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US cedes control of net governance


ICANN and EU Telecoms prison package

Vivian Reding declared herself the number 1 defender of net neutrality in Europe, as the same time as telling us that the non-neutrality clauses in the EU Telecoms package will strenghten neutrality.

I am sure ICANN was an imperfect entity, but it would be good to that any joining Board members had as a minimum agreed to support the Internet principles.


Wireless carriers gear up to fight FCC’s net neutrality plans

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Meanwhile this very week in Brussels..

the conciliation process has begun on the EU Telcoms Package, where Conservative Meps Harbour, and Chicester will be blocking a re-examination of the non-neutrality clauses which scraped though the EU parliament in May.

Given 4g/LTE assumes a single Data Transport layer using the same protocols as our fixed broadband access networks, then neutrality and transparency becomes basic properties of the network if they are to deliver user experiences in a consistent manner.

The UK policy makers, including the Digital Britain avoided the subject like the plague. If you treat spectrum as a national resource to deliver services in an open transparent manner you should not auction it off to the highest bidder, without first defining what a national data transport should deliver and on what terms



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