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One click and you're out: UK makes it an offence to view terrorist propaganda even once

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"... is far too fine and will catch far too many people".

Maybe that is the point. Catch enough people and who knows what might turn up?

Looks to me as if the "Hostile Environment" is not just going to be used to hammer asylum seekers and the Windrush people.

Oh, a final thought. If you ignore those employed to deal with this sort of thing, why bother to employ them at all?

Only plebs use Office 2019 over Office 365, says Microsoft's weird new ad campaign

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" I use Office 365 Home because it covers the whole family for £79.99."

Is that per year?

'Cos if it is then I think that I will stay with LibreOffice because it covers the whole family for £0.

Crypto exchange in court: It owes $190m to netizens after founder 'dies without telling anyone vault passwords'

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Re: Damn.

"....this wouldn't have happened in January 2000 perchance...?"

Yep, got it in one.

nematoad Silver badge


I was in a similar situation once.

Just after Christmas one year I went to my local Bank of Ireland branch to get some cash. When I went up to the cashier she turned to me and said "We haven't got any money!" I mean I've heard of a pub with no beer, but a bank with no money? It turns out that the time lock had malfunctioned over the holidays and when the staff turned up for work they could not open the vault.

I laughed my head off and for my pains got some really sour looks as I left.

It seems that some people have no sense of humour.

Thanks for all those data-flow warnings, UK.gov. Now let's talk about your own Brexit prep. Yep, just as we thought

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Re: a second *binding* referendum and cancel the madness that is Brexit.

"...it just might focus their minds more on achieving a real compromise..."

Look, the thing is the UK decided to leave the EU, not the EU deciding to expel the UK. So why is the onus on the EU to come up with a solution?

It's like someone at a party, dropping their trousers and shitting on the floor and then complaining about the smell and then asking the host to clean up the mess. The EU has been clear from the outset what they would and would not accept. It's only the cluelessness of the likes of David Davis or Dominic Raab coupled with the robotic inflexibility of Theresa May that has led us to the current situation. If the EU had a clear idea of what the UK wants other than just leaving things might have gone a bit smoother.

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Re: a second *binding* referendum and cancel the madness that is Brexit.

"...a referendum allows for more options than just "cancel", otherwise what would be the point of it?"

Deal or no deal, given the deal that May brought back, with all the ties and obligations, what is the difference?

With one we will be rule takers, paying into a system where we have no vote. Also we will not be able to make those wonderful deals Liam Fox keeps prattling on about. The other option is to crash out on WTO terms, with no access to Europol, Euratom or as the article mentions data stored in the EU. You thought that the UK getting booted out of Galileo was bad? You ain't seen nothing yet.

The danger is now so clear and the alternatives so poor that any reasonable, sane and truly responsible government would be pulling the emergency cord and stopping this madness, but it won't. The interests of the Conservative party are far more important to the PM and her ministers than any damage that will be done to everyone in the country whether they voted to leave the EU or not.

After all a lot of those pushing for a no deal Brexit have already moved their businesses and assets outside the UK, so why should they worry? See Dyson and Rees-Mogg for that little sleight of hand.

Furious Apple revokes Facebook's enty app cert after Zuck's crew abused it to slurp private data

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Re: But but - Apple protects our privacy!

"...don't respect privacy even as a concept because if people started to care about it..."

And there is the problem. People just don't know and if they do know most don't care. All they want to do is communicate with their friends and family. A lot of the people using the internet are not like most here on El Reg. For them the internet is a tool and playground and they don't realise the nastiness that the like of Facebook, Google, Amazon and others are using to pad their bottom lines.

Raspberry Pi Foundation says its final farewells to 40nm with release of Compute Module 3+

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Re: Good & Bad news

'or two wav files, one saying "Door opening Master" and "closing door Master"

Or alternatively fit it with a "Genuine People Personality" from Sirius Cybernetics Corporation.

Just keep slurping: HMRC adds two million taxpayers' voices to biometric database

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Re: Irksome

"...we're not the customers. We're the product."

I disagree, we are not the product. That would involve taking something and changing it to add value. HMRC are using us as a source of raw materials, just like a gold mine. Which, I suppose, we are the them.

Google faces another GDPR probe – this time in the land of meatballs and flat-pack furniture

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Oh dear!

Looks like the chickens might be coming home to roost.

Given that the French have had their turn and now the Swedes, what are the odds on other EU members also having a swipe at Google, Facebook and friends?

Don't count on the UK joining in, the government wants a trade deal with the US and would not want to piss off Mr. Trump

Excuse me, sir. You can't store your things there. Those 7 gigabytes are reserved for Windows 10

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"Even after a factory reset, it didn't have enough space to update itself to the free windows 10."

