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Microsoft issues IE 10 Flash flaw fix for Windows 8

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Given the past record of both IE and Flash regarding exploits I am sure that hackers are wetting themselves with excitement at this news.

Two losers in the security game are teaming up to give you what? Built in vulnerabilities? Surely given the experience of Flash on OSX with late patches etc.people should be very wary of this.

Time to ditch IE I think.

LONDON iPHONE 5 MADNESS: 'You must be CRAZY to buy Apple'

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Re: Cash talks

They don't care, they are true believers.

Somebody should have shouted at them "It's only a bloody mobile, not the Second Coming." Though on second thoughts maybe it is to them, second or fifth coming anyway.

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Apple = cult

Proof positive that Apple IS a cult, look at all the sad deluded people worshipping at the altar of Jobs.


Report: Microsoft to cop it from Brussels in Browser Choice affair

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Re: Fine

It's simple.

You do the crime you pay the fine. OK, not quite a crime but MS signed an agreement to abide by the EU's findings on the perceived monopoly that MS had in the browser sphere and agreed to install a browser ballot screen to remedy the problem. Then, apparently, they decided that they had done enough and unilaterally removed the ballot screen, thus breaking their agreement with the EU.

MS are a big organisation but if they want to do business in the EU then they MUST play by the rules and they didn't. Hence the impending punishment.

Any other monopoly would probably get the same treatment.

Users told: Get rid of Internet Explorer (again)

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Re: This is why...

"I point-blank refuse to have admin privileges on my XP login at work, even if it would make both my and IT-support's lives easier."

As a former IT support analyst your statement intrigues me.

In what way would you having admin privileges on your account make life easier for anyone except yourself? There really is no reason to have such privileges unless one IS an administrator, quite the opposite in fact, as anyone with the ability to stuff unauthorised, untested applications and generally interfere with the PC is the stuff of the IT department's nightmares. Believe me, as the saying goes "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

No, unless you have some absolutely desperate need for hands-on control of your PC leave that pleasure to the poor souls who are paid to do the job. Even then get the support of the IT department when contemplating any changes to your set-up whatsoever.

Think of it as an insurance policy. If you mess up the machine someone somewhere is going to have to pay for it to be put right. If the IT department messes up, it's up to them to fix it under the SLA at no cost to you.

'Google strangled Acer phone using Alibaba Android rival at birth'

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"Linux would be ideal."

Depends on what you mean by "Linux", if you mean the kernel, which IS Linux, than you already have your wish. Android uses a modified Linux kernel. If you mean the OS commonly known as Linux then see the post by SD2 above for some of the problems involved with such a project. That's not to say that it might not happen, just rather difficult.

nematoad Silver badge

Law suit?

This looks "Tortious interference" to me.

IANAL but jumping into what must have been a contract between Acer and Alibaba must mean that Google have left themselves open to yet another bout of litigation.

It will be interesting to see, if such a lawsuit does come about, where the complaint might be lodged. If in China, no contest, Google gets its arse kicked. If in the US, Google gets its wrist slapped or Acer et al are taken to the cleaners by one of these wonderfully informed juries they have over there.

Reg hack runs Windows 8 on 82-inch touchscreen

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And the final change is...

... no longer the bsod but The Blue Wall of Death!(tm)

Oh, and by the way I though he was actually running "In the Night Garden" not an OS for grown ups.

Broadband minister's fibre cabinet gripe snub sparks revolt

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Re: I agree with the residents of Westminster

I agree entirely.

I'd love to have one of these cabinets outside my house if it meant that I could get better than the 300 KB/sec I'm currently being offered.

I think that there is a clue in Roe's remark:

"She added that the City of Westminster is able to offer businesses, residents and tourists a decent broadband connection via various means including O2's "free" Wi-Fi zones in parts of the West End,"

Sort of "Cabinets we don't need no steenkin cabinets! And sod the rest of you who do."

Edgy penguins test-fly Ubuntu's Quantal Quetzal

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Re: am I a luddite ?

Nope, probably you are using your desktop to get some work done and not just "consuming" stuff like Facebook or watching a DVD on a tablet, which Unity seems to be aimed at.

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Re: No mention of Kubuntu?

You might like to take a look at Mageia. It's got most of the Mandriva goodies, e.g. Diskdrake, Mandriva Control Centre and so on but with the assurance that it WILL be maintained, unlike Mandriva which looks decidedly uncertain at the moment.

