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UH OH: Windows 10 will share your Wi-Fi key with your friends' friends


Sharing Credentials is not PASSIVE, the user must chose to do it!

I really dont see what the fuss is here.

Wifi Sense only shares credientials that YOU tell it to share on a per network basis. If you want your network to remain private, then dont share it!

Microsoft's ARM blunder: 7 reasons why Windows RT was DOA


Lies and FUD about WindowsRT.

"The bottom line is that Windows RT isn't Windows – and we mean that quite literally: Windows RT is Windows in name only."

RT is a direct port of Windows 8 to ARM. What part of that simple sentence don`t you understand?

Windows Phone 8 reboot woe causes outpouring of forum misery


HTC cant write firmware for toffee

Looks like this issue is primarily affecting HTC handsets - and I have to say I am not surprised.

My last HTC (WP7) device rebooted in exactly this way until they released a firmware update some 4 months later. HTC support were completey and utterly useless thoughout the entire debacle.

those posters who are pointing the finger at microsoft might want to remember that MS write and test the OS, but its the manufacturer who writes and tests the firmware for their handset. This is HTC`s failure.

I`ll never buy another HTC phone again.

Steve Jobs must face the music in court

Jobs Horns

Let the dogs loose.

Finally the antritrust dogs are sniffing at Apple`s door. They will not go away. Expect multiple antitrust cases spanning years.... maybe a decade. And LOTS of fines.

Apple is where microsoft was in the nineties. Monopolistic, anti-competitive, and too arroagant to care.

I can`t wait. This is going to be fun.

Apple clips publishers' wings

Jobs Horns

Where is the court summons?




What part of "this is anticompettitive, and therefore illegal" don`t apple understand??

We must draw the line here. No further. This MUST stop.

Apple scraps 'never-formed plans' for iPhone SIM in 2011

Jobs Horns

Jobs Does it again...

Jobs Does it again.... More Control for Apple, less choice for consumers. This guy never ceases to amaze me.

When do the antitrust lawsuists start? Please? Someone?

Sweden to issue international arrest warrant for Assange


This is a stitch up.

Hang on a minute.... Sweden CLEARED him back in AUGUST....and now they are changing their mind??? There is something VERY fishy going on here..


Big Brother

Something fishy here

Of course, these charges are completley genuine, and the American government are in no way involved.


McCanns join CEOP quango row


2 down 1 to go!

The loss of Gamble and the absorption of CEOP into a bigger organisation is to be applauded. And I can`t believe its the tories that made that happen.

Now if they could just ban the Mcanns from making further ill-conceived press releases, I`d be happy as larry.

Brit consumers shun the iPad - for now


Ipod chunky wins hearts of posers

Its just an expensive posers toy / lifestyle accessory / status symbol.

Its not a sensible peice of computing gear, and it certainly doesn` t solve any pressing usability issues.

"Style over substance" - isn`t that apple`s new tag line? , alongside "F**k Adobe, I am god", of course ;-)

Adobe should re-run those iconic 1984 adverts with a couple of tweaks (i.e. Jobs` face projected onto the big screen) .

Retailers start PSP Go price war


sony hate the 2nd hand market

Sony don`t want you to sell your old games on, so here we are - the first ever games machine that stops you doing just that. Its the first step towards killing the second hand games market.

Don`t let them do it - don`t buy one of these satanic machines.

and to PIB - UMD`s were only criticised because sony was trying to force yet another movie format on us - there was never any criticism of UMD as a medium to store games on.

Windows Home Server upgrade recedes into the distance


Hang on a minute...

If you want a monitor on a WHS - then you can have one. Its only Sever 2003 with some mods, for gods sake.

WHS Treats my USB drives just fine, thanks for asking.

WHS doesn`t officially support any type of RAID set, although some run raid 1 on the system drive. Drive Extender tries to solve a different problem in a different way. You can`t really compare.

And if you want to run applications on it, then you`ve quite mad.

Its not rocket science mate.

And for the record, my whs has never locked up in 18 months. Only time it breaks is when I break it ;-)

People who moan about WHS generally either don`t understand what it is, or are just trolling.

802.11n Xbox 360 adapter inbound

IT Angle

Consumers can`t tell the difference

Your over estimating the capabilities of regular consumers. Most can`t tell the difference between XBL downloaded HD content and the "real" HD picture from a blu-ray.

Infact, most don`t see any reason to upgrade their legacy DVD player (or think upscaling players are just fine), so this whole point is pretty moot.

Blu ray will not become the ubuquitous format that DVD is for MANY years. Theres not enough perceived value in the format, so joe public will keep his old kit.

Blu-ray was a success in that it allowed sony to beat Toshiba in the format war. Other than that, its only served to push the price of the PS3 above the reach of most consumers. The rest is marketing spin.

"ONLY with the power of CELL and BLU-RAY" - yea, whatever.

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