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Melting Arctic leads to snowy winters

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Re: Observations

My point was simple -

we are constantly informed that the weather patterns of a few years are called WEATHER, the weather patterns over decades are called CLIMATE.

But now - magically - a few years worth of bad winters and suddenly it's proof of climate change.

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Which is exactly what I said - this winter has been mild and therefore global warming must of stopped. In the Borders the 4 winters preceding this one have been the worst we have seen for a long time.

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Love the way they wait until AFTER we have had the snowy winters to decide that....

Guess that means - since Winter in Scotland has not been as extreme snow wise as the last few years - the icecap isn't melting and therefore Global Warming must have stopped?

Social networks breeding spatial junk

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Completely agree....

Look at this screenshot from Foursquare from a few days ago.....

"Somewhere?" 8km away. - I don't even know what this is!

"Scottish Borders, East Lothian" - Apart from the fact that it's an entire region and not just a park or something - East Lothian? Really??


It never ends: TV exposé tags new Android privacy howler

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The outcry is that the APP that YOU download and install is using the permissions that YOU have accepted? How exactly did people think advertising inside an app worked? The advertising is PART OF the app - it is not even inheriting the permissions that you give to the app - it IS the app.

This is no different to having read the permissions - noted that the app wants to access your location, installed it - and then complained anyway.

Inside Eric Schmidt's brain: Holodecks, robo-cars and jail bandwidth

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Re: Huh, working his way back up in the public eye

Whilst I agree with mostly what you have written - your last point concerning bandwidth has prompted me to make this comment.

You ask why the need for Gigabit and question it's purpose. You have also pointed out a few years ago half a megabit would have been fine - and now a few years later - 1 or 2 would be fine.

On this basis I feel it is painfully obvious that our demand for data is growing at an ever increasing rate - and casting aside - the freeloaders who use copious amounts of data for ethically dodgy means (last I checked it was only illegal to upload copyright material - not to download it - in the UK at least) - our need for more bandwidth will just continue to grow. While there is not currently anything on the web requiring 5 or 8meg connections - that is not to say that next week a revolutionary new service will launch and we will all go "oh, that's a clever idea, I wish I had thought of that...." and after a year it will be hard to find someone who doesn't use said new service. Of course on top of that - there is the possibility of multiroom TV streaming - who knows what new online TV services will launch - sure they have been many - but they aren't a lot of use unless you already have a fast connection - when it comes to watching to watch different streams in different rooms.

Finally in the same way that Microsoft forcing the world on to a touchscreen OS will likely seriously bring down the cost of touchscreen monitors and probably herald the launch of reasonable priced Laptops with touchscreen capability. So flooding large parts of the world with high speed connections - SHOULD - cause a major drop in the price of bandwidth and backhaul. As with everything - Market demand lowers costs. (Unless you happen to be selling "3rd Party" concert tickets.... then Market demand apparently causes costs to rise threefold - name that company ;) )

Google tramples over Euro data protection law – French watchdog

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regarding the low percentage of people reading the new policy.

Privacy policies at the best of times are overly complicated (not that they should be simpler - they are in effect a legal document - they need to be as complicated as they are in order to iron out ambiguity). So the majority of us - rely on the tech blogs and YOU (El Reg) to break the legalese down for us. If there is something to be worried about - the tech blogs would have picked up on it - and it would have been reported all over the place. So far - all I have seen is countless blogs telling me how to remove my web history - but nothing about why should I want to. As I have stated many times in the past - if I must see adverts while I am browsing the web - I would be much happier if the ads were something I was actually interested in.

Fat margins squeeze Apple against Android

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Part of the problem is that even getting the iPhone on a 24 month contract requires an up-front payment. I've had some interesting chats with various UK carriers - who are all singing from the same song sheet. Apple dictates the cost of the device, the cost of the contract AND certainly until a few years ago - how much data the contract includes. Many of the UK carriers would love to flog the iPhone for free on a 24 month contract - just like they do with any other phone of a similar price point - but they are not allowed to do so - Apple says. Android therefore remains a powerful smartphone for free on a 24 month contract. This suits me fine - I love Android.

HTC stimulates Sense with snap-happy One series

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Re: User storage...

From what I understand - this is not a manufacturer design but an Ice Cream sandwich one.

