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More Steve Jobs iPad mini attacks from beyond the grave

Darren 12

I agree with some of what you have said but I'd like to point out that Android has very good tools for handling different screen sizes and pixel density, and since Honeycomb has had "fragments" for allowing the different phone/tablet GUIs that you are referring to. There's no doubt that fragments in particular are underutilised at the moment though and this could be attributed to the fact that Android share of the 9-10" tablet market is not really worth targetting yet. And sure, it's best if one company controls both hardware and software, assuming that that one company excels at both.That was definitely the case 5 years ago when Apple clearly had the best hardware/software combination in phones and is still true today in 9-10" tablets.

But for me personally the hardware/software experience of many Android phones (Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X) is superior to the iPhone so I don't believe that your theory still holds true. Sometimes having a company that makes great hardware (like Samsung or HTC) paired with a company that makes great software (Google, at least since ICS) can deliver the best product. Of course, this is based on personal opinion but like many Android users, I previously owned an iPhone so feel qualified to make an educated (personal) comparison.

Adobe bets on Flash 11 to fend off HTML5 invasion

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You clearly have a problem with the drivers of your graphics card. Why don't you update them?

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Nope, everyone doesn't. It has worked fine on my iMac for the last five years. I block Flash for the most part so I only see the good Flash. So no horror stories here. The performance of the Flash Player itself is very good. However, it's also very easy to write a buggy, CPU-intensive animation or app with Flash. That's not Flash's fault, that's the developers fault.

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Why did you put a thumbs-down icon when you didn't know the answer to your own question? The answer actually is hardware acceleration on practically everything - 32-bit and 64-bit, DirectX 9 on Windows, OpenGL 1.3 on MacOS and Linux, OpenGL ES 2.0 on mobile.

Android bug lets attackers install malware without warning

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I certainly hope they do not. I'm happy to take responsibility for the software I install on my phone if it means that I get to choose - not Google or Apple - what I do with my phone. For these sorts of tricks to work, people have to intall software from unknown publishers with less than 1000 installs. They can go ahead and do that but I won't. If you want a company to decide what apps are appropriate for you to use, you should get an iPhone.

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I agree. It's also number one for innovation, number one for customizability, and number one for openness (not completely open but much more so than iOS or WP7, eg. custom ROMs). Given all that, it's the number one OS for me.

Google rolls out fix for Android security threat

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14 days

It isn't a "one-time token". The tokens are valid up to a maximum of 14 days and are sent every time the relevant app is opened or synced. All this means is that Google didn't consider that contact and calendar data were important. They've obviously changed their minds now.

Google sued over – yes – Android location tracking

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Are you kidding?

There's a checkbox in Android that says, "Allow Google's location service to collect anonymous location data". If you choose to check that, you are opting to allow Google to build its location database, which is helpful for those times when you can't get a GPS fix. The point is to improve the service for the customer. Nothing evil about asking people if they want to help improve a service that they benefit from.

Report: Apple snagged Google Maps rival

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"Silly" compass

Why is the compass feature "otherwise-silly"? Simply adding the ability to orientate a map in the direction you are facing justifies its addition to the iPhone. Nothing silly about that.


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