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Microsoft picks October 26 for Windows 8 launch

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Re: Room 101

"The fact it's locked down so you can't install any other browser".

Oh and how likely is that given the mess MS are in with the EU over its "technical error" in removing the browser ballot screen on new Windows PCs?

Not very, in my opinion.

Behold: First look at Office 2013, with screenshots

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Re: Why - Oh Why waste so much money when Open Office & LibreOffice are free?

"Now Oracle raped sun will open office even exist?"

It's obvious that you are not a FLOSS user or you would be aware of the fork called LibreOffice and the transfer from Oracle to Apache of OpenOffice.

One of the plus points of FLOSS is that it is very hard to kill off a project. Just look at the fiasco that is Mandriva. Devs, and others decided that they did not have any confidence in the management at Mandriva so they started Mageia. Or closer to home look at what happened when Oracle tried to impose its will on the devs and users of Hudson, most people just upped sticks and started Jenkins. See, that's the point, there is generally a way out of FLOSS projects.

"The best it ever does is under the wing of Google or similar big companies where someones pumping money into the project but you can tweak and modify it."

Ever heard of Apache? just about the biggest thing connected with the internet; or how about Samba? Due to their win over Microsoft at the European Court Of Justice over the matter of interoperabilty we are now able to use Active Directory and all that goes with it through a competing project that has nothing to do with proprietary companies. Yes, big companies might support such efforts but usually because someone has the vision and intelligence to realise that doing so is in their best interest.

Study: Climate was hotter in Roman, medieval times than now

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Where in Egypt, exactly?

"In Roman times, Egypt was a major producer of wheat. Now it is a desert, so we've always known it was a bit colder back then."

I don't know which part of Egypt you are referring to but when I was in Upper Egypt a few months ago the place was far from being a desert, with lots of sugar cane etc. being grown and harvested. That's the river valley south of Cairo by the way. Lower Egypt especially the Delta is still extremely fertile and produces a huge amount of produce.

It may have been a bit WETTER back then, but that hasn't much to do with the change in temperature.

Oh, as to it being colder back then as you state; I'm glad I wasn't about then as when I was there in February it was freezing, the coldest winter for over thirty years I was told.

Review: Samsung Chromebox

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Re: Hmmmm

"I'd probably whack KDE on there".

Given that the specs are a little light I would have thought that a lighter desktop would be preferable. Something like XFCE or LXDE should fit.

"Someone should make a really focused Linux DE - browsing and media and apps only"

I don't know of one off the top of my head but I'm pretty sure that a look on Distrowatch.com might point you in the right direction. They list 722 distros of which 320 are considered live so there's a good chance that someone has already done the work on such a kiosk-like distribution.

Multimillion-pound hoard of 50BC GOLD PIECES found in Jersey

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Re: No Gold reported

Yes, if as reported the coins have been fused into a solid mass that would show that the vast majority are NOT gold.

Gold does not corrode; silver and bronze do, which would account for them sticking together. In any case if the hoard was of gold coins a half a tonne would be a damned sight more valuable that the £10 million that I have seen quoted.

Panasonic chief says no to low-cost OLED TVs

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Surely we've been there before

Isn't the phrase "Reassuringly expensive." a bit old hat these days?

I wonder if anyone was ever favourably influenced by this in the first place.

I certainly was not.

Australia goes cold on ACTA

nematoad Silver badge

But why...

if they are all now having second thoughts about ACTA, did they sign up to it in the first place?

Could it be that the widespread reaction against this proposed "treaty" has driven home the fact that although big media etc. can line your wallet; it is the voters who will be adversely affected by this and can boot you out for handing public freedoms away to the highest bidder?

Microsoft says tablets will trump PCs in 2013

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Hercules, moi?

"Loads of reasons. Portable devices are getting ever more powerful. "

Yeah, and when they make a 24" widescreen laptop/tablet then I will have to become ever more powerful as well, just to lug the thing around!