Earlier versions of Android allowed for SD card storage but obviously the OS couldn't make full use of it - then the Google implementation of Apps2SD was released with Froyo (2.2). It went some way to helping to fix the problem - but introduced it's own new problems by only storing part of an app on the card and part in internal memory. It also introduced the problem of people removing or mounting the SD card while the phone was running apps that were largely stored on the card. As I understand it - in order to allow the OS to have access to the full storage - in Ice Cream Sandwich - they have done away with removable storage so that they don't have to deal with the hassle of apps that cannot be moved to SD, parts of the OS breaking when the SD card is mounted etc etc. So in the instance of the 32GB HTC One X (oh which 26GB is useable) - you can actually store 26GB of apps in it with no problem - and no worry of widgets not working when you connect the phone to the computer. Is it a good or bad idea? Time will tell - but Apple seem to have got away with it for years - so - let's just wait and see what happens.

Ofcom needs you ... to help spend £180m on purifying telly

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As I have wrote elsewhere - if filters don't fix the problem in our area - they really need not think that sticking up a freesat dish and giving us a box is going to ease our problems because it won't. We want access to the same channels we can already receive on Freeview thank you very much. Additionally - our 6 year old gracefully ageing Humax PVR9200T will quite happily record 2 channels and let us watch a third provided it is a channel from one of the 2 multiplexes the tuners are recording from. Giving us a different service - is not the same - we lose a lot of functionality with Sky / Freesat.

GPS jamming rife, could PARALYSE Blighty, say usual suspects

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It was once proposed that WiFi transmitters could be installed in lamp-posts to flood an area with internet - if this were done - one of the many WiFi location databases could be used to provide a backup to the GPS signal - if the GPS signal was massively different to where the WiFi databases suggested you were - some authority could be alerted? If the vehicle in your general vicinity was screwing with the GPS signal - a large amount of surrounding vehicles would be reporting that there was something up.

Even without installing WiFi everywhere - there are enough Android phones out there using Google Maps for navigation. Android phones by default (providing the option is checked in Wireless and Networks) scan for WiFi MAC addresses while Google Maps is running - and report MAC addresses and GPS positions back to Google. They do it this way now because of the uproar caused by the Street View vans collecting WiFi data. So - a simple software update would actually enable Android phones to perform this automatic reporting that the GPS signal and the WiFi location do not match.

(Yes I know the WiFi location is not always accurate - so X number of samples would have to incorrect before any automatic reporting was started)

Cameras roll on 'blockbuster' new Who series

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Just another vote for Cumberbatch !

Met Office wants better supercomputer to predict extreme weather

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Re: Re: Sometimes the answer is "we just don't know"

Yes - and now....... make it extremely clear that everything you just said only applies south of Newcastle. In Scotland - the Met Office like to issue AMBER or RED warnings (used to be Flash Warnings) a good 30-60 minutes after whatever they are warning about has actually started.

As for the BBC.... 90mph winds across Scotland is "a bit windy" but in London it's going to gust UP TO 60mph and oh my god - it's the end of the world - "damaging gusts of wind" and "severe threat to life" - we get so fed up with this stereotypical view that because it's Scotland it is always windy/wet/snowy and therefore we expect it. What complete bollocks.

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Re: Re: Distribute it?

Surely - that post right proves then - that throwing more hardware at the situation is not going to make things any better? Maybe they won't be happy until they have the largest computer known to man but we still complain that it isn't enough to forecast the weather.

Foursquare ousted? Google sneaks out Latitude leader boards

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The more sensible of us - don't check in at home. That way - the burglars don't actually know where we live - sure they might know that we aren't AT home, but as they don't know where home is - it doesn't matter. Meanwhile on Facebook I often see people checking in to "bed" with a full address :/

Climate models need revising: Droughts, heat waves not such a big deal

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Suggest that people watch "How To Grow A Planet" on the BBC - the final part is on this week (Tuesday I think). Amazing stuff. I had never given flowers so much credit before. The evidence shows that not only did plants once rule the planet, plants also restored the planet after the mass extinction event caused by the asteroid. The way they do it is quite simple - seeds.

EU shoves telly signals aside for next-gen mobile broadband

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I am unsure why they believe we want to roam?

If they are still charging the sorts of prices roaming costs today - then I and most people I know will leave the mobile at home when travelling. I still have no idea how exactly they can justify the prices they are charge - especially for data - most networks charge something like £2.50 per 1mb - while that practice continues - for the vast majority of normal people (read people who aren't rich) - that's something they just cannot afford.

