then TPTB just need to watch the ODNS stub server to see what everyone's DNS requests are, and the originating IP.

What do Cali, New York, Hawaii, Maine and 18 other US states have in common? Fighting the FCC on net neutrality

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Re: And the daily letters are: FUD

"About the only thing any did was throttle torrents"

Other that block Google Wallet, as it competed with their own, or blocked video sharing sites as it competed with their own, or throttled online radio station as it competed with their own.

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Net Neutrality is not Net Regulation

Government is not taking over. The Net Neutrality rules do not regulate the Internet, they regulate the providers of said Internet to do just the opposite of net regulation. Net Neutrality says that providers cannot do anything to discriminate against internet traffic, be it VOIP, video sharing, file sharing, gaming etc. It is basically telling the providers that just as the government cannot, they also are not allowed to regulate the Internet.

ICANN gives domain souks permission to tell it the answer to Whois privacy law debacle

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I was thinking along similar lines. Why not, when someone is registering a domain, have a clearly seen notice, notifying the person registering the domain of the following?

By continuing the domain name registration process, you implicitly agree to allowing your personal information such as name, address and phone number, to be publicly available to look up, in conjunction with your domain name. If you do not agree, you may cancel the domain registration. In addition, if at any point after registering, you change your mind and wish to make your information private, you may submit a domain cancellation and personal information purge request to your registrar. It may take up to 7 business days for information to be purged, to allow for propagation through the Internet backbone.

Mozilla whips out Rusty new Firefox Quantum (and that's a good thing)

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Re: Got scared about losing extensions

Another that won't be ported, that I use quite frequently, is the ......

Update, I was going to say that DownThemAll Download Manager would not be ported, but upon checking the authors website, found that he will be doing so after all. but due to limitations in WebExtensions, it will be a scaled back version.

This is part of what he had to say...


September 27, 2017

I decided to make a “lite” DTA web extension after all.

Of course, it will have serious limitations and far fewer features, but that’s a limitation of WebExtensions and what can you do?

On a maybe positive, it should be easy enough to support Chrome too (and Opera, etc?)

Google to kill its Drive file locker in two confusing ways

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Re: Linux client

Dropbox works really well on my Linux Mint box.

Oracle throws weight behind draft US law to curtail web sexploitation

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One problem with this is that the Justice departments usually see all persons involved in the sex trade as victims, whether willing or not. So if Sasha in Nevada, where prostitution is legal, has a web page offering her wares, this law can be used to punish her.

MongoDB quits Solaris, wants to work on an OS people actually use

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Re: Welcome to commercially driven open source...

You make some good points. I agree that as long as it is being used by a few people, it is still worth developing. However, at what point is it no longer worth the time and effort to work on something. According to the article, money is not the reason they are dropping support, but because most of their clients do not use that platform, and the ones that do use Solaris, are migrating away. So if none of your clients are even using Solaris, why put the time and effort into developing software that is never going to be used?

PayPal peed off about Pandora's 'P' being mistaken for its 'PP'

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since they are in the same industry...

@ The First Dave

One is a payment processing company and the other is a music streaming company. How is that the same industry?

Criminny Rickets

Re: For once I am with the plaintiffs

At first I agreed with you, but then I thought about it.

Yes, at first glance they do look similar, but at second glance, the P is both a different shape and font, and the colour of blue is a different shade.

So Paypal is saying that no other company that start with "P" can use a blue P as part of their logo, even if it is a different looking P and a different shade of blue.

Combine that with the fact that one company is a payment company and the other is a music streaming company, leaves one hard pressed to see how any logical person can confuse the two companies or think they are related in any way.

Intel pitches a Thunderbolt 3-for-all

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Re: Dare I ask

Hate to break it to you, but Linux isn't just a techie OS anymore. I know a few non techies that use Linux.

Pioneer Kodi plug-in unplugs

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Non issue

I never used Navi-X anyway. I tried it out, but found there were other Add Ons that were easier to use for the content I was looking for. Add On's such as Classic Cinema Online or Crackler, both of which are available without resorting to Third Party Addon Ons.

