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iPad pictures revealed

Captain Save-a-ho


The 27th can't get here fast enough. Isn't anyone else sick of hearing about this mythical iCrap?

BTW, Apple already has a tablet called the Newton. Sucked then and I'm sure Newton mark 2 will be just as much of a yawn.

Why Bono is wrong about filesharing

Captain Save-a-ho

Re: Just a little point

" don't encourage piracy, but all these industries need to urgently modernize and pass a decent proportion of the cost savings created by electronic forms of media or they'll have no business at all."

Don't disagree. Logically, digital forms of media should cost less than the standard, analog forms we've been accustomed to for so long. However, there are startup costs associated with the digitizing. distribution. and rights-management of these media...startup costs that will be born by the first wave of customers to the digital form. In eBooks, the price will go down over time, as those startup costs are recovered and only the ongoing costs need recovery. I doubt the same thing will happen in music, because of the other factors (fat cat music companies and the Recording Industry Ass. of America).

All service providers face a dilemna in how to recover startup costs for any multi-tenant or consumer-facing service. Generally, the first in line get screwed, which is why I tend to wait for the "dust to settle", as it were.

Mr Sanders, your article was thoughtful and logical, even if I doubt the long-term prospects of buffet-style digitial media for reasons beyond the discussion of your article.

Windows plagued by 17-year-old privilege escalation bug

Captain Save-a-ho

Reason to move to 64-bit Windows

None of the 64-bit versions are vulnerable, as they don't have the 16-bit subsystems available...

What Ballmer and Hurd should announce this afternoon

Captain Save-a-ho
Thumb Down

Re: Virtualised tablet?

If you want that, download the Android SDK.

Let's hope to god this isn't another stupid touchscreen device or an iPhone killer. Ugh. They make feel like telling all the kids to run along and play while us grown-ups get some real work done.

'God help our smartphones,' vicar prays

Captain Save-a-ho
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Please don't bless my phone

It already does more than it fucking should (I mean, it's a phone, damn it!), and now we have to fuck things up by getting God involved.

Why aren't there more porn stars in that area, so he can bless all of their "working" implements? Who says God has a sense of humor (tough to have when you don't exist)?

Taoist truck driver guilty of unlawful sex

Captain Save-a-ho

Why isn't the woman charged?

It's pretty clear she was guilty of prostituition...sex for money (albeit promised future money). Not sure how she's avoiding anything on this, given the disdain that China and most countries have for the second oldest profession (the first profession can't be prostitution...how would the guy pay for it?).

Mines the one with "Have sex, will provide fame/fortune" on the back...

Bono accuses ISPs of 'reverse Robin Hooding' over piracy

Captain Save-a-ho

Re: ISPs are not to blame

"When will these idiots realise that shooting the messenger does not solve the problem. Or for that matter, that one download != one lost sale. These idiots are whining about money that doesn't even exist."

Don't disagree about the one download not equalling a lost sale, but not for the reasons to state later in your post. It's astounding to me that none of these artists realize that they can't produce complete, utter shit-music and fool people into buying it blindly. That business model is dead and gone, and God bless Shawn Fanning for killing it.

Whining that you don't have the money to spend isn't the right tactic. This is about the quality of the product. It's really the main reason I've been almost exclusively buying the "Best Of" CDs for the last 15 years. At least I can look at the CD and know I'm getting 80% of the songs I want.

Like most things, the answer lies somewhere in the middle and, with modern music vs. the freetards, there is plenty of blame to go all the way around. Personally, I would start with these corrupt record companies that force artists to sign away their life, with the hope of earning their living off just concert proceeds and t-shirt sales. That's the worst part of this whole travesty that few want to talk about, Bono included.

Court: iPod hearing loss your fault, not Apple's

Captain Save-a-ho

Sign of the times?

I, for one, cannot yet believe this is a sign that we will ultimately avoid the Idiocracy. Let's see a trend of common sense before I jump on the bandwagon.

Let us hope strongly that this is the beginning of things to come.

Schmidt named Obama cybersecurity czar

Captain Save-a-ho

Re: not a job

Plus he's worked for the former Prez, so it's likely he'll influence Obama to cut social programs and increase the defense spend in Iraq/Afghanistan.

Surely no Obama supporter can like this move? What happened to all the promised change?

Firefox 3.5 wins top dog browser crown - sort of

Captain Save-a-ho

Mac uptake of Chrome is important?

"Importantly, Google's Chrome browser has also been doing a stellar turn since Mountain View - finally - pumped out a beta version for Mac fans."

How can this statement even be anything more than coincidence? It's not like Mac users make up such a HUGE percentage of computer users.

Also, not that important to support Mac users, for those scoring at home.

Vatican awards self 'unique copyright' on Pope

Captain Save-a-ho

In honor of Papal Abstention...

I demand a new unit of measure from El Reg, known as pope, to describe the amount of hot air exhausted by sheep traveling in a vacuum. Or something similar.

Mine's the one dripping with sarcasm...

