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Multiple travel firms refuse ID cards as passport alternative

Jobs Horns

Better not be a minority then

"the Identity and Passport Service (IPS) said it remained confident that the majority of travellers will have no problems using ID cards as an alternative to passports."

So how will you know before you set off whether you will be one of the majority or not? Better take your passport as well.....

Excuse me while I laugh hysterically.

Google strips Pirate Bay homepage from search results


Information belongs to those who can use it

Governments will control the Internet on the day they manage to prevent us sending ones and zeros to each other. That will also be that day that file sharing will stop.

In the mean time (it could be along wait), and especially as Google has ceased to be a Search Engine and now become a Filtered-Search Engine I cannot recommend this alternative enough:


They have servers in the USA and in Europe (the Netherlands to be precise). The above URL ensures you go to the European servers.

The search page is https, along with the results page.

And, the search criteria don't form part of the results page URL (are you listening Google?)

Oh and they promise not to record your IP address.

All together, this means that the UK Government's new system of snooping on everyone's URLs but not page content (because after all there is no personal information content in URLs is there?) starts to look, how shall we put it, a bit on the quaint side.

Steering clear of snooping-government-friendly filtered-search companies like Google is a small part of reclaiming our lives.



@PirateSlayer: 'As for banning the English bobby from pointing out Buckingham Palace, I think it is more like banning the London Bobby from pointing out the local stolen goods fence...or someone who knows him.'

Ha ha ha ha. And what did the forebears of the occupants of Buckingham Palace do if not steal the whole firkin country from its freeborn inhabitants, and hand it all out to their best mates to be leased back to householders.

Do welders get paid royalties every time you ride a train they assembled? Does my dentist get paid a royalty every time I eat with my healthy teeth? Do software developers with their ageist career paths get royalties every time someone uses the application they developed for their employer? Its time 'artists' were paid when they actually play their instruments, and then this celebrity/star freakshow can be ended once and for all.


Gov demand for Governator to terminate PunterNet


Joined up thinking

Just hot air for the party faithful, but if the site did close down it would fit in nicely with the Minx's disingenious law.

As I understand it it isn't illegal to spend time with a postitute provided she is not being co-erced or pimped. This you have no way of knowing as you cannot rely or her (or his) word. The offcence is strict liability. If you used the service offered and a thorough investigation after the fact turns up some evidence of co-ercion you WILL be found guilty.

Punternet is a way to get a 2nd opinion on whether it may be within the law to use a particular prostitute, as anyone with doubts could comment on the site. Also, the workers who are not being co-erced would perhaps be more likely to make use of the site.

Perhaps what bothers the old Harridan Harmful is that 'customers' stand some chance of staying within the law using this site. Closing down a useful source of information makes the use of co-erced sex-workers MORE likely and achieves her aims of finding more men on the wrong side of the law.

The commenter above hit the nail on the head. Swap the words 'men' and 'women' in everything she says and see how fair it feels.

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