Torvalds bellows: 'The GNOME PEOPLE are in TOTAL DENIAL'

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Re: Torvalds is turning out to be

"Yes , he's done a LOT of good work for open source "

Nope, as far as most things are considered he IS free software, RMS is averse to open source as you would know if you have ever read any of his articles.

Yes, he is dogmatic, intolerant and can seem a bit obsessed but especially in the early days that's exactly what was needed and is needed today to help see off the chancers and free loaders who just want to take something and put a proprietary label on it and hopefully make lots of money. SCO being a very stark example.

The work that RMS has done gives you, me and everyone else an alternative to the offerings of Microsoft and Apple. That's really something to be thankful for.

Phoenix IT Group fesses up to 'accounting irregularities'

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"PwC and commercial law firm Nabarro LLP are pouring through the books "

I think you must mean "poring through the books" or do you mean that they are flooding the place with forensic accountants?

Asus CEO sounds netbook death knell

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So what

"Windows 8 pricing is also said to be persuading manufacturers that there's no longer money to be made in netbooks."

I've got an 701. It came with Linux, (the only reason that I bought it) and it still has Linux on it. Crunchbang as it happens. It does what I want and is really only used for long periods when I go on holiday. Then it's perfect, small, light and easy to use.

So the bloated cost of Windows 8 is making the economics of netbooks unrealistic. Why not go back to Linux? After all that's what they were originally designed for and only pressure from MS made manufacturers put XP on them.

Or could it be that Win 8 on a netbook might take sales away from the "Surface" and the aforementioned pressure is being applied again?

Apple: I love to hate, and hate to love thee

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"The service is absolutely 10/10 "

So it should be, the price you are paying for this stuff.

Mars rover harangues empty landscape with loudhailer

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Re: Just wondering...

I'm not sure that it would make any sound anyway. Or at least not much.

Given that the atmospheric pressure on Mars is about 1% of that on Earth Bolden would have to have been very SHOUTY to even have been heard.

Windows 8 Storage Spaces: Can you trust it with your delicates?

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Re: Software RAID is a mess on any OS but worse on Microsoft

"It's a bad implementation of ZFS Raid Z.. and Microsoft couldn't even copy it properly so it seems."

I'll be the first to admit that I know very little about how one goes about finding out if a binary contains stuff from other applications.

Is it possible to decompile the binary and run something like DIFF on the the two to see if they contain identical code?

Or do you mean that MS have taken the concept of ZFS Raid Z and tried to write something that copies the functionality of Raid Z, but have failed?

Given the overheated feelings in the IT world over "copying" at the moment would not the first situation mean a possible law suit heading towards Redmond from Oracle?

Hunt vows: 'UK will have fastest broadband in Europe by 2015'

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Re: Yeah, because 4th on the planet would just be a failure, wouldn't it.

"We should instead waste billions upon billions trying to get better speeds...out to every Shetlands farmer who hasn't even heard of the interweb, let alone needs/wants it?"

Speak for yourself.

I live on an island, and yes I have heard of the internet, I was an IT professional, and I DO want something faster than the pathetic connection speed I get at the moment ( approx 300Kb) Why should I not not get the same as other people? I pay the same taxes and charges for a phone line plus the charge my ISP demands. Or is it really that you want everyone else to subsdise you?

Lawyers: We'll pillory porn pirates who don't pay up

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Re: Sounds familiar

These are the actions of a bunch of greedy chancers who are flying a kite to see just how far they can push it.

I do expect that they will come crashing down but probably not before they have squeezed out some money from their victims.

I just hope that the German courts are able to get restitution for those attacked by these bandits a before they can shift the money out of reach.

Want a Windows 8 Start Button? Open source to the rescue!

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Re: Shades of Vista?

You must remember that MS will get it right with SP3 or thereabouts.

And in the meantime they have banked all the money that you have so kindly thrown their way.

Assange granted asylum by Ecuador after US refused to rule out charges

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Re: Well Done Equador

"It's alright for a man to go around raping women if he runs a politically motivated website?"

Please, he has not been convicted of any crime either here, in Sweden or the United States, so stop judging him. You are not the court or the jury. Of course if he is convicted he deserves whatever sentence is handed down, but until he is, he is considered to be *innocent* and should be treated as such, inconvenient as that might be.

nematoad Silver badge

"you can't just bundle him into a van and send him to the US ignoring EU law"

I don't know about that, don't forget all the extraordinary renditions done by the USA and the facilities made available to assist them by countries in the EU. Poland comes to mind or maybe Romania. So just because Assange is currently in the EU is no guarantee that he won't be disappeared if it suits the powers that be.

Microsoft: It was never 'Metro,' it was always 'Modern UI'

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Re: The new name is so obvious.

