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Telstra rejects Aussie gov calls for split

Simon 36

@Graham Wilson - Dream on!

Conroy is dangerously stupid paired with KRudd.

We in Australia are watching things lurch from idiocy to the ludicrous - the 43 Billion Dollar NBN (National Broadband Network) is going to cost another 20 Billion once they figure out that running wires on telegraph poles is simply short-sighted. (in Australia Telstra owns and maintains 98% of the hardware and infrastructure of the country, which given the distance and size of Australia makes it the largest provider of it's kind in the world - yep a world leader).

Telstra now answers to it's shareholders, and the government will be in the High Court for a long time explaining why now it's stuffed up the roll-out of the NBN some four years ago (1.4 Billion given to Optus and it's consortium).

Why on earth would Telstra invest in new hardware and infrastructure if the next short-sighted political light-weight thinks he can carve it up for the rest of the market (who incidentally have not installed any meaningful infrastructure in years). - You will only see and OPTUS Van in the country if it's either lost or stolen.

Telstra is the only company maintaining and servicing infrastructure in Australia - let's see the rest have a go? With the majority of of our population (and easy money) on the east coast no other company is prepared to make any investment in the future.

Telstra is a company - if the government wants to make the game fair - then another multinational company needs to decide on it's infrastructure solution for twenty million people and to pay for it themselves...

no apologies for length - just sick of the BS



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