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If I could turn back time, I'd tell you to keep that old Radarange at home


Re: Pesky microwaves

Back in the 80s I was told that during the Vietnam War, CMF soldiers on an exercise at Appin (just inland from Wollongong,NSW,Australia) were surprised to have a real contact in progress involving US troops come over their net.

All received on the classic "Pr*ck 25" (AN/PRC 25)

Dozens of .gov HTTPS certs expire, webpages offline, FBI on ice, IT security slows... Yup, it's day 20 of Trump's govt shutdown


Trying to maximise the pain

Seen on another site ...from an article in that well known right wing low rent mag the Wall Street Journal by Kimberly Strassel

Lawyers have scoured other statutes for legal outs. It turns out that Congress’s latest spending bill, the continuing resolution that ended Dec. 21, contained a provision allowing the government to pay certain obligations that came due within 30 days.

That’s allowed OMB to rush food-stamp payments for millions of Americans through February. It was the Interior Department’s own reading of prior statutes that allowed it to use entrance fees to keep national parks open.

Then there’s the past OMB legal finding that unfunded agencies can continue providing services that are “necessary” to funded ones or to mandatory services. An easy example: The Social Security Administration and Treasury Department, both technically shut down, must nonetheless process Social Security checks that operate under continuous appropriations.

This reminds me of a Thomas Sowell thought experiment

Back in my teaching days, many years ago, one of the things I liked to ask the class to consider was this: Imagine a government agency with only two tasks: (1) building statues of Benedict Arnold and (2) providing life-saving medications to children. If this agency's budget were cut, what would it do?

The answer, of course, is that it would cut back on the medications for children. Why? Because that would be what was most likely to get the budget cuts restored. If they cut back on building statues of Benedict Arnold, people might ask why they were building statues of Benedict Arnold in the first place.

The example was deliberately extreme as an illustration. But, in the real world, the same general pattern can be seen in local, state and national government responses to budget cuts.

There is no reason these certs could not be renewed.

Error pop-up? Don't worry, let's just get this migration done... BTW it's my day off tomorrow


When I worked for a large qango, someone noticed a pattern that the Director of IT would be on leave when the results of the salary review came out, so an enterprising db admin wrote a dbtrigger that would notify him, and thus everybody else when the review was about to emerge , sorry director was taking leave (always after 5pm on a Friday), so instead of doing a POETS, we would all stay back

London's Gatwick airport suspends all flights after 'multiple' reports of drones


Re: I wonder if...

As a teacher of teenagers let me say there is no difference in levels of stupidity,(or violence for that matter) its just the nature that is different

Australia's 'snoop minister' wants crypto-busting law probe wound up, proposals back into parliament


d. According to the ABC, Victoria Police told a magistrate they will use 15,000 intercepted phone calls and 10,000 text messages as evidence that brothers Ertunc and Samed Eriklioglu and Hanifi Halis were allegedly planning an Islamic State-inspired attack.

Right on cue, the minister claimed the investigation was hampered by the three using encrypted chat apps, something backed up by Victoria Police's counter-terrorism assistant commissioner Ross Guenther. Something, of course, must be done about it.

One of these things is not like the other ones

Microsoft confirms: We fixed Azure by turning it off and on again. PS: Office 362 is still borked


Re: This deserves a theme song...

Boy does that(!) bring back memories - best forgotten

YouTube supremo says vid-streaming-slash-piracy giant can't afford EU's copyright overhaul


Re: @ msknight

It was funny when NASA had its Mars landing videos flagged for DCMA violations by umpteen hundred news organisations for footage that it supplied the news organisations, & which, because it was NASA was actually in the public domain.

European Union divided over tax on digital tech giants as some member states refuse free money



Exactly !

It like that hypocrite Warren Buffett - "its so unfair my secretary pays proportionally more tax than I do", yet he has a means of addressing that unfairness by writing a very large cheque to US Treasury's voluntary tax fund "to reduce the national debt"

Clunk, bang, rattle: Is that a ghost inside your machine?