They've been there and done that.

Remember Windows CeMeNT?

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Re: Oh, I know.

No, they should do a Prince, you know, "The UI formerly known as Metro."

Sick of juggling apps on biz PCs? This install tool will save your sanity

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Re: Why can't you use your package manager?

"Most OSs have something similar that will download and update everything."

Yeah, sounds like the things "apt-get dist-upgrade" can do.

I have no idea if apt-get is available for Windows though.

Valve opens Steam store to non-gaming software

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Why bother?

"It would make a lot of sense if they provided free software without needing an account."

Unless they can get an exclusive app, which is very hard to do in the FLOSS world, they won't bother. Why? because all distros have a system, RPM , apt-get etc. that delivers applications, it's baked in in Linux and in general it's free. Both from a cost view point and with the ability, thanks to the GPL, to share freely anything with colleagues, friends and others.

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Re: @Richto

"Never seen so many down-votes in such a short time."

Well said.

Most Linux users are pretty smart when it comes to computing and are not afraid to correct others who show either an ignorance of the the subject or, as in this case, a sad attempt to troll the forum. As many others including SCO have found to their cost you do not attack Linux with impunity.

At the risk of being accused of feeding a troll I too gave Richto a thumbs down, just to register my displeasure.

Party like it's 1999: CDE Unix desktop REBORN

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Thumb Up

Re: I see a place for a modern variant of CDE.

I use XFCE now since KDE moved to 4.

My main machine has a dual core AMD CPU. 4 Gb of memory etc. and it really flies. Using Gnome or KDE just gets in the way and that, I think, is a welcome legacy from CDE.

Microsoft offers alternative Lync-like web chat spec to W3C

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Re: What Opera said...

"Whichever is the best protocol wins, imo"

Don't forget the OOXML fiasco. MS bent the rules, packed committees and generally made an absolute nuisance of themselves just to try and see off the perceived threat of ODF. And what have we got now, two competing ISO specs, only one of which is capable of being implemented properly.

MS learned a long time ago that if you have the wherewithal you can ram through your chosen option regardless of whether it is the best choice for the wider community.

French minister: 3 strikes anti-piracy rule a 'waste of money'

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Get ready for the MPAA, RIAA and their French equivalents to start stamping their feet and whining "You are not trying hard enough, don't you know that home taping is killing our business", or something along those tired old lines..

Microsoft dumps Metro from Windows 8

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Re: Why not an OBVIOUS infringement... :P

"Should have been code-named "Squarepants"

No, just shorten it to "Pants", says it all, really.

Valve: Games run FASTER on Linux than Windows

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Re: GL faster than DX

Well, a quick look at distrowatch.com points out a least one distro that features games linuX-gamers.

Specialist distros are common in Linux. just look at Clonezilla, SystemRescue or Parted Magic to name just a few. I don't think that Mark Shuttleworth would be fazed by a games only distro, he's sunk a lot into Canonical and presumably still has the wherewithal to keep it going. Anyway this is FLOSS software, you just can't take your ball home if you don't want to play. Someone else will usually pick up the project and run with it. See Mageia for example.

Linus might be relaxed about proprietary games coming to Linux but I'm not sure that he would be willing to introduce a binary blob into the kernel. I'm no developer but the politics of the GPL and devs relationship with the kernel would probably stop such a thing happening.

"...you'd need something that all different package managers could plug into, but that's actually a lot less hard than the DRM system itself."

An independant distro, running as live DVD would short-circuit all these problems, you would have an integrated system with known parameters such that software houses could port their stuff with confidence. After all the GPL does not forbid anyone charging for a distro, what it does do is ensure that all changes are given back to the community, that way if Valve were to develop their own live DVD we would all benefit, especially the other software houses. It's a real pity that Loki Games failed, a bit too early in the development of Linux for it to succeed I think.

Failing this I think the choice of Ubuntu is sensible. It's got a lot of brand recognition and distros such as Linux Mint are based on their work so getting to the biggest audience possible. I just hope that other distros get a look in as personally I can't get on with Gnome and prefer Mageia, but that won't stop me from giving Valve a try, and some of my very scarce cash if they provide something I want.

nematoad Silver badge

Re: GL faster than DX

"I've always figured that the problem with Linux isn't Linux, it's the people that use it."

You are right. People like Richard Stallman are not happy about this development. But then RMS is a purist, a very necessary and important one but even he has said that he can see the advantages to a move like Valve's. Linus on the other hand does not seem to be so bothered.

