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The 'DUP' joins El Reg’s illustrious online standards converter


Re: HMS Queen Lizzie

"the maximum possible takeoff weight of the aircraft"

Does she have any aircraft of her own?

Blighty's first aircraft carrier in six years is set to take to the seas


Captain Pedant

Captain Pedant you are obviously not a captain or a navigator, nor have you ever been.

From a real captain.

Lordy! Trump admits there are no tapes of his chats with Comey


Re: It only gets worse

"I do wonder what kind of scary hell we'd be in if Hilary / Jeremy had won their respectives."

I suggest it would probably be far better that the hell hole lunatic asylum you no doubt voted for, didn't get and now gave to live laughing stocks on both sides of the Atlantic.

People thought Bush/Blair was bad. Don the Fart/Bedlam May could be far worse.

Conservative manifesto disappears offline – then mysteriously reappears


Without taking sides

"Like I said I'm not taking sides but plans a and b don't work."

I think you will find plan "a" has worked very well quite a few times in several countries, whereas plan "b" has never worked.

Admittedly one of them, Hitler, was a rather special case though.

Queen's speech announces laws to protect personal data


Re: Ex-queen

"the ex-queen can do similarly"

Monty Python's ex-parrot was amusing, you are pathetic.

2 kool 4 komputing: Teens' interest in GCSE course totally bombs


So why bother, when you are not really wanted?

Perhaps they should have a word with Mrs. May, she cares about the country, its economy and future, doesn't she?

Teen girl who texted boyfriend to kill himself guilty of manslaughter


"Hopefully she'll the maximum sentence allowable."

And she will no doubt be "well looked after" by the other inmates.

It isn't going to be at all pleasant for her.

Congressman drafts COVFEFE Act to preserve Trump's Twitter tantrums


Re: Huffington Post, Tech addition.

I totally agree, you are most definitely a whining snowflake.


Re: Quigley is as bad as Trump

"his personal Twitter account"

Isn't that a bit like using a personal server?

Donald Trumped: Comey says Prez is a liar – and admits he's a leaker



Calling lawyers liars has been common for many, many years, back into antiquity, basically because they earn a living skirting the edges of honesty.

Ex-MI5 boss: People ask, why didn't you follow all these people ... on your radar?


I was intending to post something similar, my take was that they had every intention of killing as many people as possible, as did the Unionists.

Gay Dutch vultures become dads


Re: Great story

"Are they just living together or do they engage in sexual activity? There's a difference between roommates and gay couple."

You quite obviously didn't read the article, did you?

Britain's on the brink of a small-scale nuclear reactor revolution


Re: Underground

"Wasn't Fukushima a "fail-safe" design?"

No. And if you had been watching NHK as the events unfolded you would know it wasn't "fail-safe" it was designed well below the potential risks predicted for the area.

China launches aircraft carrier the length of 2.1 brontosaurs


Re nuked

The fact that all the blueprints were included in the sale indicates that claim is well, a tad fake.

New plastic banknote plans now upsetting environmental campaigners


Re: best solution!


I suggest you spend some time in Indonesia, before the natural habitat is totally destroyed, before gobbing of bile and untruths.

UK Home Sec: Give us a snoop-around for WhatApp encryption. Don't worry, we won't go into the cloud


Re: as quoted in the Guardian

"Would this have allowed to the government to intervene when he sent the messages and before the incident? Would it bollocks."

But Nige the Flange says it would. Dog. Tail, Wag?


" Obviously they hate her."

And are aware she knows and understands less than a pissed galah.

That 'Trump lawyers threaten teen over kitten website' yarn is Fakey Fakey McFake Fakeface


Re: Really ..

"Southern states in particular are not burdened with an over-abundance of schooling."

Poor, white, unemployed, uneducated Southerners have been voting Republican for generations and they are still poor, white, unemployed and uneducated.

In the land of Google, Holocaust denial, death threats – all fine. LGBT? Oh, no, that's sensitive


Re: They have a point

" Like in Australia."

Pull the other one mate. You've spent too much time with pissed galahs.


Re: They have a point

Not really

What about nipping down to a library? Or is that too complicated.

Euro Patent Office hit with wave of anti-Battistelli letters


Re: Interesting, but...

"It demonstrates that letting unprincipled, incapable people reign in a place without good checks and balances is not a particularly good idea."

That sounds uncommonly like the government in the USA, not to mention the UK.

This is where UK's Navy will park its 65,000-tonne aircraft carriers


Re: sea power


I think we need to consult BoJo, after all he is a self proclaimed expert on "boats"

Coming to the big screen: Sci-fi epic Dune – no wait, wait, wait, this one might be good


Re: Can't be a single movie

Elephantine? Please explain.

Science fiction beams up into the British Library



knows about the poll results

Think tank rages at NHS' £700 bill for fertility clinic porn


The PRC way

They have a much better system in China - pretty young nurses do it for you :)

Chinese IT shops love the free-ness of open source



Ken Hagan, have you ever lived or worked in China. If you had I think you would soon realise that all IP does not belong to the government. Presumably you are one of the millions who think everyone in China still wear Mao suits and rides bicycles. Think again they wear Gucci and drive Mercs.


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