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Google in new Maps patent row - but not with Apple

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Re: Hmm. Coincidence?

as do Apple.

NZ bloke gets eel stuck up jacksie

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He should've..

had more respect for his elvers.

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Re: Someone's Been Watching Too Much Genki Porn

Yes, I knew an A&E doctor once. He had dozens of them.

...had to change my trousers and sat on a crate of cucumbers whilst doing so, which broke under my weight...

...sat down in the bath rather suddenly unaware that the extra fizzy bath bomb hadn't completely dissolved...

...accidentally fell onto the (designer slimline) shower head, which had to be unscrewed as it wouldn't come out without tearing...

But the one that took the biscuit was the guy who needed a parsnip removed. His excuse?

"I shoved it up my arse for a cheap thrill, OK?"

NASA releases stunning image of our universe's distant past

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Re: Gravitational fogging


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Re: The Preantepenultimate Deep Field"...?

XDFV2.0 up to XDFX, XDFX2.0 etc.

Not very exciting, I admit, but just wait and see.

Or you could just add the Vs onto the beginning.

The Very eXtreme Deep Field... and then the Very Very eXtreme Deep Field.

No, wait... my money's on the Webb Ultra Deep Field. WUDF.

Google swims with the fishes

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Re: @TRT

It was a staple of my pre-school TV exposure, but they were the repeats, yes. The first GA production I remember seeing on first broadcast was UFO, when I'd come downstairs in the middle of the night (probably 10pm, but at that age, anything past 8pm was the middle of the night!) It's still my favourite TV show, above and beyond DW even!

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Re: Quite useful

Stand by for action. Anything can happen in the next half-hour.


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Ah, I spent many, many hours on my Amiga playing this game.

Until I discovered Settlers. :-)

Analogue TV snuffs it tonight on UK mainland

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Re: Welcome after

Isn't everything in Norway snowy anyway?

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My 'enjoyment'...

of 'Citizen Khan' was totally ruined last night when Dave suggested they watch the cricket on what was clearly an analogue set with a built in loop aerial. You'd have thought the BBC could have done better. Well, you'd have thought they could have done better than Citizen Khan, actually.

Micro Anvika goes titsup after Olympics fails to save its shops

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I used to go here regularly for various bits... Spectrum, Amiga, PC, Apple... They were knowledgable and good value.

Apple's brilliant plan to fix iOS Maps: Get YOU to do it

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Re: iOS 6 Maps - Cloud Based Satellite Imagery

I reckon we've got better pictures of Mars than this!

LONDON iPHONE 5 MADNESS: 'You must be CRAZY to buy Apple'

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I sense that the fervour is no longer about the product itself but the experience of buying it; a sort of retail equivalent of mass hysteria. Totally bizarre, IMHO.

People, we have gone beyond the OOBE. Now is the time of the BOOBE*.

*I was toying with BYBE (Before You Buy Experience), but went for the cheap nork reference instead.

Swiss railways ticked off at iOS clock knock-off

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Re: Do the SBB set new clocks by looking at the timetable?

Re: Swiss Railway saying.

But I need to travel at 3pm.

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Re: Oh no

They will just make sure that you cannot find their stations. Ah, pre-emptive strike, perhaps? Apparently Apple have reopened Aldwych tube station, and moved it quarter of a mile.


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It's similar but not the same.

Look at the length of the minute hand relative to the fiducial marks, and the ratio of the second hand blob size to the length of the second hand.

Did genetically modified food cause giant tumours in rats?

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Re: GM Crops can cause problems themselves.

It's not quite the same thing because the insertion of the genetic material is done using a viral injection system. There's also the issue of the marker genes you insert alongside your new gene which indicate that there's an increased chance that you've hit the mark - things like making certain sugars, glowing in the dark, that kind of thing. Plus there's the chance that you will disrupt a control sequence which might turn on a dormant gene that makes a poison or a potent allergen, or that you will turn OFF a gene that makes some nutrient. Besides, the leakage of genetic material is the LEAST worry of the crowd ringing the alarm bell. It's what you might call the indirect effects of the implementation of the technology.