Congressmen steam over Wikileaks TSA breach

Captain Save-a-ho

Re: Yes but we all know...

Apparently not all of us know what you imply. I seem to remember some tards handing a Nobel "Peace" Prize to BHO for four days worth of work, which resulted in a "fantastic" decision to send 30k more troops.

Terrorists are certainly smarter than this. They certainly don't have to worry about the political bullshit, just making sure not to piss someone off who might kill first and ask questions later. If we want to defeat Terrorism, we should send Lobbyists to keep them in continual paralysis like the rest of the world deals with.

Utter fail...

FCC questions Verizon's early termination fees

Captain Save-a-ho

Re: equipment cost vs time

As a VZW customer, I can attest that the fee is actually pro-rated based on the length left on the contract. The problem is that the pro-ration scale is way off base.

Not sure about the issues with the Storm. I would guess there's a map for that?

Riverbed going virtually into public cloud

Captain Save-a-ho

Empty promises

Having years of personal experience with Riverbed and other vendors in the space, I can't believe they're still trying to make the outrageous and unfounded claims of bandwidth and latency savings that they are. They might as well claim to accelerate the speed of light while their at it.

Riverbed has been pretty lost for the last two years since no one decided to buy them, which was all they were hoping for in the beginning. Epic fail.

Microsoft opens Windows 7 to advertisers

Captain Save-a-ho
Paris Hilton

A little late?

Haven't all of these themes been available for three weeks? Little late for this announcement, methinks...

Paris, 'cause she takes all precautions to ensure she's never late.

HP buys 3Com for $2.7bn cash

Captain Save-a-ho

Typical HP

Rather than choosing a purchase that would truly scare Cisco (i.e. Juniper) or a purchase that would prove really useful (Brocade), HP instead decided to purchase the cheapest option available. At least they're consistent, though no one should get an award for being so consistently cheap.

I wonder whether the combined HP and 3Com will be named Chisco?

Only one Internet phenomenon can possible describe this...You Fail.

Naked Win 7 still vulnerable to most viruses

Captain Save-a-ho

8 of 10 viruses?

Maybe I've lost count of how many viruses target the OS, but I thought that the VAST majority of viruses target specific applications like Office. I have no doubt that there's a large number that still apply, but not 80% applying to a fresh OS install.

This really smacks of searching for a stat to justify a POV rather than developing a POV based on overwhelming statistical data.

Atheists smite online God poll

Captain Save-a-ho

Puff of logic

Yet more proof that god doesn't exist, as though we need anything beyond the Babelfish, proving that because god does exist, therefore he doesn't.

Mine's the one with the book labeled "Don't Panic" in large, friendly letters on the cover...

Boffins 'write directly to memory' of living brains

Captain Save-a-ho

Hope I'm a high-end model

Guess when this is applied to humans, it really means that THX1138 isn't a name, but a model of human! Wonder how many multi-cores that includes...

US court says software is owned, not licensed

Captain Save-a-ho

Re: Also...

If software were purely static and never required modifications after the sale, I would agree. Renewable agreements like annual upgrades really become a support contract that the consumer agrees to for on-going support of the software (which in and of itself still can be moronic, albeit not oxymoronic).

About that Coat 2.0...

Xerox barges into services with $6.4bn ACS buy

Captain Save-a-ho

Game changing? We never learn...

The only thing game changing about this transaction is that HP Enterprise Services (formerly EDS) will no longer provide IT services to Xerox. There really isn't anything revolutionary about a printing company offering IT outsourcing (just ask Mark Hurd).

Yet another example of "Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose."

Major Fail...

US gov opens Cloud shop to combat runaway IT costs

Captain Save-a-ho

Re: Adult Fed Finder - Business Opportunity

"There's a huge opportunity here for someone to create a "Adult Fed Finder" app though- so that government drones can find someone to hook up with; someone like them who truly understands what it's like working for the world's largest bureaucracy - someone to love and poke."

The Feds get this for free today. It's paid for and handled by the various Lobbies.

I'd point out my coat, but it's loaded with hush money.

Warning: Showers can seriously damage your health

Captain Save-a-ho

Education problems in Colorado

When folks in Colorado learn to count about 50 and can provide a substantial sample size (say 10000 shower heads), then maybe there will be a trend. Why the fuck would anyone only sample 50 specimens for an study to draw conclusions about the billions of showers in use every day?

Scientists everywhere should be ashamed.

Cobain band mates denounce dead rocker's Guitar Hero gig

Captain Save-a-ho

Huge FAIL moment

I'm sure Cobain gives less than a shit in his worm farm, but it's really only his bandmates and family that stand to be hurt. If they can't deal with his death after all this time, DON'T SIGN AWAY RIGHTS of any kind. His bandmates need to talk with his wife (ahem) before they fuss at Activision.

Big, big FAIL...

Church altar smites devout Catholic

Captain Save-a-ho

@ Fred 1

Indeed, further proof that the christian god is really a demented, mean-spirited bitch. And I bet this guy thought his wife was bad!

Mines the one with 666 all over the back to keep the christians away...


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