Foxconn daddy: 'Don't buy Galaxy S III, wait for iPhone 5'

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Re: Wait, what?

"A bad incentive in the case, since it was the market's biggest offender (Samsung, by sales) who got away with a thank you and goodbye."

Hang on a minute. You can't just take this out of context.

This whole affair is about illegal cartels rigging prices and thus gouging their customers. If Samsung's actions meant that the cartel was found and the members punished, does it really matter if the company that enabled the authorities to bring the malefactors to book got off scot free? It may be that it is dishonorable, conniving and unpleasant but do the ends, in this case, not justify the means?

Or do you really enjoy paying over the odds?

Microsoft takes on tablets with keyboard-equipped Surface

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Re: ARMvsIntel Win 8

Or alternatively when they find that they can't replace Win RT with another OS.

Due to the stipulation that MS have made so that any ARM based machine is irrevocably locked to RT means that when people find that the Surface does not do what they want they will be stuffed.

Windows Metro Maoist cadres reach desktop, pound it flat

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Re: Amiga Workbench

"I hope that ARM eventually wipes out Intels' CPU business with a plain better base architecture."

Oh and condemn everyone to being forced to use Microsoft on their ARM machines? In case it has slipped your mind MS have dictated that UEFI will be locked in place on all ARM devices loaded with Windows RT without the possibility of running any other OS.

Beware of what you wish for, they might come true, or do you really look forward to a MS monopoly, gained not through excellence and innovation but by bullying and sheer market muscle?

Yes, I realise that not all ARM devices will come loaded with Win RT but how many non-mobile manufactures will be able to resist Microsoft's diktat?

nematoad Silver badge

Re: No they don't

Sadly you'll probably be surprised.

On a contrarian note, it might just be the basic, pared to the bone OS that gets you where you want to be i.e. running the latest FPS or whatever without sucking up all those CPU cycles so you are faster on the trigger. Can't see it myself, though MS MUST have a reason for doing all this. Surely it's not some kind of corporate death wish, is it?

nematoad Silver badge

Re: Don't care....

Blame Noah Webster.

An American who reportedly hated the British (he was alive during the War of Independence) so much that he deliberately used alternative spellings to those used by the British. i.e. program, center and so on.

nematoad Silver badge

Re: So less horsepower is used to render, due to more bloat-ware...

"It all looks so completely insane, it beggars belief that they, such an enormous company, are on this path to flatness,"

Remember the supposed saying of Louis XIV "L'Etat c'est moi" "I am the state."

When you have had almost absolute power for a long time you get to believe that what you say and do is all that matters. In MS case I think that they might come to realise that this is not always true.

Number 10 shuts wallet on closed-source IT projects

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Free as in beer, or not.

"And just because open source is used, it does not mean its free,"

That depends on what you mean by "free".

Free, as in free beer, no, I agree, free software is not without cost. But free, as in the ability to hack, alter and mould to your requirements, free software does offer all those possibilities.

Its not just the monetary implications that government should be looking at, just as important, if not more so, is the freedom from vendor lock-in and the knowledge that if one supplier goes under there are many more ready and willing to pick up the pieces.

Ballmer says 500 MILLION 'users' to 'have' Windows 8 in 2013

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Re: He overlooks one detail

I agree, but I think you are missing the point. Ballmer doesn't care about how many people actually use the OS, all he's interested in is how many MS have shipped and conned people into paying for. It's the bottom line he's worried about.

nematoad Silver badge

Re: Not a snowball chance in Hell

"there ain't a snowball's chance in Hell of 500 Million fools actually paying for or using Win 8 by 2020."

Sadly I won't be putting any money on that; to quote Phineas T Barnum " you can fool some of the people all the time..."

UK's '£1.2bn software pirates' mostly 'blokes under 34'

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Thumb Up

A good idea.

"Anyone who uses software they haven't paid for should face hefty consequences,"

I agree, things like freedom from malware and viruses. Having a stable, rock solid operating system and the safety of being able to check for yourself everything that you put onto your box.

