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Samsung Diva fashion phone


RE: Wait...

Do you really think the target market for this phone is going to care about things like 'specs' and 'value for money'?

Ladies - I weep for your gender.


UK university embraces iPhone


RE: Students?

#Gary Littlemore

A few hundred pounds is a small drop in the ocean of student debt which typically ends up around 10-15k pounds per student. Plus, the phone will last them during their entire time at Uni. I bet most students would happily tie themselves into a 3 year contract for the chance to get a really cheap iPhone.

Anyway, I think this is a great idea. Seriously, I am always impressed by these small, niche, novel iPhone apps. This one suits a specific purpose and could easily grow beyond it's current potential. Imagine listing events on campus, or having constant easy access to your own personal timetable of lectures/lab classes. With reminders too!

I could certainly have done with something like this when I was at Uni. This is cool, and it makes me happy. But also a little sad that I'm no longer at Uni.



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