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TomTom Oz to repeat Netherlands data sale


Falling sales?

I imagine the rise of smartphones and the free GPS that gives most users is hurting Tom Tom's bottom line.

Gotta make their money somewhere.


James Cameron to amp up Avatar frame rate


RE: Re: RE: Every movie is not expected to be Memento

I think I failed to get my point across clearly. I wasn't implying that all movies should be the same as Memento, just that I would take a far smaller number of films if they were on a par with it. Not to sound like a Chris Nolan fanboi, but Dark Knight was good, though nothing like Memento, and as you say, Zombieland was excellent.

But for every Memento there are 50 I still Know What You Did Last Summer's.


RE: Every movie is not expected to be Memento

Why not? Would demanding a higher level of originality and intelligence in our films be a bad thing? Personally I would rather Hollywood's output dropped off by 80-90% if we saw an equivalent rise in quality.

Who knows, maybe if more films were actually worth seeing, more people might actually pay to go watch them. Radical, I know.

Google Cloud Connect: The limits of a Microsoft makeover

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Self-entitled git

"One Reg reader took issue with the plugin's inability to provide cross-platform collaboration, arguing that Google isn't giving users what they expect from the service. "After using [Google Cloud Connect] for a while, I see Microsoft has nothing to worry about," he said. "Classic bait and switch!""

Yes, how dare Google offer you a free service that doesn't do everything you wanted. You should demand back every penny you spent on it, you tit.

UK probes ebook pricing


"it's only a matter of time before there is a rebellion against high eBook prices via piracy"

Have you seen how many posts there are on alt.binaries.ebook

School caretaker harassed after Islamists hack EDL



"Doesn't help the islamists, it only makes their religion seem uncaring and wrong."

As opposed to all the religions that are correct? :-)

MS drops drive pooling from Windows Home Server


What ever happened to "gramar"?

It went the same way as spelling.

Novell breakup and sale imminent, says report


At the risk of appearing even more troll-like...

"There is no part of Unix unlawfully put into Linux"

You know that, beyond a doubt? Every line of code in the Linux kernel has been compared against every line of code in Unix to verify this?

Sony updates PS3 system software

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If only Sony would add the features customers want...

I am currently on my fourth PS3 after the first two suffered laser failure (luckily replaced under warranty), and I traded the third in for a slim before it died too. I'm not interested in pirating games, but I would like the option to run my games from a hard disk to avoid wear and tear on the blu-ray drive.

If Sony won't provide this and other functions, what do they expect? I had to hack my PSP just to be able to use it as an ebook reader at the time. Since bought a Sony Reader though, so maybe that was their intent :-)

Linux wins the SCO vs Novell case


I wonder how much Novell had to spend fighting this?

I can't see them ever managing to claw it back from what's left of SCO.

Facebook back in Bangladesh



Way to buckle there Facebook. "...land of the free and the home of the brave" my arse.

Novell puts Identity Management into beta

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RE: ZenWorks?

ZENWorks doesn't do user provisioning, although it did, and still does, dynamic user creation on local workstation without needing an AD back-end.

Maybe it's time to actually look at the Novell product line-up and see what they do. NetWare is a very long time ago, and Novell still produces some fantastic (and some not so) software.

The problem is that unless it comes with an install MSI, and a troubleshooting wizard, most IT departments can't work it out.

Newzbin code leak could lead to return of Usenet indexer


I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

Wow, MPAA "wins" a legal battle that'll have no effect on stopping piracy. They must have all loved whack-a-mole as kids...

Novell (not SCO) owns UNIX, says jury


"It's a setback," SCO trial lawyer said.....

....before launching a fresh attack upon a defenceless dead horse.

E-book readers are a satisfied lot


Which Sony?

I didn't see the gadget show, but I suspect they were using one of the newer Sony's, either the 300 or 600. These are reflective because of the touch screen. The 505 doesn't have this problem at all, and is still the best Sony reader to go for, IMHO

Church of England takes on Ofcom


To save them the trouble...

why not simply scrap the church and sell off all their assets to help the country recover from the recession? They must have some prime real estate that plenty of property developers would be more than happy to snap up (we do still have some property developers, don't we?).

Oh, hang on. Then what do we do with all those useless priests? I need to re-think this...

Asus confirms e-book reader trio


They should learn from the records industry

Usenet and BT sites are already rife with ebooks, and because of the small size for each book it would only take a couple of seconds to download the latest best seller. If the publishers don't wake up and move with the times quickly they will soon find that their future business has already been destroyed by the freetards.

Sony Reader PRS-600 Touch Edition


Seems to be a trend..

..but after waiting for the launch of the 300 and 600 I also went for the 505. The new devices have a lower contrast ratio making the text more grey than black, and the touchscreen also suffers from more glare. For those who really want wi-fi (and a 7-inch screen) there is a 900 model that's coming in a couple of months (December in the USA).

Also, after trying the Sony software for about 2 minutes I installed Calibre. Far better e-library tool.

Aussie Sex Party in evangelist head-to-head


Gotta be a sacrifice, right?....

Couldn't possibly being anything so innocuous as a spilt bottle of wine, or a kids prank. These are the types of moron who, when they hear hoof-beats think zebra! not horse.

Why are people like this allowed to setup a church, get granted tax breaks, and allowed to pour their garbage into the ears of impressionable lackwits? Surely if you are, quite rightly, not allowed to spout lies about someone without fear of the slander laws, you should not be allowed to make sweeping claims that pagans are committing blood sacrifices in order to influence government. Make them prove their claims under threat of disbanding their church and taking down their bile-spewing website. Make a few examples of these lunatics, and discourage other fact-dodgers for talking absolute bollocks at every turn.

Phew, I feel better for getting that off my chest.... :-)

Red Hat mocks Meltdown in Q2

Paris Hilton

@AC 01:09


Explain how Novell making a profit == losing money? I'm not an accountant so maybe I misunderstood the word profit.

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