Symantec sues rivals in backup patents spat

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re: the patent system

The Patent system is not just broke - it is now beyond a joke - here is the proof that was brought to my attention a few days ago.


This patent - discusses how to shine a laser on a wall and move it about to "exercise a cat" and "entertain the owner" - this patent was granted in 1995 meaning that everyone since 1995 who has ever done this could potentially be sued......

Apple demands US ban on Samsung's Galaxy Nexus

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Since Australia

Since the quote Apple made in Australia "people who buy the Galaxy Tab are lost Apple customers that we may never get back" (or something along those lines) - it's painfully obvious that Apple is terrified (and rightly so) that people will regard the Android platform as being more powerful and useful than iOS is - and rather than fix what is broken with iOS - they would rather go for the easy option - wipe out the competition. I actually find it slightly sad but mostly worrying - that when Apple start copying Android (and others with cloud integration, notifications stored in a swipe down bar, "multitasking") suddenly the new OS is buggy and the acclaimed "magical" battery life that all iDevices apparently have - suddenly halves. Clearly not as talented as those Apple devs are proclaimed to be....... They want to be careful though - if their next iDevice release is nothing more than an upgrade - like the last one - they are really going to anger their fanbase.

As for this Patent war - Apple have become a bit too public with their hatred of Samsung - and it is clearly for more than just Android - losing court cases and then appealing and re-appealing is really coming across as "Apple throws toys out of pram".

It will be interesting to see what happens when (if) Google really do release a Google branded entertainment device - will Apple have the balls to sue Google directly instead of dancing around the topic suing everyone involved with Google?

Russians drill into buried 20 million-year-old Antarctic lake

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Um.... I don't like those maths.

According to what I have read.... they should have frozen samples from the lake in 10 months time..... I do wish it had taken them another month..... because by my reckoning now + 10 months is December....

When does the world end again?

New dole system is 'digital by default', like it or not

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Oh dear...

I know most of the people who work in the Jobcentres have absolutely no interest in your welfare or their job - but I assume the end result of this scheme is to make a good 80-90% of them unemployed too?

Facebook litters Timeline with apps

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Not that I am suggesting they are not underhanded enough to purposely retain your data but -

I suspect what they mean is that as Facebook will have a huge quantity of backups - while you may delete your current data entirely from the site - they will not manually trawl through all their backups and delete any data that relates you to, and so you cannot sue for them for not doing so.

Apple wants to OWN YOUR VERY SOLE

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Oh look at that - Apple patents more tech that already exists.......

Windows 8 hardware rules 'derail user-friendly Linux'

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Apologies for being slightly technically behind here -

Does this secure signing system apply to only operating systems on the hard disk - or does it apply to USB / CD / DVD systems too?

eg - are the days of downloading a distro and running (NOT INSTALLING) it from CD going out of the window?

Doomsday Clock ticks one minute closer to annihilation

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But all I see is text - even in the link - is there not a graphical representation of this hypothetical clock somewhere?

Microsoft seeks patent on employee spy system

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....it'll be available on the public internet.....

Well if certain companies haven't yet learnt that SCADA and IP Cameras are not meant to be accessible on the public internet - I can only assume many many companies would suddenly end up with their orwelian database / computer system accessible to the public internet too.

Mobile operators warned on 'unlimited' data gouging

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Vodafone are actually the worst!

Back when the HTC Desire was launched - it came with a 500mb limit despite the iPhone having a 1GB limit (and no multi-tasking) - lot's of us took to the forum to ask why the limit was so low and were told "it's only a soft limit, if you go over it - you won't be charged - if you continuously go over it - we will have to look at what options are available on a case by case basis" on that basis a lot of us decided it seemed like the best option.

Thankfully I saw sense and pulled out at the last minute and went to Three (who were offering 1GB at the time) but a good 300-400 people (based on Facebook conversations, Twitter conversations and forum conversations) opted for Vodafone who waited until people had their nice shiny new HTC Desire then changed the terms to a hard cap which you would be charged for going over. I reported them to trading standards complete with print-outs of what official staff had told us in the forum and what their webpages said.

I'm just glad I moved to Three who upgraded me to The One Plan with All You Can Eat Data with no fuss when they introduced the new plan 2 months after I got my phone. In case you wondered - tethering is allowed and encouraged - and has a faster upload and download than my fixed line 8mb business broadband (which syncs to the exchange at the full 8128k)

Also - Three actually have a signal where people live - ie I'm in the Scottish Borders, in a village with about 200 houses, but still get a 1.7mb down and 1.2mb up on Three.

