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SanDisk's little microSD card sucks up 400GB


Is there a particular reason they've not followed the standard of 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 etc and plumped for something in the middle ?

400gb is an awful lot of space to fill on a mobile device - just how much tentacle pr0n do people need?

NY premiere of The Interview cancelled after hackers' terrorist threats


Re: release it gratis

Exactly what I was thinking. Stick a big 'screw you' middle finger up at NORK, earn brownie points with the hack / pirate community and keep your audience safe from dumb-ass attacks from hissy fit dictator drones.

ISPs' pirate-choking blocking measures ARE effective – music body


Re: Spotify

Sadly you've identified the problem right there - it's easier to get high quality rips illegally than legally especially when it comes to movies or TV shows.

As producers and marketeers create arbitary 'market borders' with slightly different content or release dates the more I benefit from simply downloading a copy. No DRM, no mandatory advertising/warning (as on streaming) and no issues with content providers (netflix / Samsung etc) not having signed contracts to provide me with the content I want.

I would happily donate a £ value to the artist / producer / developer directly via a PayPal type solution provided it bypasses all the distribution and physical production people who have not contributed to the product I obtained.

Retailers lobby for lower charges for contactless payments


Reduced sales prices for new payment methods?

Am I alone in wondering if we the public should also receive some of the discounts realised by the retailers? Particularly those now pushing the self scan technology where less staff are required to 'man the tills'? B&Q seem to be moving heavily into this area - my local stores only have one till open most of the time and supervisors monitoring a bank of self scan machines.

As we scan and pack our own products should we not receive a small cost reduction too when we use these payment methods?

Wales adopts mobile average speed cameras


Lowest common denominator

Looks like the Welsh are leading the way in catering to the lowest common denominator when it comes to road deaths. England will not be far behind I would imagine.

It is rare to see reports that detail the number of incidents caused by other factors such as pedestrians/cyclists in the wrong place or in the case of cyclist in particular jumping red lights, and poor road layout rather than the blunt and 'politically correct' view that exessive speed is the major cause.

If money was re-directed into educating drivers to a higher standard (including some elements of controlling vehicles in emergency conditions as in Norway), educating children and young adults in road sense/craft (it is NOT a playground, they are designed to move large volumes of vehicular traffic at speed), and in improving the layout of the roads (simple things like a filter lane on dual carriageways for those turning right so they are not just stopped in the road) then I am sure we would see a reduction in the number and severity of accidents as the general standards have been increased.

Cars technology has evolved dramatically over the years, enhanced tyres, braking systems and such m,ean that speed limits imposed in the past are simply not being reviewed in light of this - when was the last time you saw a speed limit being increased on a road?

It is a lazy and quick approach to pursue the slow = safe agenda. Many other sectors of technology are advancing but traffic speeds are regressing to an earlier stage. How long will it be before we go back to having someone walking in front of all cars waving a red flag to alert people of its presence? It would undoubtedly reduce deaths but is this way we want society to progress?

I regularly drive to a speed I feel comfortable for the road and its conditions (which changes daily) which are largely different to the posted limits. I have a clean license and no accidents after 15 years of motoring. This is not luck or bravado but I mediate my speed as necessary to the surrounding conditions and take care to look sufficiently far ahead to allow decisions to be made (its funny how I sometimes react to an incident in the distance and only when we're almost on top of it do I see other drivers reacting).

Happy motoring,


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