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Steve Jobs gets Obama love

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There's a he'll of a difference between building a prototype and building a commercial product. Microsoft were trying to push tablets for years with very little success. Apple realised that to make a tablet work, you couldn't stick a desktop OS on it. Apple have always been about making things accessible to your average Jo, to Mum and Dad. So while Ceative were adding features and gimmicks to their music players, Apple focused on making them easy to use.

The public clearly see Apples products as innovative, they keep getting their wallets out and buying Apples products.

Apple is good for the tech industry, they help drive the market forward, do you really think we'd have seen the Galaxy tab if it wasn't for the iPad?

A multitasking iPad? Let's bin the netbook

Will 12

I have an iPad

and in my leisure time, the laptop rarely gets a look in.

iPad security broken in less than 24 hours

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I have one

I zipped over to NYC at the weekend and picked up an ipad or 3, here's my thoughts.

Its less powerful than my laptop, and less convenient than my iPhone, Im not sure it's a must have purchase for someone like me.

No need for the 3G version, have my iPhone running as a wireless hotspot, so can use that to allow the iPad to access the net.

Typing. Pretty easy to type quickly in landscape mode, annoyingly, it's far to easy to hit the n key instead of space.

Think I prefer reading books on the kindle, kindle is smaller and lighter.

Apple case is horrible, give me a leather one like the kindle.

Battery life is very good, watched 3 movies on the trip back and still had plenty of battery left.

There are definitely areas that need improving software wise, will be interesting to see what OS4 has for us.

Normal Human Being™ reviews the iPad

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I agree

I have one and I agree with her comments regarding books, I much prefer the kindle when it comes to book reading.

Bank security guru: Sue your bank for refund

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Suing companies to get what your entitled too, is far too often becoming the quickest and easiest route to getting satisfaction. It shouldn't be like that but it is.

Companies get one phone call and one letter/email from me now, then it's off to court. SOme even go as far as acknowledging the claim and then don't bother entering a defence.

I've won against, Halifax, Natwest, RBS, Ikea, Virgin, and game.

A total waste of everyones time and money.

MSI tells 97,000 customers to 'Read The F***ing Manual'

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Amazon Kindle support

After 30 minutes of 'support' I was told I needed a new USB cable, despite having already tried a different cable. Her script said, send another cable and nothing was going to stop her sending one. Expensive sending cables from the US, but the script must be obeyed.

Jesus Phone to exhibit holy gift of bilocation

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I've had multitasking enabled on my iPhone for ages, never needed to use it. I quite like doing one task without being interrupted. I've even set my email to only check for new messages every hour as I find constant email messages disruptive.

We all know men aren't good at doing more than one thing at a time

Experts rubbish iPhone for health use

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It would be useful to know

Which Blackberry and what types of applications they were testing.

Why would they need a phone? Why wouldn't an iPod Touch suffice?

Article raises more questions than it answers.

Putting an iPad through the Motions

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They would say that wouldn't they

They're scared ******* about the iPad and it stealing their market.

Brits take iTablet moniker for 12in iPad rival

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Tablet PC's

The reason tablets haven't taken off so far is that they have generally been rubbish, the interface to use them just doesn't work very well.

What Apple have done is made an appliance that does most of what your average internet user wants. They simplify their products, which of course infuriates the kind of people who post on here and Engadget. What people on here fail to realise time and time again is that the vast majority of people out there are not like them, they don't love computers and technology, they simply see them as a means to an end. They don't care if it has 3 USB ports, or if it can multitask, they care that it's easy to use, that it doesn't crash all the time, that it allows them to do what they want to do with the minimum of fuss.

The iTablet is heavy, will have a short battery life and I'd be stunned if it was cheaper than the iPad.

The iPhone and iPod succeeded, not because it was technically superior, but because the software it ran was so much better than the competition. So while on paper, all these PC tablets will seem technically superior to the iPad the user experience will be exactly the same as using a regular PC, and that is the iPads secret weapon, it will be just like using an iPhone or Touch, effortless and elegant.

I would also expect some degree of multitaking in OS 4

Apple offers hush money for dodgy iMacs

Will 12

Hardly hush money

I'd call that excellent customer service

Apple's iPad - fat iPhone without the phone

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Jobs Halo

Always the same

No USB, no SD card slot, no flash. When are you idiots going to get it through your thick skulls, normal people don't care! You're not normal people, you love tinkering with technology, most people don't. Most people don't know what the hell Ogg Vorbis is, is he the Danish Prime Minister?

Quite how you can all shout fail is beyond me, maybe in 12 months you'll have a smug grin on your face or maybe you'll have egg (although you'll never admit you're wrong). The iPhone has been a huge success, you all cried fail at that too.