Not a ghost in the machine

At work, a school, it was a Saturday as l had to install some software, it was going on dusk as i headed back to my car, and heard a cheery "Hello Sir !" , turned to a boy who looked about 15, and noticed he had the old school badge on shirt, hackles started to rise, went to reply and then he was gone. I later found out that that "Charlie" as he is called, is a boy who was skylarking upstairs and went over the verandah railing , dying instantly due to skull damage. The teacher that shares my office claims to have given Jenny Dixon a lift https://www.centralcoastaustralia.com.au/news/the-ghost-at-jenny-dixon-beach-urban-legend/.

Supreme Court raises eyebrows at Google's cozy $8.5m legal deal


Re: Original judge

I like the idea of the lottery. Pick 8 members of the class to get a mill each. Failing that a cy pres payment for the 'fund to pay off the national debt'


SQLite creator crucified after code of conduct warns devs to love God, and not kill, commit adultery, steal, curse...


Re: I have a code of conduct

Replace the injunctions to god with the FSM (may you be touched by his noodly appendage) and does the CoC make sense and seem a good set of rules to behave regardless of religious source ?

Can't get pranked by your team if nobody in the world can log on


Management asked me to prank.

Back in the day when our venerable coding sheets and punch room were being replaced by 3270s on every desk, we were supposed to lock our machines when we walked away, which we didnt.

Threats and punishment couldn't do the trick so my PM asked me to write a script that would be mapped to the F3 (save) key. It was to do a line by line ascii art middle finger salute with a 10 second delay between lines with a reminder to log off ... after it did the save it should do. Hapless dev walks away pm remaps f3 to 'the finger' dev returns no sign until he (and we were all hes) goes to save his work, and 10 minutes later has access to his machine again. A week later the leaving machines unlocked problem was solved.

From dank memes to Krispy Kremes: British uni eggheads claim viral lol pics make kids fat


Re: It's probably not actually the memes themselves.

As a teacher the meme that cheeses me off the most is "YOLO" , the excuse used by candidates for Darwin Awards to justify whatever stupidity it is they doing.

Google actually listens to users, hands back cookies and rethinks Chrome auto sign-in


Re: Would there be a market...


Over the last few minutes I had the tab open it searched for 'beef recall' browsersoxx dorothy provine, southwest airines, hugh hefner, ipadcases....

you get my drift

First 'issue-free' build of Windows 10 October 2018 Update arrives


Re: Hope it works with junctioned directories

found it does not reliably work with AppData unless I junction - some idiot devs hardcode c:\users\ \ username\Appdata.

Even worse is when they mix hardcode & softcode - & things crash all over .


Hope it works with junctioned directories

I have many failed installs of 1803 (spring creators update) because the install can't/won't handle a junctioned User directory (or Applications or Program Files according to the reports on the error I get ), and I have way more stuff sitting in my user folder than I have room for on my SSD - can't be bothered shrinking it down & faffing about 'unjunctioning' , there is nothing compelling enough to make want to waste 4 hours of my life doing it

First Boeing 777 (aged 24) makes its last flight – to a museum


Re: 777?

You are ex-Forces, probably British Army, and I claim my tenner.

Close but no tenner. Ex Lieutenant (4 years) ( and pte, lance corp,corp& sgt - a year each) Australian Army Reserve, UNSW & RNSW Regts to be precise.


Re: 777?

Old yep

First ever flight was a 707 on Lufthansa as an unaccompanied minor ..

Sydney Singapore Bangkok New Delhi Athens Rome Frankfurt. Still remember the awful stench about an hour out of New Delhi, forced to disembark at Athens for 3 hours so the toilets could be fixed and cleaned, but the stew who assigned to look after me was stunning bit of German engineering

Home a year later same stops but a DC9 no issues

Also remember being on beach near RAAF Sale when they still flew Neptunes as maritime recon. The sqn flew right over us, mum grabbed the 2 of us from 5m away, has a shell scrape dug and was on top of us shaking like a leaf in the time between the first sound and them going over - mum was a 10yo in Hamburg during Gommorah

How an augmented reality tourist guide tried to break my balls


Re: Dead trees never failed anyone

Indeed there are people out there with no formal education, or just up to A-levels, but who had a talent for software engineering and became good through being self taught.