Lucky you, eh!

You can blame laziness as much as greed for Apple's New Year shock

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Re: Didn't know that - which one?

"Sounds like a minor service to me."

That depends if you are a EU citizen or not. Just because it doesn't affect you doesn't mean that it is not important.

Or is it a case of "I'm all right Jack"?

Millennium Buggery: When things that shouldn't be shut down, shut down

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Re: God Bless written instructions

" I normally qualify instructions that I think may be a bit dodgy with an "are you sure about this"

I am "Jim" and I did check with my manager in the UK that that was what they wanted and was given the go-ahead.

We used to have test runs on the networks from time to time. Always late at night as the the business worked a 14 hour business day and always with a "live" system. The place only closed for one day a year, Christmas day, so there was no slack time in which to pick up the pieces if anything went wrong. So I knew the score and just used the list as an aide-mémoire to ensure that everything was done as proscribed. I had learned in a previous job of the benefit of having a record of what I had done in a job that had more than usual importance and I was damned sure that I had my back covered for this one.

After all the excitement had died down I and my two companions spent a peaceful night chatting and helping ourselves to the emergency rations laid in. Come 06:00 my relief turned up and I went off to bed a fair bit better off than usual as I had received 15 times my hourly rate for the nights work,

Happy days!

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is: 1. More ad revenue, and 2. Good PR. Lots of love – Mark, aged 34½

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Ok dear!

Unfortunately for Facebook the FTC somewhat lax writ does not run in the EU. The GDPR's does, and I would expect Mr. Zuckerberg and his company to be hearing from the European Data Protection Board in the near future.

Mr. Zuckerberg may soon be living in interesting times.

Spending watchdog points finger at Capita for 1,300 shortfall in British Army rookies

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Re: TBF...

...in the 60s, 70s, 80s and most of the 90s joining the military was a nice way of getting a career with foreign travel and a good trade qualification at the end."

I was a soldier in the 60s and 70s. There was always the chance that the balloon might go up and we would be in action. That is part of the deal when you join the army. Oh and unless you have forgotten or are too young to remember there was that nasty business in the north of Ireland which claimed the lives of a lot of service personnel as well as that other trouble in the Falklands which also led to a lot of people not coming home.

So no, it wasn't just about a good way to learn a trade and see the world.

Microsoft: New icons, new drivers, AI! Everything is awesome!

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"The things come from Windows Update, so no more installing drivers from disks..."

Oh, do Windows users still have to do that? Sorry for asking but as a Linux user I thought that that sort on nonsense was well and truly buried.

Google internal revolt grows as search-engine Spartacuses prepare strike over China

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Old but still true.

“Power without responsibility — the prerogative of the harlot through the ages”.

It seems as if Stanley Baldwin's words are as true today as they were in 1931. Google is a whore, willing like other "ladies of negotiable affection" to accommodate the wishes of anyone willing to meet their price. They have the power to influence and control what people see and hear but have no intention of taking any responsibility for what they have enabled. It's all about the money and damn the consequences. It won't affect most of them in any way.

Microsoft readies the swatter as more bugs wriggle out of the Windows 10 woodwork

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We all know the old saying "He didn't get the memo". Well it looks like MS did get the memo. Trouble was it was the one meant for Facebook.

You know, the one that reads "Move fast and break things".

Not all IT companies are created equal.

Facebook spooked after MPs seize documents for privacy breach probe

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"... it is important not to take claims made in commercial cases like these at face value."

Well now they don't have too. If the documents seized are as revelatory as predicted we may soon know what really went on at Facebook.

Reverse Ferret! Forget what we told you – the iPad isn't really for work

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Re: Someones noticed at last.

"Phones are 5 or 6 times as inefficient as PCs."

Yes, and an absolute bastard if you have older eyes. Why look through the keyhole when you can just open the door?

Joe Public wants NHS to spend its cash on cancer, mental health, not digital services

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Re: NHS is an oldie's' service

Cor, somebody got out of bed the wrong side this morning.

Being old is, as far as I know, not an arrestable offence and why criticise people who were well into middle or old age before the internet and computing in general? It's not their fault that things have moved so quickly that they are out of their depth with something that is totally foreign to them.

Margaret Thatcher said once that growing old is easy, you just have live long enough. So just wait, your turn will come and you too will be regarded as a burden with nothing to offer, fit only for the knacker's yard.

Vladimir Putin, Kim Jon Un and Xi Jin Ping are politicians who do not need to take any notice of their citizens. Want to live in a country run by these characters?

