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Humax Freeview HD set-top box to debut 'early 2010'

jonathan 3

Hold on a minute...

If DVB-T2 isn't compataible with DVB-T..

Does that mean;

a.) you need two boxes in the front room,

b.) This box contains two tuners (a DVB-T and a DVB-T2),

I spy a marketing compaign to make more money. Surely it can't be that hard to change a DVB-T box to take a DVB-T2 signal..how cheap did they go on the chips?


Spain cuts off 3m pre-pay mobiles

jonathan 3

I'm curious

How many people did register?

I mean, the popualtion of Spain is about 35-40m. So they just cut-off about 8-9% of the population!

Whats the "uptake" on pre-pay phones?10-15% of the total pop.? Or am I missing something?


Mandy declares 'three strikes' war on illegal file sharers

jonathan 3

Where there's a will..

Very curious how they are going to spy on what people do without infringing human rights/ court orders.

Or am I missing something?

How are they going to force ISP's to be "honest" in the ban's cut-offs (could we see everyone changing to certain isp's that aren't as strict?

How are people going to be cut-off i.e. mac, IP, physical address, linked to person. Can I just move house, swop the router/nic, change the broadband to the wife's name?

I really don't think anyone has anything to worry about. This is just the government spending our tax money on another pointless exercise, wy not waste it on a new IT system for the NHS. Could intergrate the whole country...oh wait....


Intel Core i5-750 and Core i7-870

jonathan 3

now there's a fair comparison.

Umm, why does everyone compare the new chips to the olde QX9650.

The Q9650 was vastly superior to the QX in everyway. and a fairer comparison as it was in the last "tock" of the family.

Bit like comparing a DX4 100mhz to a pentium 4 isn't it? (purposly exagerated).

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