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This is out of hand now: Apple attempts to trademark the LEAF

Julian 13


Isn't that shape the eye off the Alienware brand logo.

Perhaps they'll get sued next


EC to tackle 'misleading' online gadget sellers

Julian 13
IT Angle

I know it's not gadgets but....

Will they please take a look at Ryanair and sort them out.

I looked to buying flights with them and they insist on this £10 charge for using a debit or credit charge, even though they get charged only a fraction of that.

I was about to purchase tickets when I noticed that they multiply that £10 by the number of tickets you are purchasing even though it's only one transaction. Family of five? £50 please. Cheeky scumbags.

IT angle - well it does allow web checkin, although I can't quite see how I can get my luggage to them via a website



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