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Clap Google, Amazon in irons to end tax shenanigans - MPs

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I wonder if some economist...

out there would care to comment on how this affects the balance of payments, about which I've seen next to nothing in the press for the last 10-15 years, but which dominated the headlines during the 60s, 70s and 80s?

NASA: THE TRUTH about the END OF THE WORLD on 21 Dec

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Re: Dangerous

Hey, leave them be. After all, for a fair few people the 21st December will be their last day. So, partially right. Just not any more right than picking any other date.

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I think civilisation needs these gullible idiots who will believe anything they are sold. Well, it keeps the money flowing around anyway.

No more fun and games for Zynga as Facebook cuts apron strings

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Re: Words With Friends

Oh! I'm so stupid! Let's try that...

OK, so as I have no account details for Facebork or Twatter I've not filled anything in...

Visit my favourite IT online newspaper in Safari App...

Hit the icon for add bookmark...

Oh dear, item number 5 in the list "Tweet" - and I've been face raped again and it's YOUR FAULT.


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Words With Friends

Stopped playing it when it became saturated with cr_app_y Facebork advertising which you could not turn off.

I do not now and will not ever join or use Facebook.

Apple, are you listening? When you start putting Twatter and Facebook etc stuff into your iOS, include a switch so that you NEVER EVER EVER have to have something you don't want thrust down your throat at every tap. This "social media integration" crap is not wanted by everyone so stop waving Zukerberk's dong in front of my face at every opportunity, will ya?!


BOFH: Cannot terminate PFY instance... ACCESS DENIED

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Re: The times

Has support for Vista now finished?

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Thumb Up

Re: Talking of contracts

Better than the bursar being reduced to tears and having to keep taking the dried frog pills. Godd on yer!

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Re: There is another fun assumption floating around..

Ah, the digital equivalent of invisible ink!

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Re: Ouch

I had a similar experience with the head of our HR when they were restructuring.

I didn't get any managerial post in the main IT section (I was in a satellite unit serving just the music, graphics, printing and design units) because it emerged at interview that I "didn't have any SQL experience" and they were only prepared to offer me a 1st line tech post with a pay drop of £12k.

Fast forward 12 months...

I'm heading down the staircase at a tube station in the city of London. The former head of HR who fired me is heading up the same staircase...

"How are you? Did you find a new post?"

"Oh yes, at £10K more than I was on with you."

"Oh good, so what is it doing?"

"SQL data manager for a big-pharma research company. Took me a couple of weeks, but I managed to pick it up fine. You?"

"Oh, I'm err... on my way to Caxton House."

"Isn't that where the DSS are based? You have a job interview there, then?"

"Erm... yeah, kind of."

"Well. Nice seeing you." *grin*

Register readers mostly too ashamed to cop to hideous hoard horrors

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Paris Hilton

Re: @Obviously!

(the thought of MY psychiatric wife has just stopped me in my tracks of thinking of anything more on this subject)

You'll get over her. I did. ;-)

I was sad that one and half pairs of high quality knockers disappeared that day, but I like to think of it as an acrimonious separation, after all, she left the hinges.

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Re: what is an empty house a sign of?

No. The shed was in the back garden. First clue was when I went to put my key in at the front door and noticed the door knocker was missing.

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what is an empty house a sign of?


Or an impending divorce. Mine even took the garden shed whilst I was at work.

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Re: You know you have a problem...

Pile it all in the canoe, just in case of flood.

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Re: ah well

The problem is that they might be proprietary devices, but the industry standard and generic connecting leads could possibly be reused or otherwise come in handy someday.

I'm such a hoarder...

But there is light on the horizon...


Watch live! Crack LOHAN team to send SPEARS to stratosphere

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If the module returns to earth...

in the same county as it is launched, then won't the search for it be a bit of a Berkshire hunt?

Data cop slap for Brit text pests

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Re: "Been buttf***ed in the shower?


I'm sorry, I've never seen that show.

Providing it doesn't involve yoghurt, I am awaiting enlightenment.

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Actually, I was hoping...

that they received a jail term. And that every couple of hours, day and night, someone would hammer on the cell door and slip a note underneath it; said note being along the lines of "Been buttf***ed in the shower? Want to get even? Call Slasher McGee, block E cell 37, for a truly professional service."

El Reg Movember lads sprout mighty Unix beards for cancer charity

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As I approach the autumn years of my life...

I find that my hair has started a mass migration southwards...

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I'll give you £20 if you submit to being shaved by ROBOT face-fungus mowers.