Sounds like every engineer responsible for the industrial revolution , thinks Stephenson (pere et fils) , Trethevick, Newcomen, Bazalgette, Edison, Otto


Re: Who'd invest in such crap?

Makes one weep . There is a perfectly good replica they could have filmed in its 'home' setting;

Yes it is an anorak :-)

Judge bars distribution of 3D gun files... er, five years after they were slapped onto the web


Re: Before we had guns ...

Kit Kat is ahead of you this has been shown in the antipodes ....


Quit that job and earn $185k... cleaning up San Francisco's notoriously crappy sidewalks


Re: Actually SF spends a great deal of money on homlessness

Add to that the fact that in most parts of the states to the east of Cali give the homeless a one way bus ticket to SF as it is so liberal & welcoming .

And the spending is worse than the number you gave...

For fiscal year 2017–18, San Francisco budgeted $305 million to provide services and housing for the homeless and formerly homeless

In February, the Fire Department requested an increase of $100 million in its budget for next fiscal year to provide emergency ambulance services that mostly go to homeless people

The Public Works Department recently estimated that it spends more than $30 million a year to clean up things like faeces, needles, and tent encampments,

City Hall also spends nearly $38 million a year responding to calls for service regarding homeless people, with the Police Department footing most of that cost

Add to that business NOT relocating https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Vacant-Businesses-Rising-in-San-Francisco-Real-Estate-Agents-Believe-Dirty-Streets-Partly-to-Blame-479041303.html

Devon County Council techies: WE KNOW IT WASN'T YOU!


Re: Making wild and passionate love...

Had a spill chucker that always corrected ours PHB's first name , Meredith to Megadeath - not totally inappropriate I might add.


Re: Actually back in the 1990s I was at a company...

I used to have fun with Advanced Function Printing that came with IBM 3800-3 and moving/replacing letters & numbers around in reports, especially those destined for auditors mwahahaha mwahahahahah

You want to know which is the best smartphone this season? Tbh, it's tricky to tell 'em apart


Re: At disgustedoftunbridgewells, re: fingerprints.

If the cost of that laziness is that the police can force me to show them pictures of my dogs, or my inane ramblings on El Reg, then I'm not fussed.

If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.

Attrib Cardinal Richelieu

Grad sends warning to manager: Be nice to our kit and it'll be nice to you


I have the kids at school convinced I am a wizard

'Sir , its not working', walk over lay hands on the computer & lo it works.

Also when they are coding. 'Sir I have checked and checked and I got little Johnny to check it as well !' , looks at code for 2 seconds ... "you have missed a semi trailer here, here and here, missing a bracket here, and somehow you you have munged 3 lines together , and since when is 'print' spelled 'pint ?' ;

Samsung’s new phone-as-desktop is slick, fast and ready for splash-down ... somewhere



Byod. For some reason parents wont trust their kids with a $300 laptop but are happy to send them to school with a $700+ smartphone

IBM fired me because I'm not a millennial, says axed cloud sales star in age discrim court row


Re: He was the top salesman in the group

So we may be more wary of the list PHB fad and the experience to realize that it may be a repackaged failure from 15 years ago. And it will fail again for the same reasons it failed earlier.


Automated payment machines do NOT work the same all over the world – as I found out


Re: English?