Bye bye MP3: You sucked the life out of music. But vinyl is just as warped

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About the only thing I miss about my old vinyl was the ability to manually play them backwards.

The two main ones I remember doing back in the day are...

Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven when played backwards went - Oh my dear Satan, the one who has forsaken me. Oh the power of Satan.

Queen's Another One Bites the Dust - It's time to smoke marijuana, it's time to smoke marijuana.

Cloudflare goes berserk on next-gen patent troll, vows to utterly destroy it using prior-art bounties

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Policing websites

"we remain committed to our belief that it is not Cloudflare's role to make determinations on what content should and should not be online," "

Nor should they be making a determination of what should or should not be allowed. If they are forced down that slippery slope, where would it end? Should Cloudfare boot El Reg because they posted nasty articles against Santa Cruz Operation (SCO)? Should they block American websites that promote America first and advocate for the removal of all Muslim's from the country?

If the website in question if distasteful, complain to the website or originating host, if they are breaking the law, such as offering pirated software, report them to the proper authorities. Cloudfare is offering a service, it is not their job to police the websites that use that service, anymore than it a DNS provider's job to police computers that use their service.

Criminny Rickets

Re: bow and arrow - good!


"Cloudflare seem to be shifting the issue away from whether that patent held by the troll is actually valid"

They are offering a bounty for anyone that can prove prior art for said patent, so they haven't totally shifted away from it.

Mozilla to Thunderbird: You can stay here and we may give you cash, but as a couple, it's over

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Re: Apart from security fixes - why change Thunderbird ?

@ Doctor Syntax

"Make Lightbird a component instead of an add-on."

I prefer to use the Google Calendar Tab extension. Whenever I open TB, Google Calendar also opens in a separate tab, so I always have access to it. Anything I add into it is synced to Google Calendar on my phone.

systemd-free Devuan Linux hits RC2

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"I ran on MS-Windows OSs for many years, from DOS 6.0 onwards through 3.0, 3.11 and all the versions of W95/98/NT/2000/XP with the exception of Me."

I was reading your post and could not help think that your experience and mine are almost exactly the same, including the running of Linux Mint 64bit. The only notable difference from what you wrote and myself, is that I've also used ME, Vista and Win 7 (which I have in a VM for the very rare instance it may be needed).

'Sorry, I've forgotten my decryption password' is contempt of court, pal – US appeal judges

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Re: Actual case aside

""The appeals court found that forcing the defendant to reveal passwords was not testimonial in this instance because the government already had a sense of what it would find."'

So wouldn't this be the same as if it was a murder trial where the glove found at the scene of the crime fit the defendant; wouldn't this be like like saying - forcing the defendant to "testify" against himself is not testimonial in this instance because the government already had a sense of what it would find?

Two words, Mozilla: SPEED! NOW! Quit fiddling and get serious

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Re: Australis hate

I forgot to mention, and this is the one that really peeves me, is I have to go into about:config and set it to save my tabs on exit, so I don't lose all my open tabs when I close Firefox. Why they ever changed that from the default behaviour still astounds me.

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Re: Australis hate

The very first thing I do when installing a new copy of Firefox, is go into the settings and enable the Menu Bar. That is quickly followed by installing NoScript and uBlock.

Criminny Rickets

Re: Privacy

Why should it even have to report window size? (Not being sarcastic, I legitimately would like to know)

New PayPal T&Cs prevents sellers trash-talking PayPal

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Bad Mouthing

There was an incident in Canada last week in which a News Media company, which uses Paypal for receiving and making payments, had submitted an article from their newspaper to a Canadian Media Awards company, along with the requisite payment via Paypal. The story had to do with how well a Syrian refugee family was settling in Canada. Paypal, being an American company, then froze the account of the News Media company as it had flagged the word Syrian in the transaction. Their explanation was that the News Media company could have been trying to funnel money to Syria, which is a no no in the current American regime.