The comfort of knowing that you won't be left stranded if the supplier of your software goes down the drain, and so on.

I don't think that is what he had in mind but these are some of the things you can get when using Gnu/Linux.

BT outage kills phone lines in Eastbourne and Brighton

nematoad Silver badge

And that's not all.

It's not just the 'phones that BT appears to be having trouble with.

My ISP has a service status board and that reports that due to the adverse weather BT Openreach has declared a state of MBORC (matters beyond our reasonable control) for 12 areas of the country. This says BT is due to the increased number of faults, presumably due to water damage or something of the sort. The result is that DNS lookups take forever to complete leading to some sites timing out and generally making the internet a real misery. Although there is a message from BT at my ISP's status board saying that they would use overtime over the holiday to try and sort out the problem it is still as bad as a it was last week.

The real kick in the teeth is BT's timetable for rectifying the problems, EIGHT days with no update due until the 16th of May. Now if this does not justify a refund then I don't know what does. Just to declare that things are "beyond our reasonable control" does not, to my mind, get BT off the hook.

This brings to mind the famous BritishRail quote about "the wrong kind of snow." Doesn't BT realise that it rains in the UK from time to time and they surely have the technology to waterproof their equipment.


Oh, and yes it did take me an age to post this rant.

Microsoft hikes volume prices by more than a third

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Re: Sad

"And what have you to say regarding the price hikes that RedHat currently have in the works?"

Use Scientific Linux or Centos, or if Red Hat is not for you use Suse, or Unbuntu or Debian or..., well the list is a bit long for a post.

The point that I'm making is that there ARE alternatives to Microsoft. It just takes a little initiative to find them and devise a plan to move.

nematoad Silver badge


The saddest thing about all this is that a lot of people will just swallow these price rises and then pass them on to the public.

If any of them had an ounce of sense they would be reaching out for alternatives, Linux , naturally springs to mind. Red Hat could not be described as a "fly by night" company having posted over a $ billion dollars in revenue last year. But they won't, they will just carry on as before.

Absolutely crazy!

Cloud Foundry aiming to be 'the Linux of the cloud'

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Re: Aim higher

This is FUD, pure and simple.

No one uses Linux? Well what does Android run on, eh?

Can't get it to work properly. Have you tried a MODERN distro? With most distros aimed at new users, to coin a phrase "It just works." No searching for drivers with Linux.

Can't make money from it either. Better tell Red Hat that then or maybe the one billion dollar annual revenues that it has just announced is a mirage.

Apple drops 'thermonuclear' patent bombshell

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As yes, but...

This is hilarious, but the news that Facebook was trying to grab the word "book" was published a few days ago and so presumably is NOT an April Fools joke. Even though it is.

See: http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2012/03/facebook-book-trademark/

Capita poises axe over 1,000 staff - jobs headed to India

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Wrong name

CITS? SHITS is more like it.

Hard-up Iceland plumps for cheaper open source

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Re: License fee vs transfer costs

Just a couple as examples.

xfree86 > xorg

openoffice.org > libreoffice.

Both these forks seem to have worked out O.K. as I don't see many using the original anymore.

nematoad Silver badge

Open source

So no iPads etc. for the Icelandic government eh?

Wonder how well that will go down. I expect the government might just get a few calls from MS, Apple and friends.

Seriously, its about time that cash strapped organisations started to examine the feasibility of using Gnu/Linux and its associated ecosystem to provide IT services.

Man FLIES with Android-powered homemade bird wings

nematoad Silver badge

Might expect a call.

I think this man might soon get a call from Ryanair.

After all if they can reduce the size of the fuel bill you can bet that they WILL take a look at this.

Probably need a holiday to get over the flight though.

Windows 8 for Kindle-like gear hinted by Microsoft bigwig

nematoad Silver badge

Re: Tiles

Agreed, and why did GEM fail on PCs?

Because Apple saw a competitor and set out to cripple it, and they did.

