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Futuristic head-mounted PC launching in 2010

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Golden-i designed for Industrial Applications

First Industrial applications for hands-free computing and communications

Later Pro-sumer versions - sleeker, smaller, more stylish design in development now for i-Phone, Blackberry, N-95 users that also interface frequently with PCs, Servers, etc and are highly mobile. Golden-i can control up to 7 other devices, like you control applications on your PC desktop.

Golden-i may use Windows CE 6.0, but with natural voice it can control your company servers, you PC where ever it is sitting. Linked on to a PC, desktop or even aCRAY Computer with 4G wireless interface, Golden-i puts the full power and capabilities of these larger machines completely under the users control - while highly mobile !

By the way, Golden-i's 6-Axix solid state position sensor monitors real-time velocity and acceleration, so if your driving a vehicle once you pass say 3-5 MPH, the high resolution shuts down. The moment you slow down or stop the vehicle the full high resolution display automatically comes back. When your moving rapidly in a vehicle, Golden-i provides an enlarged simple to glance at one line text, with substantiall enhanced audio interface.

You can ask Golden-i questions and Golden-i can respond with audio speech of it's own. Smartest ,easiest to use GPS interface, Internet browsing, etc. you have ever used when your mobile or otherwise.

Golden-i is very - very light. None industrial use versions will 60 % smaller in volume.

Interesting comments - seems like reading initial comments about the practicality of the first automobiles, Bell's telephone or airplanes.

Attend a major conference where Golden-is are being demonstrated and try one out. Several thousand people already have - several thousand individuals have been very pleased . . .



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