Even better, "American ?" "No" . "Ah English?" "No Australian!" Always met with big smile and ^ah kangaroi"

Developer’s code worked, but not in the right century


Not quite as bad I can feel in my waters its nearly the end of period 3, and know it is Tuesday week 8 term 2 2018, need to look at the time/date on the computer for more precision


Re: Because computer dates are numbers but real dates aren't

I show this to my students when talking about times & dates. Then there are the complication of the different centuries, eg this year 2561 in Thailand , 1436 in muslim countries, and don't get me started on the 12 years of the French Revolutionary calendar


Creepy software knows what you are about to do... to that poor salad


Salads - Bah !

Salads, fruit and veg....

They are what food eats !

Aussie bloke wins right to sue Google over 'underworld' images


Re: Never heard of him...

Sadly he does look like one Tony Mokbel, who is real hitman in Melbadishou , whose image also shows in the search results on his name.

Tech rookie put decimal point in wrong place, cost insurer zillions


Mine wasn't quite as bad but...

it 'cost' the department nearly 500k in 1983 dollars of computer time;

My first real live program as a trainee programmer , spec handed to me and coded as per, there was a an if statement that had no else , so I asked ... 'nah that will never happen' - well it did, it shouldn't have, but it did, and the resulting loop cost 500k on the mainframe.

No big deal was made of it, but I was asked to give manglement the original spec , on which I had jotted a note , 'can this happen ?' , supervisor got a kick up the backside, and the offending record was corrected.

NHS England fingered over failure to forward patient correspondence


Re: True story.

Did that story mention the doctor was at the end of a TWENTY FOUR hour shift?

Amazon can't or won't collect sales tax in Australia


Re: Counter intuitive


The government collects from her first. Unless Ali & wish start charging GST & do the remitting , she will receive a card in the mail (instead of her package) , she then has to go to the post office to pay the GST, at which point the parcel will be released. This will cost many times the 50c in GST she will have to pay for her average parcel value, and the nett revenue will be negative.

Shades of idiot Keating deciding to tax the ARES expecting to raise 10 million in tax - it ended up as a negative 20 million as we were now able to access deductions - I still have my biggest tax deduction (aka sword)


Counter intuitive

Mrs Diogenes buys low value craft items from Wish & aliexpress and resells them at our local markets. She doesnt mind paying gst, and wearing the cost of the GSThowever the most expensive item she has purchased cost AUD 10 including postage. How much do you think it will cost to collect the 50c to 1 AuD that she will have to pay per parcel when it arrives ???

BOFH: Their bright orange plumage warns other species, 'Back off! I'm dangerous!'


Re: Hazard creation

a result of the most recent H&S practice evacuation that had been arranged by the person running the induction

Many many years when I was young and stupid (as opposed to old & stupid now) I was an Officer in the Army Reserve, and had to go to the 2MD pay office at Victoria Barracks (Sydney) to sort out a pay issue . While I was there, the WHS people decided to do a fire drill, and as visibility s reduced, they decided to pop some cans of coloured smoke to mimic the stuff produced by burning. I understand that they discovered a lot of equipment was in places it shouldn't have been, net result a few broken/twisted ankles and arms...

At my current workplace I have two routes from my classroom/office to the emergency evac area (school oval) . One leads through the centre of the school (which could be on fire), or right past the 2 big propane tanks.

US websites block netizens in Europe: Why are they ghosting EU? It's not you, it's GDPR


No you cant add German citizenship to your aussie one. Unless something has changed since i looked as a result of the S44 kerfuffle Germany does not allow dual citizenzhip.

Google shoots Chrome 66's silencer after developer backlash


Re: Games in browsers?

Well a lot of little , as in size, not importance, people do .Many very goood educational websites feature games and audio.

Also on the adobe elearning forums there has been much wassailling and gnashing if teeth because video traing courses will no longer autoplayand the default indication is less than helpful (a whole stack of new tutorials are being churned out on how to change this)

Microsoft programming chief to devs: Tell us where Windows hurt you


I like to pull wings off butterflies /sarc

VS is OK for one person building one thing.

