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Home Office advises Police to break the law

Terry H

And when they come for you?


RE shortsightedness incarnate above.


'Those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither' - Benjamin Franklin


When the Nazis came for the communists,

I remained silent;

I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,

I remained silent;

I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,

I did not speak out;

I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,

I remained silent;

I wasn't a Jew.

When they came for me,

there was no one left to speak out.

Doing the maths on Copenhagen

Terry H


It amazes me that global warming is still having the hot air pumped into it. You folks did hear of East Anglia didn't you? How big a scandal do you want?!?!?!?!

These people perverted science for their own greedy whims and got a good portion of the corrupt and self serving politicians on earth to nod fervently. Yet it still only has modest coverage in the most conservative press. Had this been a conservative conspiracy of such global proportions I am certain Copenhagen would have been canceled and a good cross section of the worlds governments would be lining up for criminal charges.

The global warming ring leaders are probably guilty of crimes against humanity in the truest usage of that term. Yet their puppets are still out there beating the drum, and voting!

It just makes me shake my head. The planet is doomed alright, but the bullet never comes from the direction you expect.

Scientist proposes quantum über-battery

Terry H

Re: Carlsberg doesn't make batteries ... #

Probably Really Light! But that got me thinking.... Let me show my complete lack of semiconductor fabrication knowledge. This involves me talking out my ass, which I am rather good at actually. So attend me while I put some unfounded assumptions out for public ridicule... (Just remember it's Christmas and if you're too rude to me you'll only get coal. Although you can burn your coal so that might be good.)

The article talks of 10NM spacing. This is quite close; one could say almost immaterially close such that the electrolyte isn't going to weigh much. If we then think of it as a block of Silicone, that has an atomic weight only 2 more than aluminum. So this dubious, but reasonable sounding, logic means it would weigh something similar to the same sized block of aluminum. I've never held a laptop battery sized block of aluminum but I suspect it's quite a lot less than a Li-ion pack.

My nay-saying was more of the line, that doesn't sound that dense to me! But...

And here is where my maths probably go to crap. But if we start with 1A/sec = 6.242E18 electrons (known) this should be 1.348E23 electrons / hr for a 1AH battery. That should only be around 8E24 electrons for a typical laptop battery. (this sounds wrong so maybe I've buggered it)

I have no idea how many electrons he's planning to store in these tiny capacitors, clearly not very many, possibly even one for all I know. But still, if he's talking about 10NM, that's 10E-7M. Grudgingly, I do have to admit that that could indeed add up to a useful amount of power. So maybe he's onto something. Regardless, it's probably good for programmers to do some maths that are more than increment or decrement by 1.

UK air traffic control goes after Wikileaks

Terry H

It's all backwards

I want to live in a country where wankers like the MOST DIS-honorable Churchill-Coleman go to prison for making threats against the free press. And a country where it doesn't take 5 years of public outcry to obtain a grudging admission that, well maybe, I guess, we didn't actually have any legal authority to make such an ass of ourselves. But by all that is holly we SHOULD have it!

When do CITIZENS aka real living human beings get to have rights too?

Lawyers pursue banned Xbox Live gamers

Terry H

Just when you thought all lawyers were evil

It really is time, ok actually about 100 years past time, to bring the full force of the predatory laws that governments use to threaten the life and liberty of REAL people to bear against corporations.

The easy way to do this is to put their directors in prison for many many years. Since we won't see that until the next French style revolution, I'm all over civil penalties that will PERSECUTE companies that are basically evil.

I am completely unaffected by this fiasco as I never thought an xbox was worth modding. But that doesn't mean M$ should be allowed this blatant violation of fair use. Seems being reinstated, a binding order to never do this again, and maybe $5,000 per month for each month they are banned to each disconnected user would be a very just settlement here. It's time to stop this stuff cold!

Zero-day fixes star in biggest ever Patch Tuesday

Terry H

Fanbois and Wankers all

>By Pascal Monett Posted Friday 9th October 2009 09:49 GMT


> Win 7 not even out yet but already needs patching. Ah, I quit, it's too easy.


> On the other hand, the reactivity is great. Now Microsoft can finally claim that it patches its >systems before the bugs can attack !

DUDE! I thought it was funny as hell. But you must admit you took a shot at the fanbois wet dream.

DDoS attack rains down on Amazon cloud

Terry H

@Matt 21

Have to go along with that. It is just stunning how people even entertain this as a serious business tool. You'd have to be utterly insane to send your business off to live in the ether somewhere.

Business always wants to cut costs (at all costs). But sometimes costs are unavoidable. In college we learned about the difference between gross sales and net profit. In their rush to reach 1:1 these people are getting just what they deserve.

Cloud computing is the logical extension of outsourcing. Another scheme that is great for the vendor not so grand for the customer. But there's one born every minute.

Google strips Pirate Bay homepage from search results

Terry H

Why UK (worldwide) searches affected

There is a really quite simple answer to this from a US law perspective. It is because the google server physically sits in the US.

I could rant for some long time about the evil of DMCA, but it would be preaching to the choir. My only comment will be:

@AC: I seem to recall it is perjury to file a false DMCA claim, and since thePirateBay.org website does not contain any copyright material of "Destined Enterprises", I look forward to someone going after them.




No please stop, I'm going to pee myself.

Talk about hubris! This guy is actually planning on outliving the USA! Oh wait, if they keep printing money at the current rate, he might just do it!!

OK, I feel better now.

Palm Pre backs away from Apple iTunes

Terry H
Jobs Horns


Am I the only one who immediately thought: you don't need no stinkin' app, just throw the iXXX hard enough!

This whole childish affair is a real "the enemy of my enemy" moment for me. In this case apple was right and palm may be the only company on earth who are bigger wankers.

But apple still sucks.


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