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Opera targets mobile with email acquisition

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me too!

Honest question - nothing against Opera, but how does owning Fastmail help them?

But yeah, "me too!" I've been using it for several years now. It only gets better.

* Custom sieve scripts for filtering, with SpamAssassin tie-ins and virus filtering

* mail for user@fastmail.fm can be sent to made-up names like sites.amazon@user.fastmail.fm - will go to sites folder or top level if amazon folder doesn't exist - great for tracing the source of spam!

* Subscribers can use their own domains

* Multiple personalities

* WebDAV and FTP accessible storage

* good web UI, ridiculous number of configuration options

* support for PUSH-IMAP. I use K-9 on my android and just select the folders I want pushed to

* I've never experienced any downtime!

* Responsive techsupp, active forums. People that use and run this service know how to get the most of it.

Hope they're all rich now, but stick around to keep up the good work anyway!


iPhone gets a decent keyboard

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Pay attention, Google!!!

Sadly, Google Android also ignores this important standard. It would be a big differentiator, IMHO. Happily, 3rd party solutions are becoming available for android as well:


Personally I LOVED being able to take notes for a days worth of meetings, without having to worry about battery life or lugging around a laptop + A/C. If I have a long document to write, or want to emails/letters to family/friends in a coffee shop, it's so much faster and easier to pull a phone and keyboard out of my coat pocket than to set up a laptop. Is it for everyone? No. But wtf, pda keyboards have been around for 10y. To not support them is idiotic.


WinAmp update fades out critical media player flaws

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@Iron Oxide: +1

I agree. The features I use have been in place for >10y. AOL keeps making it worse. Although I do like the CD/mp3 burning, and shoutcast directory. They need to make a Lite version without video/browser bloat.

I'm using 5.0.x, with an older classic skin. Hotkey support, so I can control volume/track/etc without leaving current app. Have a VU behind a transparent taskbar (NVidia drivers) in WinXP. Can control from any room in my house using a logitech 2.4GHz joystick via the RMX plugin. Also works great as a simple shoutcast server. Low memory footprint, stays out of the way... what else do you need?


USB 3.0 slouches towards Bethlehem

Steve 11


On my laptop I run a java app server, database, browser, IDE, etc etc, all of which can be I/O intensive. Plenty fast, UNLESS I forget my eSATA expresscard adapter. I'll happily switch to USB3 just as soon as it supports Native Command Queuing, etc.

On an aside, too bad the expresscard slot and eSATA port are curiously missing on the new 15.4" Macbook Pro. Shame.



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