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Cisco buys into video conferencing


Hp Buys Polycom Next

I think HP buys Polycom next: http://www.sramanamitra.com/2009/10/01/cisco-buys-tandberg-hp-to-buy-polycom/

Basically, in the video conferencing market (all the way from desktop video to telepresence and other immersive solutions, and everything in between like plasma screens, etc.), the 2 leaders are Polycom (~40%) and Tandberg (~40%). Cisco, HP, Avaya, Nortel are all bit players in comparison.

Both Polycom and Tandberg have good interoperability with other standards based systems, which Cisco, for example, doesn’t. Cisco-Cisco works fine. Cisco-others doesn’t. That’s why they lost the ~$45m Regus account.



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