I say amen unto you brother. Try it in a school environment where more than 1 kid uses a computer (Androids Studio sucks majorly in this area as well - disclaimer I haven't tried any of the v3 stuff)

Heading refers to torturing students with industry leading software :-)

Press F to pay respects to the Windows 10 April Update casualties


Re: Upgrade went perfectly

Surface laptop updated no problems (and battery life seems improved) . Desktop currently doing try no 3 ( I hadn't realised the other 2 had even happened/failed). Looking back I see I have a few other updates in error. Will waste an hour or so tonight to trouble shoot

Blackberry snaps, yakkity-yak Snapchat app brats slapped with patent trap rap


Re: Ahhh, the optimism of lawyers

It all boils down to the 'killer apps' people want on their phone. No snapchat on BB, then people won't buy BB , but an Apple or Android or (shudder) Win10

Super Cali goes ballistic, Starbucks is on notice: Expensive milky coffee is something quite cancerous


Re: They should put...

Its was a rederendum. Lawmakers were obliged to implement it.

Every time somebody bangs on about direct democracy i point at California in general & SFO in particular

Adobe: New Unified Customer Profile will personalise ads as never before


Adobe cannot keep its own accounts in order

I somehow have ended up with 4 adobe accounts - 2 were deliberate (one was my private email from when I was a teaching student, the other is work as I have a work licence) 2 others were accidents. Trying to combine the CC cloud licence currently on account C , together with adobe education exchange 'badges' on accounts a & b is impossible, and I have to ring them delete account d aaaaaararrrrrgggggggggg

US mulls drafting gray-haired hackers during times of crisis


Re: Unfortunately ...

Not sure why the thumbs down.

I found the 80% estimate after reading a book of fiction on a putative WW3 , thought 'that can't be right' and looked it up this is what I found http://time.com/2938158/youth-fail-to-qualify-military-service/ - realise I mistyped it should have been 70%.

I was actually offered a position as a Major in the RAAEC just 3 years ago because of my experience as a teacher & and in IT , and would have had 12 months to do the appropriate courses or revert to be a Captain, rather than start as a Captain because I had been a 'proper' officer in the Infantry and had passed selection board for Captain - resigned my commission before any promotion came through.

I saw the T&Cs and decided I didn't want to play .


Re: Unfortunately ...

Yep bin 'der done 'dat, got the ruined knees to prove to prove it.

Like the estimated 80 is % of Gen Z who would be rejected because too fat or uneducated or drugs(legal or otherwise) or criminal background or mental issues or other illness I would hope to be rejected again for lack of fitness and my new found status of being 'at risk' for diabetes.

Probe: How IBM ousts older staff, replaces them with young blood


Saw this in Oz

In the first round of layoffs when IBM GSA lost the Telstra account. The oldies were given the bullet first and despite the fact that IBM Thailand put out a call for experienced AS400 hands, and 2 of us had all the skills & experience required(which included what was then an obscure lang Aspect Computing's LANSA (I was an ex "Aspect'er" to boot !) ) we were not allowed to even put in EOI . Youngsters who had heard of the AS400 were sent instead

You must be yolking: English pub to launch eggstravagent Yorkshire pudding


Re: Yorkshire pudding - sweet or savoury

I’m from Yorkshire. The pudding can be served sweet or savoury. Hot or cold. Warm with strawberry jam and whipped cream is just as nice as hot with beef and gravy (obviously not on the same plate at the same time).

Why not, being an ex-infantryman many is the meal I had on exercise where the steak, mashed potato, peas and corn had a serve of custard and sponge cake added. The second Cup-canteen was for the coffee and anti snake bite juice (rum taken orally just in case we were bitten by one of the many deadly Australia snakes)

BOOM! Cambridge Analytica explodes following extraordinary TV expose


Re: Team from Facebook are in their offices tonight?

Nothing nefarious...

Facebook announced that wanted to ensure that the data has been deleted in terms with both the T&Cs and the undertaking(pinkie swear) CA made 2 years ago. Had I been FB I would have done the same.

Given that people willingly handed over FB data ...


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