Of course, with this being a News Media company, they of course published a story stating what Paypal had done. Hence, the badmouthing part.

This story also raises some VERY red flags. The companies involved are in Canada, not the United States, so why is Paypal applying American law on transactions taking place in a different country? Does this mean they could do the same thing if someone in the UK was trying to buy something from someone in Damascus and was paying by Paypal?

Dropbox: Oops, yeah, we didn't actually delete all your files – this bug kept them in the cloud

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Um What???

-- "Typically, we permanently remove files and folders from our servers within 60 days of a user deleting them. However, the deleted files and folders impacted by this bug had metadata inconsistencies," Dropbox employee Ross S said on the company's support forum.

-- "So we quarantined and excluded them from the permanent deletion process until the metadata could be fixed."

If the files were scheduled for permanent deletion anyway, metadata inconsistencies would have been a moot point. Would this be another example of an alternative fact?

Aaarrgh, zombie! Dead Apple iOS monopoly lawsuit is reanimated

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Re: How were they not customers?

"Now I've muddied my own picture. In this case, Apple is acting as a clearing house, not a store. The app writers set their own price, not a price dictated by Apple. Yes, Apple takes 30%, but that's actually not bad considering most "consignment" shops take 50%."

Except that consignment shops aren't offering their own competing products. So not only are the app dev's being charged a 30% fee, they are also competing against Apple's own apps, that does not have the burden of the 30% fee.

TfL to track Tube users in stations by their MAC addresses

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Re: switch off your Wi-Fi...

I normally keep my mobile data turned off. I run an app called Smart WIFI Toggle. It automatically disables my WIFI, and only enables it at hotspots that I have specifically indicated (such as at home or a coffee shop that I frequent). Not only does it protect me from errant hotspots and scanning of my phone when I am not specifically using it, it also cuts down on the battery drain. In addition. I use an app called Autosync. It keeps the Sync disabled unless my data or wifi is enabled, then Autosync will automatically turn on Sync and automatically disable it again when my data or WIFI is disabled..

Firefox hits version 50

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Wifi Hotspots

In regards to Firefox and Chrome. I have both on my phone and I have noticed that when I go to a place that has a wifi hotspot that redirects you to a page where you have to accept their user agreement, Chrome does not like it. With Chrome, it will not redirect, it just keeps telling me it can't load the page (ie Google Search), but Firefox right away redirect to the sign in page to be able to access the wifi hotspot.

Criminny Rickets

Re: I like GUIs to be obvious

I haven't used Classic Theme Restorer. When I install a new Firefox, the first thing I do is go to "Settings", select "Customize" at the bottom, click on "Show/Hide Toolbars" in the lower left corner, and click on "Menu Bar".

The next step I do is go into about:config and change browser.showQuitWarning to true. (So I get prompted to save my open tabs for the next time Firefox starts).

Thunderbird Menu is similar, I go to "settings", go to "Preferences" and click on "Menu Bar".

Gone in 70 seconds: Holding Enter key can smash through defense

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Bad user!!! BAD

I tried this on my Linux Mint system earlier tonight. All I got for my troubles was a lot of loud beeps from my computer telling me how bad I was for trying this, before giving me the screen to enter my Cryptsetup password.

Portable drive, 5TB capacity. Hmm, there's something fishy here

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Let's see, a misleading headline that states there may be a problem with the drive (something fishy here). Instead of an article about problems with the drive, it's actually an ad for said drive disguised as an article. Is this el Reg's way of getting advertising around ad block software?

McDonald's sues Italian city for $20m after being burger-blocked

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Re: The real reason

@Rattus Rattus "I feel that if a city decides they do not want a particular business there, then that is their right and privilege."

I am not disputing that. Someone made the argument that they should not be allowed as McDonald's would not be following the traditional look of the neighbourhood. That is what I was disputing. If McDonald's agrees to keep the look of their storefront the same as the others, then they should not be automatically disallowed, but looked at based on their merits. If the council then decide they do not which to have a fast food outlet on that street, then they are within their rights to say no.

