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Malware lingers months on infected PCs


Ubuntu is not the answer to everything...

42 is....

But seriously, Ubuntu + 2 hours training = win? Seriously?

So me dear old ma wants msn to do a webcam enabled chat with my sister abroad, and that just works does it?

Or she wants to connect in to her job, they gave her a program thingy that will do it and all she does is click the padlock then the satellite, this of course also just works because

the faithful say so.

(in other words initiate the cisco VPN client, connect then RDP to her work machine).

Stop talking shite fanboys, and live in the real world for a day. Maybe, just maybe your dream of desktop linux will never be a reality because maybe, just maybe, not every clueless user is clueless about all subjects and all things, and may require something a bit more practical than a brown desktop and funny taskbar as a solution to an issue.

Also, get a job in actual IT, y'know, in the real world. When there is more than 5 pc's to look after.

Come back when you can control policies for as many or as few users as you like centrally and without fuss, with the wealth of information and others who have had similar problems to those you may face, and all from a seamlessly integrated suite of management tools. Oh, and all your clients use Office's VB features extensively.

The first reply to mention OOo gets shot in the spine for chronic lack of real world experience.

And at work, it is as real as it gets, and the decisions about what to use arent made by you or anyone literate in matters of Information Technology.

All that matters to them is the information, and the ease with which sites A and B communicate.

I should mention that i am in fact a linux fan. I use kubuntu at home as my main OS, with Gnome flavoured ubuntu on my secondary box(eve player....), but my lappy has vista/xp dual boot because frankly, thats what the majority design for.

So shall we retreat back under our respective bridges, and ditch belief based hyperbole in favor of evidence based reasoning for a change?



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