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Free Android apps often secretly make calls, use the camera

Tony 32

Fix the real issue

educate the users

Fans revolt over Amazon 'adware' in Ubuntu desktop search results

Tony 32

man find

Got to say since I started using linux back in 2005 never used the GUI search tools. Just pop up a terminal, find and grep do the job nicely

Google plucks Gmail app maker Sparrow from the sky

Tony 32

Re: £6.99 ?

It has an existing userbase on iOS and a good reputation, in big business that is worth a lot!

Boffins cobble up phone-powering footwear

Tony 32

Think the other way

Instead of putting the tech into footware put it into the surfaces. Imaging a carpet (or tiles) in busy airport...... how much power could be generated ? True it would be a pain to clean and have a other issues.

Revealed: Secret security plan should Kate leave Wills at the altar

Tony 32

If this was a soap

Then Kate would make it to the alter but decline Wills and turn to Harry, quick snog and then both dissapear into a waiting blacked out limo

Microsoft files monopoly complaint against Google

Tony 32
Gates Horns

Pot calling the kettle ........

M$ is clearly feeling threatend not only in the webspace but also in the OS and Phone OS areana. TBH I am suprised it has taken so long for them to file this.

BMI taken out by Anonymous

Tony 32
Thumb Up

Glad to see

i was not the only person wondering that......

Wii Countdown conundrum brands family 'SH*THEADS'

Tony 32
Paris Hilton

Goes to online Cambridge Dictionary

Just like the Bible the English Dictionary contains some entries not suitable for all.

shithead /noun/

/ˈʃit.hed/ n [C] offensive


a stupid, unpleasant and unpopular person

That little shithead has screwed things up again.

(Definition of shithead noun from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)


Mexico demands apology for Top Gear outrage

Tony 32

Viewing figures must of been dropping

What a great way to get "Top Gear" on the front pages and more people to tune in

Is this the world's dirtiest PC?

Tony 32

What no.....

Hot Choc, cigarette ash or other food substances? My brothers PC was something from Gordon Ramseys Kitchen nightmares.

Also while working in a Manufacturing Location have opened up old dells to find an inch of filth covering the Motherboard.

Demon splurges details of 3,600 customers in billing email

Tony 32

LOL Maybe time to switch

I spent a hour of so with Demon tech support last night and basically told to wait 36 hours to see if my problem goes away......... Maybe this is a sign to swap providers.

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