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SwiftKey plunders social networks for style

Steve Avis

Never tried swiftkey

but I've got Swipe for my Nokia X6 (best Nokia I've ever had, but that's not saying much) & it's great!

It was a free download from Ovi & I can honestly say that It's the best thing I've ever had on a phone- quicker, easier and more intuitive than either the old school texting, predictive text or qwerty keyboards (both onscreen & fold out as in my N97 mini)

Dear Dell and Microsoft: You're not Apple

Steve Avis

@ defiler

Microsoft didn't declare the internet finished with IE6; they stopped development 'cos they'd killed Netscape.

Firefox rose from the ashes because M$ were sitting back satisfied that their stratergy of giving IE away for free to kill Netscape's only paying prodict.

Beeb gets grief for Humpty Dumpty rewrite

Steve Avis

Re Mike Tree

I think you'll find that they are already changing the news to give us happy endings.

Japan's first lady visits Venus

Steve Avis

re: Jonathan McColl

I think you mean Edgar Rice Burroughs, and it was Mars, not venus (although Heinlin referred to it in The Number of The Beast).

/aged SF geek

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