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F*ck you, thunders disgruntled fanboi Apple user


uh oh

There's a Linux penguin, a fanboi, and a Windows luser in a plane, and the pilot says, we're carrying too much weight, one of you has got to go,

The fanboi says, "well, I can't jump because i'm really the Windows luser trapped in boot camp which means i'm destined to crash"

The Penguin looks at the Apple Fanboi/Windows Luser and simply says "Screw you I can't jump because that violates one of Microsofts unknown patents that I have been taken to court for in the past" then just dumps all his packages that he doesn't need except for GIMP so he can doodle how much he hates the Mac/Windows Fanboi for installing the Full Adobe Creative Suite in both Windows & Mac OS


Lawyers pursue banned Xbox Live gamers


XBox 360 Mods.....

FACT: Most modded consoles are modded for the purpose of playing pirated 360 games. Key word here is MOST. When I modded my original Xbox console I didn't care about pirated games. I cared about using 3rd party software that was not digitally signed by Microsoft and running homebrewed games as well as copying my existing games to the hard drive for better performance and some game modding.

Now if Microsoft did allow modified consoles on XBL then that greatly increases the chances of XBL players cheating & hacking from their consoles and could also result in the spreading of XBL virus if someone felt like developing one. So Microsoft's anti modding stance is a good thing. If you open your console you void your warranty much like most electronics these days. If you make any modifications to it you should not be allowed on XBL. This is why true modders who dont mod for piracy should buy 2 consoles. One for mods & one for XBL and having a legit console. So if you were banned go buy a new console and don't open it up. You will still get your XBL sub's money worth and you can still continue to mod, homebrew and whatever else you do with your modded console.

That being said if Microsoft was smart the would sell a warranty plan that covers modified consoles that costs extra money so those who crack their boxes can send them in when they solder the wrong wire to the wrong spot or accidentally wipe their nvram. That way they can make money off the happy mod community and not have to bitch about them fucking with their hardware. I myself have 2 xbox's a 1st Generation Original Xbox modded with a Xecutor 3 chip, Xecutor 3 Front panel with USB & LCD, 500GB hard drive one of those alternative CD/DVD drives and it runs XBMC. I think a modded original xbox is way cooler than any 360 just because of XBMC alone. XBMC has far better network support for media and can play virtually any damn media file that exists unlike the one in the Xbox 360 which I have a Elite that I will never think of modding because to the best of my knowledge there are no good homebrew software to run on a modded 360 yet.


Chinese whispers hint at early Chrome OS release


@Anonymous Coward

"so what we realy need is another os to take up a little more market share....that will no doubt fail....

i cant see where another os will fit into the market..."

Why do you care so much about the market share unless you are one of the competitors in it?

"Windows = mainstream.... everyone knows how to use it.. plenty of apps..."

Everyone barely knows how to use it. Do you know how many people come up to me asking me how to do this & how to do that? People really don't need half the features windows puts in it's OS if all they want to do is check email play solitair and go Myspace/Facebooking. Too expensive for what most people want to use a computer for

"Linux = nerds.... lets face it, its for those who like to fiddle inder the bonnet... and i dont care what you say, it will never replace windows as a standard desktop... it had a good run on netbooks, but everyone deletes it now and puts windows on ...."

That's funny you mention that, Linux is used on many servers around the globe, it is a FREE alternative to Windows and there are distros user friendly enough to where people can become comfortable using them. For those who delete a linux preinstalled distro on a netbook are just stupid and giving up battery life and performance to something that hogs. I take it you are such a idiot

"Mac os = for the enlightened ones.... or the ones who think they are the chosen ones... the ones who defend the os and the company to the death, just because they got conned into paying a stupid premium price for standard hardwarewraped in silver paper to make it look special..."

Remember all that crap you just talked about Linux, Mac's are also unix based OS's just like Linux. Yes they are proprietary and overpriced average hardware but whatever leave that to the fanboi's to argue with you over. I have rarely used Mac OS so I don't have proper background to say anything about it just yet

"google chrome os = hmm i'll try it before i reinstall windows...."

The reason you'll try it is because deep down inside you are still looking for a cheaper better performing OS to run other than MIcrosoft Products.

My end point who cares if Google comes out with it's own OS, it came out with it's own Browser which is fairly successful when you look at the market of browsers. It exceeds any good thing you can even say about Internet Explorer (Assuming you can think of a good thing to say about it) and even gives Firefox a run for it's money. Most people I deal with either have Chrome or Firefox installed. The only people who I know who still use IE are those who don't know better and corperate networks with their security policies in place and even they are still trying to migrate away from IE. I believe Chromes OS should be fairly successful like their browser. When Chrome the browser was first released it instantly snapped up 0.32% of the market. It has done nothing but grow since then. It's been out for nearly a year and it is already at 3% market. The one thing standing between Chrome & Firefox (who has 23% or more of the browser market) is Apple Safari. Chrome so far is a windows Exclusive browser until their apple & linux versions hit. Firefox & Safari as well as IE are all multi platform hence their high market shares. When Chrome becomes available for Linux & Apple machines I expect it to over take Safari and start catching up with Firefox. then one day Firefox & Chrome will have a combined market share that outweighs IE all together. But Time will tell I could be wrong. Then again you'll just reinstall windows and go back to your malware driveby downloads wont you LoL



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