As the old saying goes "Be careful what you wish for, you might get it".

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What's the point of IT in the NHS when after you use it you still can't get an appointment due to staff shortages?

As a case of putting the horse before the cart this ranks as a classic.

On the other hand if the revolution in IT means that the private sector gets to cherry pick all the profitable bits then I am sure that the government will be more than happy to oblige

Oh, a last thought. If Capita are involved then we know we are stuffed.

Microsoft slips ads into Windows 10 Mail client – then U-turns so hard, it warps fabric of reality

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Re: You paid


That system of yours looks a lot like mine, I'm happy to say.

Good isn't it?

If at first or second you don't succeed, you may be Microsoft: Hold off installing re-released Windows Oct Update

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Re: Schadenfreude

"... instead join together in a creative orgy of cooperation on one distro to finally push Windows aside forever."

That's not going to happen. See the main reason many people including me chose Gnu/Linux is because you have a choice. Choice of distro, desktop, applications and the freedom to get your computer to work the way you want it to, not having to work the way a monolithic, faceless entity makes you. After all, who is the expert in how and why you use your computer? Not MS or Apple that's for sure. Red Hat and Ubuntu have generated lots of criticism and controversy by trying to be the "one distro to rule them all". With Gnu/Linux you have a choice and can go off and fork any project if you need to. See Linux Mint or LibreOffice as excellent examples of that. With a single distro we would soon be in a similar position to that of IE users a few years back. Stagnant, insecure and being told "Like it or lump it"

Too many people appreciate what FLOSS and Gnu/Linux in particular have done for them to throw it all away in a bid to topple a increasingly incompetent, error prone, arrogant company like MS. They are doing a good job on their own.

nematoad Silver badge

Re: Pathetic

"...Windows seams to store a cache"

Spelling! It should be "seems".

Seams are what you get in trousers.

nematoad Silver badge

Re: Technical debt

"In the end windows will have to go, windows will end its miserable life as abandonware."

From what I can see it already has. And to think that some people actually have to buy this mess. £119 or thereabouts I believe.

Google: Our DeepMind health slurp is completely kosher

nematoad Silver badge

Oh, really?

" It may be that there is no controversy whatsoever..."

This is Google we are talking about, isn't it? Their track record regarding the use of other peoples data isn't exactly reassuring.

Just a little heads up: Google is still trying to convince everyone that web apps don't suck

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Re: I tried Squoosh

" ...but it does not seem to do anything network-wise once it's launched."

Then you need wireshark.

nematoad Silver badge

Re: Web app? No thanks.

"..."make the web a first class platform "

The question is: first class for whom?

Google and their data grabbing pals?

People with FTTP or those living in areas where the ISP and telecoms companies have decided that it is profitable to deliver gigabit connections?

If you are not in one of these groups, and I am not, then I reckon that you will be out of luck.

And anyway, who wants to put their critical applications and data onto the internet? As far as I can see that's just asking for trouble.

In news that will shock, er, actually a few of you, Amazon backs down in dispute with booksellers

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I used to use ABE until I found out who owned it. I switched to another seller Alibris.

Just thought that I would let people know that there are alternatives.

Oh and thanks El Reg, you seem to have given me back my Silver badge. Why it went away in the first place remains a mystery.

Windows 10 Pro goes Home as Microsoft fires up downgrade server

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Re: el kabong

"There are other operating systems out there."

Yes, that's right, you could always use Apple's offering. Oh, wait.

UK rail lines blocked by unexpected Windows dialog box

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"...alas, yet to receive a response."

Can you blame them for keeping quite?

Talk about a balls-up.

Oh, and all the posts about it being an Excel spreadsheet, where were the joke icons?

Watchdog slams political data slurpers' 'disturbing disregard' for voters' privacy

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I think not.

"... significantly change their business practices, to earn people's trust."

Why should they? They make a mint of money the way things are and most of their users don't know or care about the misuse of their data. They don't need their users trust because things are going so well for them. They might need their customer's trust if things go on as they are, because all these characters are interested in is money. Sod ethics and doing the right thing.

Macs to Linux fans: Stop right there, Penguinista scum, that's not macOS. Go on, git outta here

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Re: "secure" boot is *EVIL*

"It is your hardware after all."

Is it? I think that with this play Apple ventures to disagree.

We knew that Secure boot could be abused so who is surprised at this turn of events?

We (may) now know the real reason for that IBM takeover. A distraction for Red Hat to axe KDE

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Re: Yep

"... surely KDE3 source is out there somewhere?"

