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BlackBerry beats iPhone to top UK smartphone

Peter Storm


Also they are poorly made and awkward to use compared to most other current smart-phones.

(ex Blackberry user)

Brazilian cult condemns USB

Peter Storm


Universal serial Beelzebub?

Renault fingers three for spying

Peter Storm


their camshafts from the cheapest softest shittiest metal they can find.

(has had a bad Renault experience)

Buffy to slay her way back into cinemas

Peter Storm


Ffs! Every other TV show or film these days seems to be about fecking vampires or zombies.

Don't these assholes have any imagination? I suppose they're all trying to jump on the gravy train before it leaves the station.

Man enraged by sagging pants pops cap in teen's ass

Peter Storm

"unergonomic trouserware"

Now that would be a great name for a band!

2 out of 3 Android apps use private data 'suspiciously'

Peter Storm

Nor only that...

If you buy a Samsung you'll get a crap phone tool.

Surprise Automotive X Prize winners announced

Peter Storm



Devil manifests in Hungarian bathroom

Peter Storm

Damn you El Reg!

I actually did an office lol reading these comments.

I got some funny looks, but what the hell, I'm used to that.

Polaroid 300 instant print camera

Peter Storm

That rather depends

on which digital camera and which 35mm film camera you're comparing.

A Nikon F6 would knock spots of a cheap digital camera with a small sensor, but if you compared a full frame digital SLR like say a Canon 5D Mk II to a cheap point and shoot 35mm compact it would be a different story.

French operator pooh-poohs iOS4

Peter Storm


"significantly slows down the menus of iPhone 3G and 3GS"

Bollocks does it. I haven't noticed any difference at all.

Bloody French.

Frenchman takes the helm at Sage

Peter Storm


My company uses Sage. It's utter shite.

Thank God I don't have to use it.

Malaysian politico gets knighted in Photoshop

Peter Storm


"top-quality Photoshoppery"

Are you kidding?

Women would rather be on Facebook than on the toilet

Peter Storm

Live out loud lifestyle...

as opposed to a Go outside lifestyle?

Android phones invade the world

Peter Storm


"The figures come from Google chief exec Eric Schmidt"

Well, they won't be biased at all then will they?

Apple iOS 4 update frustrates iPhone 3G owners

Peter Storm

No problems here either

I did mine and my wife's at the same time. No problems at all

Operator error maybe?

Robobeachcop demands licence from Poole snapper

Peter Storm


I've got an old Slik tripod that's built like the Forth rail bridge.

Perhaps we could put them together and make a fighting machine!

'Steve Jobs' switches to Android

Peter Storm

Shock Horror! Bloke Changes Phone!

Does anyone really give a fuck what this sad retard does?

I mean, come on, is this the most interesting fulfilling thing he can find to do with his spare time?

Britons: iPhone eighth most important invention — ever

Peter Storm



DAB lobby launches radio scrappage scheme

Peter Storm

DAB? Forget it.

I was given a DAB radio a year or so ago. At first I was quite pleased with the prospect of listening to the new stations. Then I turned it on. I can only get one station inside my house, and I live in a good reception area. It's pants!

Google fails to grab Nexus name

Peter Storm

or how about...

the Chromophone?

Lily Allen exits Twitter, bins BlackBerry

Peter Storm


Lily Allen no longer on Twitter? I am distraught!

*disengage sarcasm mode.

Yank slams El Reg 'zio-fruitcake' Playmobil 'crap'

Peter Storm


Zio-fruitcake ~ may contain traces of Kashrut nuts


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