Punctured Google+ leaks bored users

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Being built into ICS will probably do a lot to help - additionally when a writeable API is released so that other applications can post on your behalf - that will make a big difference.

My biggest issues at the moment is with Pages, the only way to see if you have notifications is to "switch" to your page and click on the notifications stream. There is no automated way to post to your page - everything is manual - that's a big stumbling block.

I have a Facebook Page for BordersWeather and a Twitter account, both post things like road condition alerts, upcoming severe weather, met office warnings and daily reports. Currently I have to copy and paste everything to Google+ which means Google+ doesn't get updated as often or as timely as twitter and facebook do.


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Been using BeWeather for months.

As accurate as the HTC Sense weather widget and app.

It uses Weather Underground for it's data which like accuweather and pretty much every other weather website going uses the output data from the NCEP GFS data model which updates 4 times a day. The live "now" data comes from your nearest weather station which includes personal weather stations - so for instance in Greenlaw the app defaults to using my personal weather station since it is only a few metres away from my current location :)

As to the poster who suggested it didn't support multiple locations - it does - you simply add each location and you can access the locations via a dedicated widget for each location or by swiping left and right in the app to change to another location.

Killer smart meters torch Aussie homes!

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In Canada according to a friend there is a real concern that Smart Meters cause cancer.....

just throwing this out there :)

Google signs Deepak Chopra and Madonna in TV blitzkrieg

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Ofcom to finally yank sat broadband biz off the air

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So.... what about TwoWay that suddenly jumped into all the advertising breaks on the TV over the weekend - I ended up visiting their website just to see if they really were as good as they proclaim.....

Given the choice of using "patchy 3G" (their words) or -

pay - £89.99 a month for 10mb down / 4mb up with a cap of 25GB

plus - £199.99 for the equipment

plus - £99.99 for the install -

I'll take 3G ta :)

(and before anyone says anything about only being able to get 3G in cities - I'm in the Scottish Borders - there are maybe 300 houses in this village - but we get Three here with no problems - indeed large amounts of the Scottish Borders do.... and in this village at least - they are the only network with 3G. In terms of connection and latency - it beats my business broadband 8mb connection - which is actually synced to the exchange at 8128k)

Android upgraded to be more resistant to hack attacks

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Because Windows was never built for security in mind.

Take this example -

on any Windows XP machine pre SP3 -

If you were to schedule a windows scheduled task to run explorer.exe and then kill explorer.exe before the task runs - when windows runs the task it runs it as "SYSTEM" - that's an account that has more privileges than the Administrator account. Once windows has run explorer.exe you are now a SYSTEM user and can change anyone's password, uninstall any protected software and even delete c:\windows if you really want to. This was due to the fact that for some reason the designers programmed windows scheduled task to execute all it's tasks with superuser permissions :/

Note that in order to pull this off - you have to schedule the task using the command line.

Apple wins for now: no Galaxy 10.1 in Oz

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Let's hope that Samsung get things going their way when they start filing for injunctions against the iPhone4S and possibly the iPhone back catalogue......

Samsung sets back smartphone launch for Steve J

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Android has had voice actions since at least Android 2.1 but in Android 2.2 (released last summer) they got even better - just like Apple's new fancy voice assistant - Android 2.2 users can also:

Send an email, Send a text, Set an Alarm, Call Someone, Do a Google Search, Get driving instructions - all by speaking to their phone.

Here is a review of the system by pocketnow http://youtu.be/0L_IhqGcRM8?t=8m32s and just like the Apple system - most users will probably never use it.

I have already noticed a huge issue with the Apple system - in the advert for it it is all about how you can use it handsfree - but the reality is the more complicated stuff (getting share prices, finding a restaurant, looking up the weather, etc etc) only deliver the information you requested to the screen and is NOT read out by the TTS. - Android has this issue too.

Samsung, Google delay next-gen Nexus launch

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It really is no different from the likes of E4 a few years ago not showing an Episode of "One Tree Hill" that features a shooting in a school - which rather unfortunately was due to be broadcast about a week after there had been a shooting in an American school.

There is no reason they could have broadcast the episode - but they decided not to out of respect - even though the families in America wouldn't have had any idea whether E4 did or didn't show it.

