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HTC struggling as profits drop 70 per cent


Failures with support

I have bought several generations of HTC phones back as far as the O2 XDA and right up to the Desire HD. After a hardware failure with the Desire HD and having to deal with HTC supprt, I will never touch another HTC device again. It is nothing short of infuriating!! HTC are reaping what they have sown.

HTC One X Android smartphone


Don't do it!!!

You'll regret it! Any and all advances that HTC make in their phone range is balanced on the other hand with their TERRIBLE customer service. God love anybody who's phone breaks under warranty and they have to deal with HTC support. I'd rather switch back to a Nokia 3110 than to have to deal with those clowns again.

HTC slaps Ice Cream Sandwich on 16 handsets

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Re: last time i'm buying a HTC product

I hear you. After my 2 month long run-in with their abysmal support team I would rather use a Nokia 3310 than buy another of their phones. Recently changed to a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Couldn't be happier now. Great device.

Blushing HTC too coy to admit sales figures


I am not surprised that HTC are suffering

If anybody else has experience dealing with their customer service people they will NEVER purchase a HTC device again. I was without my phone from December 13th until February 1st. The device was sent to them 4 times and twice it came back still broken and the last time it came back to me it was in much worse condition than when I sent it originally (Kept powering off). They ended up replacing it with a 'reconditioned' model. I have bought HTC devices since the O2 XDA but my Desire HD is my very last device. I will give thme no more of my hard earned cash. Samsung for me from now on.


It is safe to remove "apparently" from this post. I have vast experience dealing with those people and I can confirm it is like dealing with a clown factory.

Apple's new TV allegedly spotted... in Canadian office


"Imagine being able to hook up your DVD player by just plugging in the cable and clicking a button."

What kind of DVD player do you have that you can't do this?

Nokia Lumia 710


I assure you...

It is NOT true that most of the Kin team moved on to the Windows Phone team. Absolutely not true.

WTF is... DLNA?


DLNA Sony and Buffallo NAS link station

I havebeen using the above setup for 6 months now. It's running perfectly. I just encode al files to .MPG and they all play perfectly. Plus my 1TB NAS only cost about €130

Apple's iPad - fat iPhone without the phone


I can't believe..

you wrote this ridiculous post. Fact, it, the Ipad, is being ridiculed all over the world. You cannot win this argument. It is a complete pile of pants in my opinion..

Ghost of Gates' tablet haunts Microsoft's future

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Wrong wrong wrong wrong

"Almost"? Really? Has Microsoft's CEO heard of the netbook or the iPhone, devices that are actually as portable as a phone and are as powerful as a PC, but don't have to run Windows?"

Rubbish! The Iphone 3GS is not as powerful as a modern day PC. See? It's hyperbole like this that will catch up and bite a chunk out of Crapple. Good god people, get a f*cking grip with the iPhone. I have one. I hate it. I truly truly detest it. I hate that:

* I can only run one app at a time

* I can't set the alarm to wake me up with a song from my bloody playlist. FAIL!!! Effing fail!!!

* There is no video functionality. Hello? I had video on my clunky old Nokia in 2002!

* I can't replace the poxy battery which has run into the ground despite following best practices when charging

* It talks to me when I sleep. It constantly whispers stuff like "You're a failure" & "You'll never amount to anything with your life" in quite an impressive baritone voice.

This is why, and I swear by almighty Thor, I will never, ever buy another Apple product. Rant over. Flame on.

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The iPhone did not "do it first"

Pocket PC Phone Edition came a long long long time before the JesusPhone. Just setting the facts straight.

Most expensive RAF aircraft ever takes to the skies


Oh my my my...

It is a pretty plane.. I'm of the persuasion that the MOD need to re-launch the Vulcan, The newly beautified Comet and a couple of old Spits.. Ya might not win any wars but then, who would want to fight a country with such a beautiful collection of old planes..

Could be worse guys.. Here in Ireland we've gone backwards.. in 1955 we took delivery of some extraordinarily gorgeous De Hav Vampires.. With, and get this, JET ENGINES!! Now, our entire air corp is propellor driven except our government transport Lears.. The old Fouga's have been dumped in the skip :(

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