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AMD Phenom X2, X4, FX processor specs leak

Paul Lee

What ever......

@ Mr Lieberman: Ohh I see. You had your time polluting the envirnoment when the subject was not well understood and hence no one pointed fingers at you and your nation. Now as research and knowledge have improved and the subject has been understood better, you are pointing fingers to all others who are trying to develop and improve their countries and homes. Now how fair is that!!!!!

Besides, which ever countries has imported all those goods they have themselves to blame. Why? It is because the orders are generated by demands from consumers and particularly we all want goods and services to be cheaper while keeping our jobs and salaries increasing each year, it is natural for the companies to have something made in those Chinese or [slot any developing countries here] factories to archive that.

Furthermore, there are technologies avalible to improve the situation and who is withhelding all those wonderful technologies and not releasing to the developing countries? Who on earth has those technology exporting rules? I still remember 5 years ago I was looking at a Sun Microsystem carton box outside my shcool and has those rules printed as cautions and China was on the list of the countries that are forbidden to buy whatever equitment the box was containing.

I don't think I need to elaborate myself any more coz the point has been made.



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