BTW, GEM on the Atari ST was not crippled and did work well as it avoided the lawsuits from Apple.

nematoad Silver badge


"the “first operating system on the planet” to provide the same user interface from handheld gadgets powered by ARM Systems-on-a-Chip (SoC) to fatter boxes with x86 chips from Intel and AMD."

Seems that he has never heard of Linux. Arch, Bodhi, Ubuntu, Debian anyone?

If it's going to be that tiled abortion called Windows 8, then as far as I'm concerned he can keep it.

Oh and by the way, Linux runs on everything from most of the top performing super computers down to Android mobiles, so running on two different platforms is pretty pathetic

Ex-Google man laments Larry Page's 'single corporate-mandated focus'

nematoad Silver badge

Got that wrong

"Advertisers and publishers cherish this kind of personal information"

No, advertisers COVET this kind of information, I CHERISH my privacy and would never willingly give these characters the time of day.

As for being an American, have a look at the football shirt and what he is holding, it maybe that he is a Scot. Just a guess.

Megaupload boss: Site popular among US government users

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"it does seem that Dotcom is willing to name names when his case comes the trial."

Do you know something we don't?

I think that a little thing called "due process" has to be gone through before he has to name names?

He probably will be extradited but don't you think that you should give the New Zealand courts a chance to make up their minds first?

Users: 'Personalized internet? Fuggedaboutit!'

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Re: Ad trolling... maybe not


Do you really mean to say that you trust a browser from Google?

You'd be better off switching to the IRON browser, Chrome stripped of all the Google tracking stuff.

Alternatively try Firefox with Adblock Plus, Beef Taco, Noscript and so on. Keeps the ads at bay and stops a lot of tracking.

Also think about Duckduckgo, the newish search engine.

The Facebook test: Why social Big Data is important

nematoad Silver badge

No, thanks.

"analyse every aspect of a person’s online identity"

And what if, like me, you have no online presence? I wouldn't touch Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin,etc. with a bargepole, so does that mean that I will just have to attend a boring old style interview instead?

If that is the case then I think that it is a price well worth paying just to keep my personal affairs out of the hands of these organisations.

Windows 8: Sugar coating on Microsoft's hard-to-swallow tablet

nematoad Silver badge

A bold leap?

Look, either the devs. at Microsoft, Gnome and Canonical know something we don't, and on that I have my doubts. Or, they are all jumping onto a bandwagon that they know is there but have no real idea where it's heading.

The form factor of the day is currently the tablet, whether it will take over from the desktop/laptop is uncertain. One thing I am sure of is that if MS, Gnome and Canonical get this wrong they are in dire trouble and have just handed Apple a real advantage.

Me, I'll just stick with XFCE and wait till all the dust settles.

'Why would I make any more Star Wars movies?'

nematoad Silver badge

Well, it may or may not be a good thing that George Lucas is threatening to retire. Some of his stuff is good Star Wars, some not so good "Howard the Duck" being an example of the latter.

With "Red Tails" Lucas has put right a wrong that has lasted for far too long. The 332nd Fighter Group or "Tuskegee Airmen" have never been given the credit which they are due. As a bomber escort group they were exemplary, they gained a reputation for never abandoning the bombers assigned to their care and it was only the colour prejudice of senior commanders that denied several of the pilots of the group from gaining ace status.

Apple launches three-pronged education assault

nematoad Silver badge

Read the article on venomous porridge about the terms and conditions imposed by Apple if you use ibooks author for commercial purposes.


There you will see what Apple is all about.

A preview of SOPA: Web shut down before my eyes

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Tell that to the voters in Egypt

"or put in puppet leaders (see the first laws passed in the new Iraq, or look in Afganistan or Egypt)."

In actual fact if the polls are right then the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafist Nour Party are going to form the majority in the new Parliament. Not something the people in Washington or Israel will welcome surely. So where are your "puppet leaders" going to come from?

The Egyptians got rid of Mubarak by themselves with no help from outsiders.

