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Polaroid 300 instant print camera


Great for getting pints.

I had one of the previous incarnations of this camera when it came out pre cam phone and it was the most social thing around. Actually being able to get the print and do the wavy dry dance (although this wasn't really needed) meant you were the centre of attention in the pub and I quite often didn't have to put my hand in my pocket as long as I took a few photos for people as keep sakes. I found a pile of them a couple of months ago and they made me laugh. I never thought I would say this but Gaga is spot on with this. Easy to use and brilliant craic.


Apple details iPad's 'breakthrough' mobile contract


Battery Replacement

Can anyone tell me if there is a hardwired reason that Apple iPods/Pads have to be permanently connected to the battery at all times? If there isn't then they are more than likely illegal in the UK as the Waste Battery and Accumulator Regs 2008 state that

7.—(1) No person shall place on the market an appliance into which a battery is or may be

incorporated unless that appliance is—

(a) designed in such a way that a waste battery can be readily removed from that appliance;


(b) accompanied by instructions showing how the battery can be removed safely and, where

appropriate, informing the end-user of the type of the incorporated battery.

There is a slight out in that

(2) Paragraph (1) shall not apply where for safety, performance, medical or data integrity

reasons continuity of power supply is necessary and requires a permanent connection between the

appliance and the battery.

I am sure that Apple can throw up any number of reasons why they come under this 'out' but everybody else seems to have to comply with their products, why not Apple?


Next-gen iPhone rumored for April


Removable Battery

Under Battery regulations from Europe you have to be able to remove batteries from any device containing one, except under specific circumstances to do with basic function, safety and security of the product. Since none of these factors apply to the iPhone in particular, then Apple face fines and bans if they do not comply. Watch for the spinning of the replaceable battery as a 'green' change. It kinda is, as that is why the regulations were written in the first place to enable easy recycling of the batteries. They could turn round and ignore the regulations again but that would really be taking the p*&^s.


Environment Agency goes to High Court for right to spy


Kinda missing the point

The EA can already quite happily walk onto private property if they suspect that you are breaking a number of waste laws. These are enshrined into the individual regulations for areas such as the Waste and contaminated lands,and the various Water pollution regulations. I can see the RIPA stuff extending their surveilance powers, and with organised crime a major factor in the illegal waste sector that seems sensible to me. Domestic waste is your councils problem not EA's so why don't you have a word with your local elected councillor. BTW wouldn't you rather the local police be nabbing the local hoodies rather than looking into crimes which require a degree in Environmental Science to understand. That is also why magistrates keep letting people off with ludicrously low fines for major pollution.



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