Such as increased use of herbicides and pesticides, particularly those partnered to a product like Roundup which can lead to super weeds and a loss of biodiversity in the field and its margins, the subsequent loss of or damage to predator species, such as the DDT that built up in the eagles that ate the lizards that ate the bugs and the mice that ate the crops that the DDT was sprayed on.

Selective breeding involves crossing species, selecting those with characteristics you desire and refining those breeds. It takes years, and at every step you are checking. Even so, mistakes arise using that kind of husbandry too.

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Re: Summary

It's not the science that is scary, it's what the people who have just emerged from cave dwelling will DO with that science that is the scary part. Like not following the directions for use, pouring more and more weedkiller on the crops because more is surely better? Like popping headache tablets as if they are sweeties in order to get rid of that darned pain behind the eyes, you know, the one caused by you screwing up your neuro-receptor balance.

I could go on.

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None of the commentards here have mentioned yet...

the other GM news out this week.


Superweeds that have developed a resistance to Roundup on their own. Because anything Monsanto can do to a plant, nature can do too. Where do you think they got the gene from in the first place? It was obvious it was going to happen.

BTW n=20 is vastly insufficient as a control group for anything other than a preliminary fishing trip.

Mars rover Curiosity gets ready to blast its first rock

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Re: Errr...

I think you'll find it was the crew of the Zero X from Thunderbirds Are Go that started firing on peculiar rock formations in order to collect a sample only to find that they were alien rock monsters.

Fans rap Apple's 'crap' Map app

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Re: If you think it's bad in the UK ...

That's *YOUR* excuse for being found in a bar surrounded by ladyboys. What's mine?

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If Apple had been...

trying to create something that didn't already exist, then it would have been hats off to them for the effort. But they aren't. I haven't seen the new map.app yet, so I'll refrain from spouting from a bath of ignorance, but one thing I *can* complain about is that change they made way back to the ALS cache. Having only an iPod (preferring my telecomms via a regular 19-days on standby talky device), I liked the way it would remember forever what WiFi it had seen and fill in the location later when it could get online. I knew that if I'd driven or walked or train-ridden or bussed around a place, I'd be able to get a blue dot. Now, if I've spent more than 7 days not being somewhere, the cache is cleared and it becomes lost again. I fully appreciate the privacy concerns, but I'd have liked a switch in the prefs to retain the old behaviour. The problem wasn't the size of the cache, it was the lack of encryption for it. Same as I'd have liked a control to cache more map data. It was kind of handy to have all those geopoints in there for the bus tracking parts of Malcolm Barclay's excellent travel app(s).

Nowadays I barely use the map app. I used to enjoy watching the little blue dot jump around the screen.

Who queues for an iPhone 5? Protesters, hipsters and the jobless

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It keeps them off the streets at least.

NASA working on faster-than-light drive capable of WARP TEN

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Re: 10 = infinity?

I'm sure I read somewhere that sub-space communications took place at the equivalent of Warp 13.

Anyway, that's not what bothers me. What bothers me is when they use the slingshot effect to time travel. What numbers to they read out there?

All you need to know about nano SIMs - before they are EXTERMINATED

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Re: I can see why Nano, but let's keep the SIM

I wonder what Orange Pekoe are thinking about their SIM-only deals?

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Re: I like the SIM....

Here here. Very useful if you bork your phone and want to borrow a friend's in order to make a call.

Mobile phones still failing to kill people – Nordic scientists

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if everyone in the whole world use their mobiles to simultaneously dial the same phone number, it will break down the fabric of space-time and leak radiation into the Medusa Cascade allowing a dangerous alien interloper to follow the signal and kill us all TO DEATH. It's not a risk I'm willing to take.

'How I CRASHED my bank, stole PINs with a touch-tone phone'

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can we blame the RBS/Natwest crash last month on R2D2 trying to check his account balance?

Got a BMW? Thicko thieves can EASILY NICK IT with $30 box

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Re: Cable...

A BMW X5 is big enough to fit many small cars in the back, IMHO. They look f*ing HUGE.

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Re: put a lock on the OBD port

I'd put the port in the door recess under a removable panel. That way, you have to have the door physically open in order to reach the connector. For ODB tests that require connection whilst the car is in motion, you could always lead the ODB connector out with a thin flexible cable pinched in the door seal.

