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Business leaders call for health cuts


What about the Banks?

Why is nobody in government demanding the return of what the bankers took? Sure, they are chattering about some kind of tax, but guess who will get to pay that through higher rates?

"Too big to fail" has placed the whole country at risk of failure.

The banks create money from nothing (using their reserve/asset ratio) to lend to us AT INTEREST. Money is placed in circulation by the Bank of England AT INTEREST.

"Money" is (created from nothing) and lent to UK PLC to cover borrowing AT INTEREST

Money that was used to bail out these banks is lent to us again AT INTEREST.

They used the country like a casino and when they lost, the house made good on their debts then told us we'd have to forgo our way of life to make up the shortfall, AND NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT IT. AND THE BASTARDS ARE STILL GAMBLING WITH OUR FUTURES USING DERIVATIVES!

How would you like to pay another Multi Billion invoice when (not if) these gamblers lose again?


Dell Perot deal sparks insider dealing charges



the SEC was asleep the day someone made an absolute pile on puts on certain Airlines back in late 2001. Interesting how sometimes they are totally on point, and sometimes...

Ach, I must just be one o' them crazy conspiracy nuts.



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