A little late I'll admit but if you are that interested in KDE 3 living on then look at Trinity. See it's in the name, 3, Trinity. They took all the code and have, sort of, maintained it and even done development work. It's good and I used it for a while, but installation on my distro was awkward so I moved to Mate.

Try it, you might enjoy it.

nematoad Silver badge

Re: Without KDE, RHEL is GNOME to Hell

"...with functionality similar, identical or more advanced to the one deprecated."

Given the Gnome devs. track record of removing "unwanted" features and thereby reducing the utility of the desktop I'm not sure that the speaker had Gnome in mind when making that statement.

See also: Nautilus.

nematoad Silver badge


I too used to like KDE.

It was when they introduced KDE 4 that my enthusiasm waned. I could never ever figure it out. I used Trinity for a while but problems just getting the thing installed led me to Mate. It works and doesn't get in my way which is all I ask of a destop.

nematoad Silver badge

Arggh no.

"let's break Unix traditions and just dismiss anyone who objects as backwards"

Don't tell me, Lennart Poeterring is involved with Wayland?

Worldwide Web wizard Tim Berners-Lee sticks wellington boot into Worldwide Web's giants: Time to break 'em up?

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No qualification needed.

"London, England"

I think that most of the world knows what country London is located in. If it had been in London Ontario maybe but London in the UK like "The Open Championship" or "The Football Association" needs no qualification because it got there first.

Note to Donald Trump. There is no "British Open".

Official: IBM to gobble Red Hat for $34bn – yes, the enterprise Linux biz

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Re: At least is isnt oracle or M$

"Some of those chums (can that number really be called chums) work for RH."

Lennart Poetterring for one.

The future looks bright!

The D in Systemd stands for 'Dammmmit!' A nasty DHCPv6 packet can pwn a vulnerable Linux box

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Re: There is a reason ...

"...actively disables the default network manager and chooses to use networkd instead."

Pardon my ignorance (I don't use a distro with systemd) why bother with networkd in the first place if you don't have to use it.

Or was it that it seemed a "fun" thing to do and got shoved in anyway?

Intel: You'll get 10nm next year – now witness the firepower of this fully armed cash machine

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Good God, you can see where this character spent his last bonus.

Look at those teeth!

Yes, Americans, you can break anti-piracy DRM if you want to repair some of your kit – US govt

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Re: Some justice is still available for The People

"...a sub-standard eductation system."

A point well made, I think.

Though looking at the time stamp, maybe not from the US.

Worrying Windows 10 wrecking-ball weapon weirdly wanders wildly on worldwide web

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Re: safe surfing

"8. Never surf the web with windows, use a live Linux instead."

Yes indeed.

TAILS will do nicely.

nematoad Silver badge


"..with the added twist of the attacker now being able to wipe files."

Oh? I thought that the OS already did that for you.

Memo to Microsoft: Windows 10 is broken, and the fixes can't wait

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Re: It's-a rubbish!

"Staggering naivety on the part of the senior management at MS."

I think you are being too generous. In my mind this is nothing to do with naivety but is a cynical "How can we boost our bonuses?" play. MS is not really concerned with their users, all they seem to worry about is how Wall Street reacts. If the money keeps rolling in why should the top brass give a damn about quality and testing? In their minds that is only an expense not something that should be central to all they do.

As the old saying goes"Follow the money."

So, about that Google tax on Android makers in the EU – report pegs it at up to $40 per phone

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Re: The thing that annoys me....

I don't think that that will happen.

The marketing droids and the bean counters will stop any such attempt in its tracks. The safe way is to do Google's bidding and pass the cost onto the customers. After all if everyone is doing it who will the punters turn to?

Is this cuttlefish really all that cosmic? Ubuntu 18.10 arrives with extra spit, polish, 4.18 kernel

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Re: GNOME, KDE, LightDM, XFCE ...

" ...and discover that certain programs require a specific Desktop."

I don't see what your problem is. I use Mate on PCLinuxOS but I came from KDE many years ago and still prefer some of the KDE utilities like K3B. I just installed K3B and Synaptic went and fetched the KDE runtimes so that K3b would run. Yes I know it uses more space on the drive and introduces other overheads but the systems these days are more than capable of dealing with such issues.

UK defence secretary ponders £50m hit to terminate Capita recruiting contract

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"Did someone not read the small print?"

Probably not. Remember, this money is not theirs. The government has no money, it's ours. Forcibly extracted through taxes. As there seems no downside to making a mess of any contract, project or scheme why would anyone bother with due diligence?

Chrome 70 flips switch on Progressive Web Apps in Windows 10 – with janky results

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Re: Fixing a problem that no longer exists?

"Where's the problem?"



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