As a pragmatist I can see the advantages in having someone like Valve move into the Linux world. It will give Linux added credibility to the general user and may help spread the use of Linux. I often read that it's only a certain game or application that prevents people dumping Windows entirely, if that barrier is removed we may well see a huge increase in the use of Linux.

On the other hand I enjoy being free from viruses, malware and the like and although the underlying structure of Linux is inherently more secure than say Windows, if Linux does become more widespread then it will become a bigger target for the black hats out there. Given the depth of knowledge and skills in the Linux world I'm sure that this, coupled with the fact that Gnu/Linux is free and open for inspection will mean that such holes would not remain unpatched for long.

Rather than giving Ubuntu an advantage it might be better to start with a live, dedicated distro which would be universally accessible and show what Linux and OpenGL are capable of.

nematoad Silver badge

Re: Nah, it'll be simpler than that.

"their key target market wants one-or-two-click solutions"

I'm not so sure about that, after all this is Linux you are talking about.

Linux users are generally pretty savvy when it comes to installing applications. Linux is supposed to be "difficult", it's not, but it does attract people with a deeper interest in the workings of their machines and the skills to use that knowledge.

But if we are to get the refugees from Windows 8 to move over then I think that anything that makes the move less hard is to be applauded

Will Samsung's patent court doc leak backfire spectacularly?

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It's not the judge who decides.

"...is likely to incur the court’s wrath."

Maybe so, but it is up to the jury to decide.

O.K. the judge might feel that Samsung have been disrespectful but in the end it is up to the opposing lawyers to try and convince the jury of the rightness of their case.

As Tom7 posts above, the facts are already in the public domain. If Judge Koh's nose has been put out of joint that may make Samsung's job harder but in no way is it a done deal on Apple's part.

Take a look on Groklaw: http://www.groklaw.net/ for an alternative and I think unbiased account

Microsoft: MED-V won't help you escape WinXP end-of-life

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Re: And When I'm in Charge

"other businesses should have taken similar steps starting way back 7 years ago..."

Yep, done that.

As a former MS sysadmin I know what a crock of shit Windows is, so when I started my business I made sure that I stayed well away from the MS treadmill. I only use Gnu/Linux and it serves me well. A few tussles with suppliers and customers who would send me .docx documents but a few polite requests sorted that out. Other than that I had a few problems with getting to grips with Gimp which is a story in itself. As a bonus I sidestepped all the viruses and malware problems.

Not that this is a solution for everyone trapped on the MS upgrade cycle but with a bit of planning and sadly at some cost it can be done. You just need to think through whether it makes sense for your particular business.

Lords call for the end of TV transmissions

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Re: Prosperity

"I don't see this working well in rural communities where there is often no, or limited ADSL and no mobile signal either."

Indeed. Where I live is in a radio shadow which means that we have to use a repeater for our television signals. Which means a very limited number of digital channels (15) I think, are available. So we use Freesat.

Being well away from the telephone exchange means that we have an appalling speed on broadband which is in no way capable of running any sort of streaming video. It stutters, crashes and is in all ways a pain to try and watch.

So, if this report were to be acted upon, our Freesat would, presumably, be cut off and we would be thrown onto the mercy of BT to put their hands in their pockets and run a fibre to where we live. I can't see much chance of that unfortunately as with all things commercial it's the ROI that is paramount and BT are never going to get their money back without being prodded by the government. And again, that's not likely in the current economic climate.

So unless there's a change of mind this could spell the end of us being able to enjoy all that is on offer and all because we live in a rural area.

Another thought comes to mind, at the moment broadcast TV is, apart from the license, free to watch. Streaming over broadband means paying for a ADSL line, a router and so on. To ensure that people will take this up there needs to be more benefit to the consumer and less to the government and service providers.

This needs more thought.

Big biz 'struggling' to dump Windows XP

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Re: Standards

"IE6 was an evolutionary blind alley, taken by MS when it was fighting for browser market share and now it's paying the price (along with all its customers who've got the IE6 apps)."

Unfortunately, it'll probably be the public and the firm's customers , i.e. you and me, who will finally pick up the tab for this fiasco. In the meantime MS just keep piling the money up in the bank.

Twitter titsup: Our failover was actually just FAIL ALL OVER

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"Now - back to making the service even better and more stable than ever,"

Won't have do much then by past experience.

Microsoft unfurls patent lasso, snares Linux servers

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Re: nothing is for free

Looks more like a shakedown to me.

You know, "Hand over the money, I've got a gun in this bag."

When all the time "the gun" is really a banana.

