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UK ICT classes killing kids' interest in tech


Not British

If all you're talking about is O and A levels then you're talking about England and Wales.

Any statistics for Scotland ?

MPs call for crackdown on pre-paid credit cards


So when

are we going to get round to holding the electric companies responsible for every "crime" that's committed using a computer seeing as they power them all ?

Net shakeup looms as IPv4 resources start running low


Home routers

Still not seeing IPv6 going anywhere until cheap and cheerful home routers support it out of the box

Broadband boss: 'The end of freeloading is nigh'


What sewage system ?


Sewage systems might be a great idea for urban areas, what about all us rural folks who have septic tanks.

That would seem to blow a hole in your notion that the sewage system "goes past everyone's front door" would it not ?

Windows 7 busts the 3 per cent share barrier


Installed on my computer

and to be honest, the only good thing I have to say about it is that it isn't Vista.

Everything that was sluggish in Vista is still sluggish in 7, including file copies on my particular hardware/network.

BT to push fibre to 1.5m more homes and businesses


Will it be symetric ?

If it's not going to be same speed both ways then it's still just the same crippled products they've been palming us off with since 56k modems came along.

I want some upstream speed rather than headline grabbing downstream speeds and half a meg upload speed.

O2 confirms UK Pré launch date


Passing on this one

As a current O2 customer I was interested in this or a 3GS.

After speaking to the upgrade people at O2 as my contract is nearing an end about this I was told, I could upgrade early if I paid off the remaining couple of months on my contract but,I would have to pay full price rather than the discounted amount I got at my last renewal and the 30 day early upgrade that the amount I pay entitles me to wouldn't be allowed on the pay off.

If I did that then they would quite happily allow me the privilidge of owning a 3GS (32Gb only, others out of stock) and that it would cost me approx £100 for the phone and there was no discounts on iPhone tariffs. I was offered the option of waiting for a 16Gb one to come in.

The discussion ended shortly thereafter when I pointed out that it was a a worse deal than I already had and got the reply that there was a credit crunch.

As I no longer have any interest in being an O2 customer after about 10 years, would anybody like to suggest an upgrade from my current XDA Stellar (HTC Tytn2) to something similar with another UK operator ?

Microsoft accelerates desktop virtualization plans


Is that the pack

that you only get if you have an enterprise/software assurance agreement and mortgage your soul to becoming a Microsoft only shop ?

As someone who deals with small business it would be nice if you could get hold of it some other way.

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