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Devolo dLan AVplus

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A technology of convenience

PLAs including these Develos are a flawed technology of convenience causing users of the HF spectrum intentional and illegal spectrum abuse and interference, for it's a fact injecting these signals into house mains wiring will cause the hash to be radiated over long distances.

As a legal user of the HF spectrum I will fight the use of these devices , many of which do not adhere to the EMC regulations laid down, by a considerable factor. Putting a non radiating distribution system in any property is possible, even your stone walled cottages. How do you think you get your mains and telephone systems into any house in the first place? But of course it’s just easier to use a technology of convenience regardless of the interference to others, isn’t it.

It’s about time users of PLAs understood and accepted the interference they cause to legal users of our short wave spectrum.


Radio Society to Ofcom: Hear See you in court


EMC Standards

The EMC standards implemented and agreed throughout the EC are designed, audited and implemented so all your multiple electronics devices in your home and life exist together in a harmonious way, not interfering with each other. The standards have been agreed throughout Europe and all electronic products are assessed and have to adhere to them. Image if you installed a computer and it interfered with your neighbours radio or TV because the power supply sold with it had no filtering and did not adhere to the current EMC standards. They would be pretty annoyed and well within their right to ask you through OFCOM to remove or replace the offending item. Through the trading standards authorities this device could be removed from the market too.

The BT Comtrend PLA (and others) is a similar device. It is regulated by clear standards for PLA product. However the fact is that it does not adhere anywhere near to the relevant EMC standards applicable and by rights should never have been allowed to be sold in this country. Comtrend are at fault importing a non-adhering device into the UK, BT are at fault by selling and installing non-adhering product and OFCOM are guilty of refusing to properly investigate the Comtrend devices that are being supplied illegally.

Well done the RSGB, you have my support in fighting for the EMC law that has been agreed throughout the EC and broken, and in taking on the ineffective government body that wishes to ignore these facts, no doubt influenced by the likes of larger businesses.

Without strict adherence to agreed EMC standards, there is absolutely no point in having them. If that happens you can kiss goodbye to your daily does of soaps when you neighbour starts up his microwave, computer, X box or any other electronic gizmo for that matter.

Ignore the EMC standards at your peril.



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