Criminny Rickets

Re: The real reason

"To be fair, foreign beer is ( if you like brown beer with bits in ) crap. It's all plain lager."

I am in Canada. I have not yet had the privilege of visiting Britain or Scotland, but one of my favourite beers is Innes & Gunn, which, for me, would make it foreign. Doesn't taste like crap to me.

Criminny Rickets

Re: The real reason

"Here's a clue people...celebrate cultural differences, it is part of what make foreign places ,well, foreign."

McDonald's has previously shown that they are willing to adapt to local cultural menus.


Criminny Rickets

Re: The real reason

"No, many Italian cities have laws preserving the traditional cultural look and feel of the region."

I am all for keeping the traditional look. Yet if McDonalds is willing to work within that architectural framework, then they should be allowed to set up shop. They have done it in other cities without issues.

Password1? You're so random. By which we mean not random at all - UK.gov

Criminny Rickets

I use a formula I came up with for generating my passwords, so it is a real pain when I find a website that insists my password has to be up to 8 characters, all lower case letters. (Yes, I still find ones like this).

Another thing I find annoying are sites that insist you change your password every so many months. Why??/ I created a unique password just for this site and now I have to change it even though my account has never been breached? Talk about an insecure website. When people have been using a password for a while, it is memorized. When you force them to now use a new password, what is the best way for most people to remember it. In my experience, I found a lot of people tend to write it on a sticky note and keep it near their computer. Personally, I use an encrypted password manager, but not everyone is as computer savy.

Judge orders FBI to reveal whether White House launched 'Tor pedo' torpedo exploits

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Re: David Tippens, Gerald Lesan, and Bruce Lorente

Which is why, no matter the crime involved, the names of the accused should not be published until a verdict of guilty has been rendered.

Trump vs. Clinton III - TPP looks dead, RussiaLeaks confirmed

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Re: South Park nails it

You mean the video that was made from splicing a number of videos together and edited to come out the way O'Keefe wanted it to?

Windows 10 market share fell in September

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Alternate stats

W3Schools tells a different story. According to them, here are the differences between August and September;

Windows 10 went up from a 26.8% market share to 28%, a difference of 1.2%

Windows 8 went down from 12% to 11.4%, a difference of .6%

Windows 7 went down from 38.1% to 37%, a difference of 1.1%

Windows XP went down from 1.5% to 1.3%, a difference of .2%

Linux went down from 6.3% to 5.8%, a difference of .5%

Mac went up from 9.8% to 10.2%, a difference of .4%

Based on their average share between September and the rest of the year,;

Windows 10 average usage between January and September is 22.48%, up by 5.52%

Windows 8 average usage between January and September is 13.58%, down by (2.18)%

Windows 7 average usage between January and September is 40.74%, down by (3.47)%

Windows XP average usage between January and September is 1.71%, down by (.41)%

Linux average usage between January and September is 5.79%, up by .01%

Mac average usage between January and September is 10.16%, up by .04%

One interesting note to their figures, from January to August, Win NT* showed a market share of 0.1%, but for September showed 0.0%.

*NT includes all Windows Server operating systems (like Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 and 2008).

The actual numbers I used may be found at (http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_os.asp)

Alleged German YouTube-to-MP3 ripper sued by labels

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No.... it doesn't

I think the website itself would disagree with you.

"What is YouTube mp3?

YouTube-mp3.org is the easiest online service for converting videos to mp3. You do not need an account, the only thing you need is a YouTube URL."

The law is an ass: Mooning banned at arse end of the world

Criminny Rickets

A band by any other name

I wonder how they would feel if any of the pubs there were to bring in a band, like say, the Butthole Surfers?

Judge makes minor tweaks to sex ban IT man's order

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Keep calling every single day,

When calling, always ask to speak to the same person.


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