There are also some people suggesting the Jobs' funeral could well be on Tuesday and that a number of Google employees will probably be going to it.

What's not in the iPhone 4S ... and why

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It works pretty much the same way the Android does it -

It records your voice, sends the entire sample (you asking a question) over the internet to their servers which process the file and send data back to the phone.

Obviously I am unable to comment on the Apple system (although you will probably find someone who can as this functionality has apparently been contained in an app which has now been removed from the Apple store) - but the Google system works brilliantly - it even works with the background noise of driving on a motorway (I was a passenger). The Apple system is intriguing because while the Google system can do most of what the Apple system can do - the Apple system seems to have the ability to cope with context and states.

Google+ inertia sets in at Chocolate Factory

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The people who actually made Google+ though - they are the ones using it (and other Googlers)...

https://plus.google.com/111499908439497508351 (Punit Soni)

https://plus.google.com/113127438179392830442 (Paul Irish)

https://plus.google.com/112599748506977857728 (Andy Rubin)

https://plus.google.com/104380091028556940918 (Nicolas Maurette)

https://plus.google.com/115695578304416858659 (Melissa Daniels)

https://plus.google.com/105006381068870463173 (Colleen Henry)

https://plus.google.com/108159551615224338529 (Kelly Ellis)

https://plus.google.com/110563351377427897709 (David Glazer)

https://plus.google.com/107117483540235115863 (Vic Gundotra)

https://plus.google.com/102991700177087923792 (Vanessa Schneider)

https://plus.google.com/109895887909967698705 (Natalie Villalobos)

https://plus.google.com/113686253941057080055 (Brian Rose)

https://plus.google.com/106792630639449031994 (Frances Haugen)

https://plus.google.com/109412257237874861202 (Matt Cutts)

https://plus.google.com/115863474911002159675 (Brad Fitzpatrick)

https://plus.google.com/113882113745075873153 (Dave Besbris)

.....and plenty more..... these people (above) all posted within the last 2 days.

The iPhone 4S in depth: More than just a vestigial 'S'

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....and still nothing has changed.

Lot's of people thinking Siri is amazing and wonderful and can't wait to try this ground breaking technology that Apple has obviously just invented.

The fact that Android has had Voice Actions for the last 2 years - seems to be yet again overlooked.

I will however concede - I am interested in Siri - but there are rumours that suggest we all hang tight until ICS is released.....

Facebook: 'We didn't patent stalking logged-off users'

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not more patent stuff!

I can only assume they will now be attempting to sue Google which also allows you to interact with their service without "repeatedly logging in".

I assume this patent simply means that a user can click "like" on any domain across the web which has the iframe or javascript version of the "like" button installed on its pages.

In which case - a user can also "+1" a page or send a tweet from a page that is not directly related to either service too..... contact the lawers in 3....2.....1.....

Amazon to whup Apple rivals when Kindle Fire hits UK

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Much as the Fire looks interesting - there is no way I am paying any money to Amazon for a product that comes from the Apple side of doing things - eg:

We could have added SD removable storage without really increasing our manufacturing costs at all - but we decided not to - so the 8GB on board is all you have whether you like it or not.....

Um..... no thanks.

'Delayed' Facebook iPad app claims lead coder casualty

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If I were a betting man....

I would assume that Facebook are running scared of Google.

There are more Android users every day than there are iPhone users this is now fact.

Facebook ruined their relationship with Google over the contacts issue and Facebook have publicly tried to wipe the floor with Google - and failed.

Deeper integration into the OS probably means things like - sharing a webpage directly to Facebook, taking a photo with the camera and sharing it directly to Facebook.

Because of the Intents system on Android this is already possible without having to have deep integration - but Facebook are obviously relying on the fact that the easier it is to post something to Facebook direct from the phone - the more people will use it.

Now though they are probably assuming (as am I) that Ice Cream Sandwich will likely feature Google+ integration directly into the OS - this would likely mean that a good 60-70% of Ice Cream Sandwich users would share to Google+ over Facebook.

It's really funny actually - if Facebook wanted to keep Android users - using the service - all they have to do is release an app that works, is not overly slow to do anything with, works on a low bandwidth connection - and most importantly - the core part of Facebook....... GIVES ME A NOTIFICATION WHEN SOMETHING HAPPENS!