£50 if you post pictures/video.

LG claims UK Ultra HD TV first

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If you have a bit of dosh burning a hole in your pocket...

You could buy one of these.

Ten badass brainy computers from science fiction

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Re: I take exception to low rating of "Moon"

I think Proteus IV is the most dangerous of the bunch mentioned. Does that equate to badassness?

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Re: Deep thought ...

So am I supposed to be able to (edit), but it doesn't work for me.

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Not a mainframe.

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Re: The Matrix

And if you are going to include Dr Who computers gone mad, then

Xoanon from "Face of Evil"

WOTAN from "The War Machines"

BOSS from "The Green Death"


The Oracle from "Underworld"

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Woah, woah, woah.

Plenty of good ideas coming up in the comments, but the original article limited itself to:

(1) Self-aware or sentient mainframes

(2) That try to take over or are generally evil in some way

I'm guilty of topic-drift too. My bad.

Though, should Holly be in the list? Queeg was just a joke after all. And Deep Thought? HACTAR, yes, but not Deep Thought.

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Re: The Matrix

That's not really a computer though, is it? More a sort of psychoholographic store.

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Re: Dark Star?

Dark Star is my favourite film of all time!

And no mention of Mother either. Self-aware, though?

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Hector from Saturn 3, but that was a robot more than a computer. Come to think of it... where does the distinction end?

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Zen or Slave either. Zen was cool - programmed not to make decisions that the operators should be making, entering an existential crisis whenever it needed to. Slave was just annoying beyond belief.

And no mention of Wargames?

Troll sues Apple for daring to plug headphones into iPhone

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Re: The heart of the problem

Wasn't it Marconi that kicked the whole patent frenzy off?

America planned to NUKE THE MOON

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Re: Obviously, the DoD foresaw "Space 1999"

Obviously they should have continued with the development programme so we would have had Eagles by now.

MIDI: 30 years old... almost

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Re: Game port

Tandy closed down.

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Re: Game port

I've still got one for the Amiga in a box somewhere, and another for the Vic-20 / C64. Ah, those were the days!

Amazon makes BEELLIONS from British customers, pays pennies in tax

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Mrs Miggins?

That'd be pie-alysis then.

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Re: jobs

You can't throw a brick in London without hitting a Starbucks or a McDonalds... I know, I've tried!

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Re: Duty Free at the airport anyone?

God I hated that "sitcom".

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Re: And I bet...

"Amazon paid just £1.8m in corporation tax in the UK despite racking up a pre-tax profit of £74m on £3.35bn sales in 2011"

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And I bet...

that a lot of those profits came from DVD and CD sales which were made via their channel island base, thus depriving HMRC of the VAT from the sales too!

Belgian finds missus was born a MAN after 19 YEARS of marriage

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Re: Lies?

A lie of omission is a lie all the same.

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Re: It was a big old mess

Cleared that one up, thanks! I seem to be hopelessly unhip. :(

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IT Angle

Re: Good to Hear..

Is it OK to still refer to a m/m or f/f connector/adaptor as a gender bender, though?

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Re: It was a big old mess

I'm sorry, I have no idea what you are on about. I've googled "Funky Cold Medina" - it's a song or a drink. "pure for" it? Nope. Sorry. Lost without translation.

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Re: Keeping Secrets

You can have an upvote too.

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Re: As a post op...

Have an upvote for being a wonderful and honest person.

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Well, I guess this isn't the first time this kind of thing has happened. It's the lack of honesty that's quite disturbing, and it does seem to have been engineered in order to get visas and citizenship etc. You'd have thought that a history like that was something to get straight between them. Mind you, it should have raised suspicions when she beat him time and again on the XBox.

DNS servers filled with wrong Kool-Aid, big names waylaid in Romania

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Re: Google's free DNS service

used it a few times to diagnose local DNS caching issues...

Heroic Register reader battles EXPLODING COMPUTER

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Re: Erm...

with an aqua interface?

Iran's Photoshop FAIL: 'New drone' actually Japanese university bird

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Re: Not to be confused with a HOLODECK

Ha ha! Am I the only one who read that as IKEA inspections?!

Samsung printers have secret admin account

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Re: Shamsung can do no wrong in my eyes

Yeah. I think it's a bit mean singling the guy out for criticism like this. After all, he gave us all a great laugh when he joined Apple.

Badges for Commentards

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Can I get...

a badge for bonanza upvotes for this


please? Especially as I've melted all my Jim'll Fix It badges down and recast them as silver bullets to shoot through his cold, dead heart.

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