"Code a bit long in the tooth, new products going down the drain?

Don't despair, there's always a quick patent violation claim to help pad the bottom line."

nematoad Silver badge

Re: nothing is for free

Why the hell would anyone want to copy anything from that cobbled together, virus ridden, proprietary pile of dog's droppings that is Microsoft Windows?

As you seem to having been living in the backwoods for the last 22 years, let me clue you in, Linux, the kernel, was developed in 1990 by Linus Torvalds. This was helped early on by the community of developers around Minix, a teaching OS started by Andy Tannenbaum. Linux was adopted by the GNU project as their own kernel HURD was not ready and the BSD kernel was tied up in legal proceedings.

No sign of Windows anywhere in there, I think.

Vodafone Oz pulls claim of Android 4.1 emergency call problems

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A worry, but...

"Samsung's people have been trying to get an answer out of their execs since Friday, but they've been hard to reach in part because they're in court on an Apple-related matter."

I'm sure that there will be a solution to the emergency call problem, if there actually is one; but a problem that seems to be hard to solve is the ridiculous antics of the mobile phone manufacturers in their continuing patent wars.

Result, problems that may affect users are going to be slow in getting fixed, highly paid executives are going to be sitting around in lawyers' offices and court rooms and a general slowdown in actually getting on with what they are paid to do, i.e. run the company.

Surely this is no way to run a business.

Microsoft promises Metro developers 'fame and fortune'

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Re: amazing

"I'm not going to panic because I can't find "Control Panel" in the old familiar location."

You might if the UI is getting in the way of getting your work done. Don't forget, not everyone looks on PCs with interest in how it all fits together. For a lot of people it's a tool to do their real job. Just as if someone was to redesign a hammer. OK, it might be more pleasing to look at but if it does not hammer in the nails as well as the old design then you are going to get complaints.

PCs and the OS are a means to an end, not the end itself.

Microsoft picks October 26 for Windows 8 launch

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Re: Room 101

"The fact it's locked down so you can't install any other browser".

Oh and how likely is that given the mess MS are in with the EU over its "technical error" in removing the browser ballot screen on new Windows PCs?

Not very, in my opinion.

Behold: First look at Office 2013, with screenshots

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Re: Why - Oh Why waste so much money when Open Office & LibreOffice are free?

"Now Oracle raped sun will open office even exist?"

It's obvious that you are not a FLOSS user or you would be aware of the fork called LibreOffice and the transfer from Oracle to Apache of OpenOffice.

One of the plus points of FLOSS is that it is very hard to kill off a project. Just look at the fiasco that is Mandriva. Devs, and others decided that they did not have any confidence in the management at Mandriva so they started Mageia. Or closer to home look at what happened when Oracle tried to impose its will on the devs and users of Hudson, most people just upped sticks and started Jenkins. See, that's the point, there is generally a way out of FLOSS projects.

"The best it ever does is under the wing of Google or similar big companies where someones pumping money into the project but you can tweak and modify it."

Ever heard of Apache? just about the biggest thing connected with the internet; or how about Samba? Due to their win over Microsoft at the European Court Of Justice over the matter of interoperabilty we are now able to use Active Directory and all that goes with it through a competing project that has nothing to do with proprietary companies. Yes, big companies might support such efforts but usually because someone has the vision and intelligence to realise that doing so is in their best interest.

Study: Climate was hotter in Roman, medieval times than now

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Where in Egypt, exactly?

"In Roman times, Egypt was a major producer of wheat. Now it is a desert, so we've always known it was a bit colder back then."

I don't know which part of Egypt you are referring to but when I was in Upper Egypt a few months ago the place was far from being a desert, with lots of sugar cane etc. being grown and harvested. That's the river valley south of Cairo by the way. Lower Egypt especially the Delta is still extremely fertile and produces a huge amount of produce.

It may have been a bit WETTER back then, but that hasn't much to do with the change in temperature.

Oh, as to it being colder back then as you state; I'm glad I wasn't about then as when I was there in February it was freezing, the coldest winter for over thirty years I was told.

Review: Samsung Chromebox

nematoad Silver badge

Re: Hmmmm

"I'd probably whack KDE on there".

Given that the specs are a little light I would have thought that a lighter desktop would be preferable. Something like XFCE or LXDE should fit.

"Someone should make a really focused Linux DE - browsing and media and apps only"

I don't know of one off the top of my head but I'm pretty sure that a look on Distrowatch.com might point you in the right direction. They list 722 distros of which 320 are considered live so there's a good chance that someone has already done the work on such a kiosk-like distribution.

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