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New vicious UEFI bootkit vuln found for Windows 8


Does that mean...

I can install a penguin based OS on a "Built for Windos" machine?

Deadly pussies kill more often than owners think


Kil em all

It should be the law that if you se a cat on your turf you can kill it. Bastards!

Microsoft dumps Metro from Windows 8


"It's not a Metro Lyn, it's a Rover 100!"

Ah-ha! Didn't BL have a car in the 80's called Metro?

Biennial boner blights Beemer biker

Thumb Up

Billy Connolly

I remember something from the bearded wonder


Thumbs up becasue....

BOFH: Drunken Time Lord



I selected "dropping a grogan" to use the google accelerator* BUT... by accident** I clicked Bing Maps and end up in Aldershot. Time travel or coicidence?

*Yes I use IE (at work!)

** yes I have been down the pub

Vatican crackdown at Rome's Playboy Mansion-style monastery


Old news...


Epic fail El Reg

Reg ed rattles the Red-Headed League

Thumb Up

Game on!

Ginger Tosser!

BBC 'would not kill off the internet even if it could'


@Should have called IT support

Should have gone to PC world, where is Gary Glitter when you need him?

Microsoft: IE9 not yet 'broadly' available


just because

...it doesn't mean you use it. I downloaded IE9 just to see what a crock of shit it was compared to Opera (and to see how many features I have had with Opera for ages have been pinched by M$)

Portsmouth stretches the Olympic-sized swimming pool


Olympics == FAIL!

I want a tax refund!

Mozilla: 'Internet Explorer 9 is not a modern browser'


Turkeys and Christmas


"Google Chrome + Adblock = WIN"

Just read that out loud and ask yourself if google will alow someone to block ads in their browser?

Crocodile keyboard becomes top Android app

Jobs Horns


That's one in the i for apple.

Walmart falls in with Washington's war on terror


Catchphrase - You're Riiiiiiiiggggghhhhhtttttt!!!!!!!!

If you see it, say it!

Cue lots of blokes with beards getting fitted up

IE9 strips to win Chrome fans


Welcome to the party

Well done! Opera had all of these features years ago. Let the clone wars begin...

Harry Potter theme park magically swallows big visitors


Fact Hunt!

Seriously, how long before someone falls out of a ride because they were too slim to fill the seat? We need a fat tax.

Beeb creates new global iPlayer post


Boring Banal Content

I am really glad I don't pay a licence fee to enable the socialist propaganda machine to make money selling Eastenders to the rest of the world.

My BBC?... not since 1997. The BBC is funded by an unfair illegal tax and is supposed to provide "public service" broadcasts. It used to do that up until a few years ago until it decided it would be a good idea to go head-to-head with ITV and make programmes with B list celebrities making idiots of themselves learning to cook/dance etc.

I watch what I feel is worth my time and effort on the iPlayer and I don't contribute a penny towards it. No such thing as a free lunch?

Microsoft dry-cleans browser trousers ready for IE 9 beta


I for one welcome our...

...turn polishing overlords. Can't wait for IE10!

MPs bash broadband tax



@Howard Cole

Do you have gas and mains sewer out in the sticks?

Not everyone does. Some people have to pay for bottled gas and a lorry to take their shit away. That is their choice. Live in the countryside: don't expect all the amenities. Broadband is not as essential as gas or sewers.

If you a really going to change the way you vote over this you shouldn't be allowed a vote, but I suspect you are red through and through anyway.

Red Dwarf's Kryten exposes iPhone number



Enough said.

Ofcom opens debate on Freeview HD DRM to punters


Yes Please

They can DRM the lot, scramble it and issue you a card when/if you pay your TV license (which I don't).

I will then have the CHOICE to not have TV license and won't be harassed about it.

There is nothing on the telly...

NuLabour 'Bribo' laptop pops up on eBay


Fucking A!

Nothing more to add....

Greenpeace: Apple ain't so brown anymore

Paris Hilton

Greenpeace can kiss my arse too!

I wan't cheap and nasty, could give a toss about the environment. China doesn't. What about that boat they've sunk off the coast of Japan - think of the dolphins...

Paris, because... see the first sentance.

PS I'm green because I have a 10 year old PC running Debian

Official: British telly really is almost all repeats


Nice to know...

...I'm NOT paying my TV licence for nothing! Almost a year and I've read more books and got out more.

P.S. The Great Escape is one of my favourite movies: "Gut Luck - thank you!"

Catholics slam PETA nude adopt-a-mutt poster


Tough one...

Do I side with the pussy killers or the kiddy fiddlers? I thought the BBC were biased until I saw this guy. Remove the Catholic Church from the world and you've got 1/5th of the way of curing mankind...

Combat games disrespect war laws, report claims


Can I be the first to say...

...what utter bollocks. Can't wait for Call of Duty:Geneva Convention to come out!

I'm off to toast some Japs with my flamethrower shoot some Nazi POWs in the back of the head.

Firefox syncing tool Weaves its way into beta status


I'll stick with Opera thanks...

...and wait for Mozilla to invent something original

Facebook enshrines dead people profiles

Dead Vulture

Status Updates

John Doe is rotting away quite nicely at the moment.

Tories oppose charges and speed cameras



Where pray did you get your figures? out of your hat? http://www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/statistics/datatablespublications/accidents/casualtiesgbar/roadcasualtiesgreatbritain20071

I work in road safety and it not speed but inappropriate speed that is a problem.

Bad driving is the problem. No argument. Someone, who thinks they are a safe driver because they travel everywhere at 40mph is more likely to cause more accidents than someone breaking the speed limit. We need more police on the roads and we need to throw the book at drivers for dangerous driving or when they are the cause of an accident. Cameras do not make safe drivers. If the motoring public saw a marked police car everyday along their route they would pay more attention. Once you know where a camera is located you brake and speed up, just like speed humps. Not paying any attention to anything else.

For example which catches more mobile phone users? a speed camera or a police officer?

Egyptians uptight about 'Artificial Virginity Hymen'


Bloody Hell

If it prevents a woman, who's had a bit of pre-marrital jiggy-jiggy, from getting stonned to death by these extreamists then it can't be all bad.

Mines the one with the mirkin and the fake hymen in the pockets.

Microsoft harries XP-loving biz customers on to Windows 7


W2000 anybody?

My company is using xp with ie6 and notes 6.5. We have 50000+ employees so I can't see it changing anything until a major lock-in kicks in and we have no choice.

Personally I dropped XP for w2000 because of genuine advantage/antivirus bloat/forced upgrades to media player etc... oh and the fact I couldn't re-install it without ringing microsoft to ask if it was ok with them to use my software...

Windows 2000, just for running Money 2004 - all running in VirtualBox on ubuntu of course.

Tux cos there's no freetard icon

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