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Samsung, Google delay next-gen Nexus launch

Peter Wilkin

Samsung going to bump the spec's

I suspect Samsung are now re-evaluating the hardware (just like they did to the Galaxy tablet when the iPad 2 was launched)

I expect they will replace (the reportedly 5MP rear camera) with an 8MP or 10MP one, and probably bump the processor a little

Steve's death (and impending funeral) has not stopped Apple launching the iPhone 4S

So either Samsung is going to Bump the spec's , or Ice-Cream Sandwich has issues


Apple iPad vs... the rest

Peter Wilkin

Page 2 incorrect details for iPad

the iPad has iOS 4.2.1 not 4.1

also the Wireless only version does GPS , it just doesnt have assisted GPS


BT accidentally chokes bandwidth to 'superfast' customers

Peter Wilkin

BT fails again

A lot of other ISP's users seem to be getting FTTC slowness (just do a google search)

I suspect BT's back-haul network is to blame

I know AAISP are aware of FTTC slowness (as I am with them), and they have passed it to BT

Funny enough BT keep insisting there is no issues in their network .. and it must be my kit. Despite there being other users , and BT's own statements. BT then close the call (without actaully coming to test "out of hours")

I suspect BT wont admit to issues with FTTC as it'd be laughed at by Virgin (probably in some adverts)

Although BT say its fixed ... it isnt ... then again BT didnt even admit there was a problem for weeks


BBC news apps squeeze onto iPhone, iPad

Peter Wilkin
Big Brother

the "LIVE" button thinks I'm outside the UK

Either the Live button dont work, or whoever programmed the code that works out where you are didnt do it correctly

My IP range is in the UK (as it's from my ISP), yet the nice BBC app says I'm not in the UK

Thank you BBC for thinking I'm not ... can I have my license fee back please


Orange gets UK iPhone deal

Peter Wilkin

What exactly have Orange agreed with Apple

I wonder what exactly Orange agreed with Apple? As they already cell the iPhone in other countries did they just agree with Apple to let the sell in the UK ? Or did they (Apple) really want to end UK exclusivity as a pilot to ending AT&T's in the US.

I wonder how pissed Apple are at O2, and how the O2 execs are now feeling after this announcement by Orange



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