The armchair experts on here have proved time and again they haven't a clue when it comes to the real world, Steve Jobs has proved he does and the sales figures prove it.

Get clue.

Apple iPad vs netbooks: fight not over yet

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You have to laugh

When you read comments like no sd slot, no replaceable battery, no Ethernet. What has Apple done in the last 5 years that gave you any impression they would give the iPad such things. Also, all te criticisms of the iPad are exactly the same as this that were made about the iPhone and iPod.

The people who comment on these boards have shown time and again that they know very little about what sells and why in the real world

Apple earnings leap 50 per cent

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I love it.

Apple continues to prove the geeks wrong by selling lots of their 'overpriced' products. It just goes to show that all the armchair experts on here don't understand the real world and how normal folks think.

They don't buy Apple products because they are expensive and exclusive (ok a small number may do) they buy them because the user experience is better and as more and more people are exposed to their products the better the numbers will be.

Looking forward to the new tablet as it will do it's job better than any other competing product out there and will do for ebooks what the iPod did for digital music. Of course the 'experts' will say some cheaper android device will do it cheaper but again they will miss the point.

iPhone gets a decent keyboard

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Jobs Halo

Of course they don't care

They're selling loads of them, they really don't care if a minority of geeks don't buy them. Your average consumer just wants the device to work, they don't care whether it's an open platform or not. They're telly or PVR isn't an open platform, so they don't expect their phone to.

Geeks just don't get it.

Apple cult leader emails outside world

Will 12

I feel for the guy

Lets say you run a Mac company and want to run a google adword advertising your services, you can't use the word Mac or Apple in your ad!

Its worth noting that Apple recently had to change the name of its mighty mouse because of trademark infringement.

Apple Time Capsule catches plague

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Jobs Horns


Apple seems to have problems with capacitors.

eMacs suffered from leaking capacitors

iMacs suffer from leaking capacitors

NVidia 7300 and 8800 cards in Mac Pros are dropping like flies with, yep, you guessed it leaking capacitors.

I'm an Apple consultant and a big fan of their products but this is getting silly guys.

Of course, under the sales of goods act, a product must last a reasonable amount of time so if I was these people I'd be sending a letter reminding Apple of that and if necessary, take them through the County Courts.

Apple breaks jailbreakers' hearts with iPhone 3GS patch

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"iPhone....your days are numbered" How many times did I hear this about the iPod? Hundreds of times, new MP3 players came out, had more features but ultimately faded in to obscurity.

The reality is, and its missed by most on here, most people don't care that they can't do whatever they want with their device. They're not interested in jailbreaking, they're not interested in running unsigned apps etc.

When people buy a car, most don't want to remap the engine, they don't want to switch off the driver aids, it's the same with technology, they don't care.

Of course, techies find this concept hard to understand.

Fanbois howl over data-munching Snow Leopard bug

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Jobs Halo


What a self righteous moron you are! Most people know how to switch a computer on and browse the web or send emails. Why, just because you're a geek who reads the register do you think that others have the same interest. What many on here fail to realise is, most people couldn't give a monkeys how their computers work, they just want to use them.

Also, you look down on those that appreciate aesthetics, why? Do we need pretty cars or furniture? No, but many studies have shown that our environment has an effect on us, positively or negatively and this includes computers. Can I build my own computer much more cheaply than I can buy a Mac? Of course, in the same way I can do my own DIY and car maintenance, however, I can't be arsed, I'd much rather be going away for the weekend and enjoying a beautiful place, or spending time with my loved ons doing something fun. Just because you want to install a new graphics card and brag about how many polygons it can draw doesn't mean most people do.

Arrogant tossers like you really P me off as you are unable to relate to NORMAL people who have made different choices to you.

Right, I feel better for that :-)

Will 12
Jobs Halo

Who really backs up?

I'm with Charles on this one, I deal with home users all the time, few have a decent backup strategy and I'm often left to pick up the pieces. I always promote backup solutions to new customers. Time machine makes the whole process so simple.

Amazon eyes wander as Royal Mail strike looms

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This seems to happen every couple of years.

I wouldn't mind so much if they managed to actually deliver my mail on time.

Ammo rationing at Wal-Mart as panic buying sweeps US

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only in America

is the right to bare arms more important that the right to free healthcare!!

Seriously Americans, get a grip. You're the only Democracy in the world who doesn't have free State healthcare, and you're the only one that's obsessed with owning guns. You have your priorities well and truly screwed up.

Apple seeks cure for iPhone battery woes

Will 12

@Mosh Jahan

"There are other phones that do everything the Iphone does and do it better."

Such as?

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