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Custard pie activist slams IPCC 'grey literature' habit

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thanks muchly

Paris Hilton

el tit

please can we have a popcorn icon for all AGW/denier type article ?

It would also be useful for iphone/ipad vs android et al articles as well.

BTW for the uneducated like myself what does "pull a Godwin" mean ?

Google failed to illuminate me

Paris cos google illuminates her

RAF Eurofighter Typhoons 'beaten by Pakistani F-16s'



this article seems utter pointless and I regret reading it please can I have the minute back ?

Seriously the pilot says one thing and you contradict it !

what is the point of this article ?

If you added "IMHO" to the end of th elast sentence and didn't quote the PAF pilot then it maybe acceptable, nromally these sorts of articles are tagged as opinion not news

Steve Jobs vindicated: Google Android is not open



I with Richy S and Les M, don't care who wins i enjoy the fight, popcorn and beer are required

vi vs emacs anyone ?

flame on my hearties don't let me down

Eurofighter Typhoon: It's EVEN WORSE than we thought

Black Helicopters


what I am concerned about is the role of the NAO. Why are they not regularly reviewing all government spend on projects costing more than say £500million ? Why is it only when it is too late do the NAO get involved ?

apart from pointing and saying "someone did a bad thing" do they have any other remit ? couldn't the NAO be made better use of to try and put the brakes on some of these disasters earlier ?

or am I pissing in the wind ?

black helicopters cos we need more of them

ISPs battle EU child pornography filter laws


wrong target

The majority of child abuse victims are attacked by someone known to them. Whilst denying the use of the internet as a means to distribute Child pornograpy is a nicely measurable target attacking the problem of content creation and the act itself is a far more complicated, less media friendly problem.

Maybe is the press (Daily Fail I am looking at you) aimed its hysteria at the not so low hanging fruit and actually looked into problem and tried to do some reporting of the issue instead of that Sarah's Law bollocks something good might actually come of it

Panasonic bags Avatar 3D BD exclusive

Paris Hilton

no target audience

i didn't see what the big fuss was about, it's pocha hontas in space FFS !

Paris cos I'm not her target audience either

How extreme is your pr0n? Depends on your lawyer


mssing something

what about the people who sent the accused the clip ?

shouldn't they be sought out and jailed for distributing extreme porn or am I missing something ?

Inmate-frying microwave pain blaster turret installed in US jail


third possibility

"We hope that this type of technology will either cause an inmate to stop an assault or lessen the severity of an assault by them being distracted by the pain as a result of the beam," Commander Bob Osborne of the LA County Sheriff's Department told the Los Angeles Daily News.

or the pain may provide the the impetus or motivation to up the level of violence, but that point wouldn't work as well in a sales pitch.

Ballmer's 'lost generation' note finds resonance


OS != computer

I thought a real computer was cpu , memory and i/o and everything else was just software

Android surges past iPhone in smartphone sales


so what ?

I mean apart from the people working at the companies who make these phones who cares ?

Nation's parents prepare to be vetted



I am a parent I decide who looks after my kids. If I am wanting a child minder who I don't know and will pay then fair enough that there are some controls and some basic checks. I am not going to demand that all the parents of my childens friends get CRB'ed or registered as child minders that is just ridiculous

just the way to encourage the growth of communties, stamp out any thought of trusting anyone on your own judgement, trust no-one not even yourself !

community bad not created by Gov policy

bad community bad

this isn't political correctness gone mad this is just mad,

@richyS good idea I might suggest that to my wife to circulate at the school gate !

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