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Re: Certain criminal threats - do not exist when cars are designed

Yes it does. If you consider the key as a tool.

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Re: Certain criminal threats - do not exist when cars are designed

I'm concerned that you can get into the car without setting the alarm off in the first place!

Freeview kit to require retune tomorrow

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Re: Get rid of the +1 channels please

I had to buy a new freeview box as my old one was fritzed. This new one has a brilliant HD/SD setting which automagically tracks programs onto an HD alternative channel. Brilliant! I was watching a program on BBC Four, and the box flipped over to BBC HD, then back again when it had finished. At least having 101 for BBC1HD and 103 for ITV1HD etc will make life easier on the non-magic box in the other room.

Mind you, I saw something I've never seen before last night on a +1 channel. It said "This program cannot be shown on a +1 channel for legal reasons." Hmm...

Manchester is 'PIRATE CAPITAL of the UK'

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Re: Stupid Canal

Ack. Two days early. Should have been released on 19th Spetember.

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Re: You wouldn't download a car!

No. You download a new key for one.

Reg hack uncovers perfect antidote to internet

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Re: Safer idea?

Yeah. You get a cast iron ring with a sharp cutting blade on the bottom and a lip wide enough to hold a layer of bricks. You put it on the ground, dig out the inside and let the weight of the ring push it down. Build a layer of bricks on the ring and dig again. You end up with a lined well as deep as you like.

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Re: Bare hands? Dug?

I was impressed by the chap's azada. Great tools. Can turn over the top foot of an allotment in minutes, and the triangular ones are the only tool for potato trenching.

New monkey species with massive blue arse found in Africa

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Paris Hilton

I'm sure I read a hypothesis somewhere...

that women slap on the red lippy to make their faces resemble a baboon's arse in heat.

Ah yes:


Well, now we can expand the hypothesis to cover goth chicks.

Paris, because it's obvious.

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IT Angle

Re: IT Angle: MonkeyVision

Do we house them on the moon too?

Ack. It'll be bought up by media moguls or Cola-Cola corp or some such and used to beam more advertising at us. You'll be there with your arm round your girl under the stars, glance up at the romantic full moon above only to be greeted by an advert for Durex or Skyns or what-have-you...

I can see the reg headline now...

Mad men monopolise moon-mooning monkey matrix.

It'll all end in tears you know.

Apple iPhone 5 hands-on review

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Re: I like the black one.......

What's the deal with the colour matched aluminium back?

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Re: Review?

Yes. Someone's taken the P.

Ding dong, the Ping is dead! Apple brings in Facebook for iTunes

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Re: More to the point...

Here here. I've ditched Words With Friends because of all the Facebook and Twitter cr** in your face all the time.

*I* will choose the *WHAT*, *WHEN* and *HOW* of my online social interaction, thank you very much.

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I suddenly feel queazy.

No. No. No. Not for me. Very dislike. Pointless bloat.

ESA preps space junk radar

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Get Straker on the job...

"It's a beautification campaign..."

"Well, I can't say you don't need it."

Apple Lightning adaptors reveal limitations

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Re: Galileo, Galileo

I hope not. I get confused with which version I need to order as it is... M-M, M-F, F-M, F-F...

Ultimate bacon sarnie scrap starts to sizzle

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World-wide bacon shortage predicted! El Reg, what have you done???

Haynes Build Your Own Computer book review

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Re: Huh?

<quote>I start with a cheap ex-corporate IBM box from eBay, then tweak it to my satisfaction </quote>

Hmm... our facilities director bought a job lot of Dells from a broker. They'd been pulled out of the sweat room of a Dutch investment bank. We benched them all out, each of our new classrooms held 64 of them, powered them on by WoL ready for Ghost-casting and within 30 seconds had to abandon floor as the air filled with the fug the PSU fans pumped out. Apparently smoking was still allowed in the trading rooms, smoking of dubious substances too by the stink. It took use a week of 24/7 running, a case of air freshener and the aircon set to full speed before a novel nose couldn't detect the pong anymore. Couldn't risk the students either complaining of or enjoying the smell.

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