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Brussels changes its mind AGAIN on .EU domains: Euro citizens in post-Brexit Britain can keep them after all


Bye Bye

Looking (from the outside) at all the back and forth in GB politics in the last year I'm not quite sure this is only a EU issue. All this could have been properly arranged and agreed upon.

In any case, living and working in the region between Luxembourg and Frankfurt, I want to thank the british voters for all the business oportunities they have created already here for us in the region :)

All major UK ISPs prepping network-level porn 'n' violence filters


Peril Sensitive Sunglasses anybody ? Peril Sensitive Sunglasses !

How about spending the money on improving schools / education / childcare & active child protection. Ahh - forgot - that actually works and couldn't be (ab)used against the internet users / citizens / taxpayers

How Microsoft shattered Gnome's unity with Windows 95


..what do you mean "quite old" ????

I remember GEM I remember devloping for win311 in the OS/2 win emulation as it waas more stable then win95 and I remember a lo of other stuff. So if I can remember all that how con you call me old old stuff doesn't have that much memory. pfff


Girl Geek Dinner lady: The IT Crowd is putting schoolgirls off tech


I'd love emancipation...

We have been hiring apprenitces for IT jobs the last couple of years. Unfortunately the female applicants (hope this is politically correct) made up about 5 perecent and were neiteher qualified NOR pretty so what is a man to do ....

Duke Nukem Forever


The Duke is dead long live ...anybody else

After waiiting for so long -played the PC version by the way - I was terribly disappointed. Sorry to say but I don't think it was woth a penny ... a pity I bought it before you guys wrote the review.

Unprecedented domain seizure shutters 84,000 sites

Paris Hilton

Great idea - if they think further..

..they'd have to arrest all their soldiers and federal agents immediately beacause some have been convicted of rape and/or murder and many other hideous crimes...and wouldn't that make the world a better place

Top Ten Retro PC Games


..ahhhh..much better..

.. as many before I have to say my list would look different. Missing Larry, Wing Commander, X-Wing with it's realy tough missions. LonngBow and many others. Nevertheless the article and the comments brought back great memories of the last 24 Years of PC gaming. A BIG THANK YOU for that.

Microsoft secretly yanks TechNet product keys


Back to the roots

I've just downloaded MSDOS/WIN311 again - strange it still doesn't require activation,..

they must have forgotten.

German court finds parent liable for child's file-sharing


Lost in translation?

Having read the ruling of the court (in the original) I would like to mention that the court in fact thinks that the husband was using the internet connection to share files(as seems likely by the songs offered). If the defendant would have been willing to identify/name the users responsible or possibly responsible she might not have been charged. Since she remained mute on this point the court sees her/her husband liable.(2.II.b )

Lack of supervision was mentioned only as "auxiliary reason" (hope this is correctly translated into english) explaining that the parents knew the possible dangers, Despite this awareness they were incapable to check the actions of their children. Since the children were aware of this incapability this resulted in effect in a complete lack of supervision in this point.

Unfortunately the court does not explain what measures would have been required and even mentions that this ruling does not set standards as to liability of the owner of an internet connection if a third party is using it for unlawful purposes like sharing of copyrighted material.(II.2. 2nd paragraph).

Online ID theft, an employee IT security guide

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