Cupertino lawyers mull 'driPhone' name ban

nematoad Silver badge

This stirs a memory

Didn't Intel try to copyright the letter "i" many years ago? And had it chucked out as you cannot copyright the letters of the alphabet.

Space soldiers save satellite from FLAMING DEATH

nematoad Silver badge

Wait a minute

Space Vehicle 1?

Methinks that would be Sputnik launched in 1957 not some Johnny-come-lately launched in 2010.

Steve Jobs' last design: New Apple HQ pics

nematoad Silver badge


"And the trees will be largely apricots, if you're wondering."

Surely they should be Cox's Orange Pippin, Bramleys and so on, shouldn't they?

Ubuntu penguins build Linux TV challenge

nematoad Silver badge

To be honest...

I think that Unity is much more suited to be shown on a television rather than a large monitor.

It may be that this was the plan all along, forget the computer/monitor set up and aim for the mobile/entertainment stuff instead. If so Canonical seem to have achieved their aim of shifting people off using Ubuntu on their computers, just look at the stats on Distrowatch to see people voting with their feet and shifting to Linux Mint and other distros instead.

2016: Death of the wallet as NFC tap-cash arrives at last

nematoad Silver badge


This looks just like the push to the cloud. A lot of overpaid executives anxious to get their hands on your money and data.

Google or PayPal? No thanks, I think that I will keep my hand on my wallet thank you. After all you can trust Google and E-bay can't you?

It's time to end the Windows Wait

nematoad Silver badge

Oh, right.

I haven't used Windows in years so I'll have to take your word for it that PCs loaded with Microsoft's finest are slow and full of bloat.

As Andrew Baines has said once the price of SSD comes down to within touching distance of a HDD then I'll think about jumping ship, until then I'll just have to put up with my Linux boxes booting in about 30 seconds or so.

Canonical: Mobile OEMs are going to love our Linux

nematoad Silver badge


"Canonical will start to focus on making a mobile Ubuntu".

Bah! I thought that they already had with that Unity rubbish.

The "Janet and John" of UIs.

How Jobs bent reality with LSD, Apple hype

nematoad Silver badge

Yes but...

... what a lot of people seem to have forgotten about the threat that Jobs made about spending all the money Apple had to defeat the "theft" of Apple's IP is that it was not his money to spend as he saw fit. It was the shareholders'.

What did he think Apple was, a piggybank?

Jobs: 'I'll spend my dying breath destroying Android'

nematoad Silver badge

Quite right

This from the man who quite shamelessly named his company Apple Computer knowing full well that the name Apple was already taken by The Beatles for their own company Apply Corps.

Ubuntu's Oneiric Ocelot: Nice, but necessary?

nematoad Silver badge


"it is not bad once you understand the workflow". Yes, but that's the point. The UI should get out of your way and let you do stuff. Not keep tripping you up in order to try and figure out how the programmers think you should work. You should be the master not the UI.

Top Tory 'lost voters' personal info' days before ID fraud week

nematoad Silver badge

Well maybe

"They are not documents of a sensitive nature."

Bet you that the people who wrote the letters to Mr. Letwin might have another view on this.

Microsoft gets trademark for retail store plans

nematoad Silver badge


us poor Linux users get what's called a new distro every six months or so.

Microsoft's Android patent ransom to 'total $444m' next year

nematoad Silver badge

Stand and deliver!

The point here is where does all that lovely money come from?

Indirectly from the end-user, that's who.

You don't for a minute think that the likes of HTC or Samsung will fail to pass the added cost onto their customers, do you? No, this is a shakedown of biblical proportions and I can't for the life of me see who is going to stop it.

Google? Maybe, as although they make no money from Android itself they are being squeezed by the fact that MS is making the Android ecosystem less attractive by increasing costs and thereby slowing down Google's ad revenue, but I won't be holding my breath.

Motorola, that's debateable, as they seem to be a bit short of cash just now.

Other than those two who has the resources and motivation to put a stop to this appalling highway robbery?

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