The Twitter app and the G+ app both manage (in the most part) to deliver a realtime notification when something happens. Facebook for some reason over the course of the life of the application have never managed this :/

Facebook's complexity will be its doom

Andrew Jones 2

All I know is......

at 8:30am today - I had a Hangout with Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) on Google+ so therefore G+ wins for me (plus the app actually works)

Google+ opened to world+dog

Andrew Jones 2

for Android users....

For Android users having a social network that actually works on their phone AND gets realtime (most of the time) notifications is a big win for Google.

Facebook have updated their app countless times for Android but they seem incapable of making the most basic part of the app work - we get NO notifications at all - not even polled notifications. Nada.

(oh except Messages - which aren't really messages, event invites and friend requests)

Did Bahraini activists closet anti-gay bus baron?

Andrew Jones 2


Use PHP or whatever language.

Check the HOST and the Referrer in the header of the page request?

return 404 for any probable proxies?

Not exactly rocket science :/

Google offers opt-out from Wi-Fi router location database

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What a load of tosh.

1) As an Android user I can confirm that in over a year of using the Location services I have never had an ad "pushed" onto me because of my location.

2) Google no longer collects WiFi MAC's since the "sniffing" escapade - they now do it in exactly the same way that every other company does it - via an app. As I understand it - the Google Maps application sends the MAC addresses of visible access points along with the cell tower you are connected to. If the location database contains MAC addresses and cell phone tower the phone then uses aGPS to get a quicker lock based on the approximate lat and long the database gives the phone. I would imagine that when the phone acquires a GPS lock it will then send it's current lat and long to Google which will help to further fine tune the location database.

Skyhook (as far as I know) were actually the first company to start using WiFi MAC's for geolocation.

Personally I find the service invaluable as GPS is a battery hog and some apps (HTC Sense Weather) will get your approximate location from Google via the location database and use that instead of activating the GPS.

3) What Google and every other company using this idea are doing is not wrong or illegal - YOU are using an unlicensed radio frequency - it's being broadcast to anyone in the immediate area. It is no different from standing outside your house and shouting a random phrase in italian - anyone who happens to be passing by who understand Italian knows what you are saying and can tell whoever they like that you were standing outside shouting it.

4) Hiding your SSID will actually stop your MAC going into the Google database - providing you never connect to it while using the Google location services.

MPs blast dole-office-online plans

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only 17% online...

That will be because the website is as bad as the in-building job search computers are.

If you tell it you are looking for a job within 30 miles - you expect to see jobs within 30 miles.

But no, it will show you jobs 30 miles away, 100 miles away, Germany, Spain and France. More often that not it will favour the jobs that are further away and stick them all at the beginning of the search results list.

Green energy and jobs will cripple the UK economy

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this is a title

The whole green thing is a nonsense anyway - oooo let's ban incandescent lightbulbs so people are forced to go with toxic CFL's that must be disposed of with a proper cleanup program rather than just throwing them in the bin when they are done. Oh wait - that's not really publicised is it?

The fact is though - that people using CFL's are not really saving the environment because the heat output from your normal 100w bulb is lost when replaced with a CFL and therefore people have to spend slightly more on the cost of heating a property.

While we are on it - insulating attics is another big one in this country too - oooo save the environment insulate your attic..... yes well after the winter that we've had - this winter we are sticking 20w light bulbs into the attic and leaving them on all winter - slight rise in electricity cost is outweighed by having to replace huge amounts of gutter thanks to snow that doesn't melt when it lands on the roof, freezes and brings down slates and gutter and weatherboard and causes thousands of pounds of damage when it finally starts to thaw!!


Andrew Jones 2

only way to remove it....

I have often wondered about these claims.

Surely on any handset - rooted or not - "Reset to factory default" will remove ANY paid or free phone recovery app?

Additionally almost every phone (even dumbphones) have a *# "secret" number well publicised on the net of how to enable a reset to factory defaults.

Mystery railway buys 80 terabytes of Flash

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Doesn't flash.....

Doesn't flash memory still have a write life that is magnitudes less than traditional Hard Drives?

Not to mention the other advantage of Hard Drive storage - if it breaks, swap it out. Don't need to replace the whole 80TB in one go!

This is the same problem with these people who think boxes that perform many functions are a great idea... a TV with freeview built in and a DVD player is a very BAD idea - if one unit breaks when you send it for repair you have just lost your DVD, Freeview and TV all in one go. If they were separate then when the DVD player goes - at least you still have a TV and Freeview while it is getting repaired.


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